I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 1661 - The first episode is out!

Chapter 1661: The first episode is out!

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Two days later.

It was the weekend.

On Weibo.

“There’s nothing to watch on TV. Anyone with any shows to recommend?”

“I have none. There haven’t been any good shows recently.”

“That’s right. The variety shows these days are all the same.”

“The domestic TV dramas aren’t good either. They’re all following the same plots.”

“I’m watching an American TV series now. It’s quite good.”

“Yeah, the American and British TV series are all very exquisitely made.”

“There are several good TV shows overseas as well. They’re really enjoyable to watch. If China can also produce such quality programs someday, that would be really great!”

“Isn’t Face-smacking Zhang making an international show too?”

“I heard that they’ve already started shooting for the show.”

“Yeah, I wonder how the shoot is progressing so far.”

“I’m quite looking forward to it.”

“Do you guys really expect Face-smacking Zhang to pave a way forward for our Chinese shows?”

“What do you think? If Zhang Ye can’t do it, then no one else can.”

“Let’s see if Face-smacking Zhang can perform another miracle!”


Xijiao Airport 1 .

This was originally a military airport that was predominantly used for military purposes, and they also accepted aircraft support missions. However, a civilian flight route was approved today to fly into Xijiao Airport, and a small civilian plane was cleared to enter the airspace.

On the ground.

Ha Qiqi and the others were here.

Little Wang looked up. “Why aren’t they back yet! Why haven’t they arrived!”

Ha Qiqi was also incredibly anxious, but she said, “Don’t be so impatient. They should be here soon.”

“I wonder how everyone is doing?” Little Zhou was worried sick. “The people are all waiting for our new show to broadcast. If by any chance it isn’t filmed well, then—”

Everyone from Zhang Ye’s Studio was eagerly looking into the sky.

Most of them were the female employees who had stayed behind to watch over the studio’s day-to-day operations.

Suddenly, a plane appeared in their line of sight and slowly landed.

“They’re here!”

“They’re here!”

“It’s their plane!”

The group of them shouted in excitement and rushed forward to welcome the team back!

Not long after, the cabin’s hatch opened, and someone came out of the aircraft.

The first to come out was Tong Fu.

The moment they saw Tong Fu, the group consisting of Ha Qiqi, Little Wang, and the others were dumbfounded!

The once fair complexion of Tong Fu had been tanned as dark as a black dog’s bollocks! He was tanned to the point where a gloss glowed from his dark skin. His hair was a mess, and it was obvious that he had not even taken a bath. His clothes were torn and his pants were tattered. The most speechless part was that he only had one shoe on his feet. The other was bare.

His wife was also here today.

Huang Dandan exclaimed, “Damn, Hubby, what happened to you!”

Tong Fu started crying and hugging his wife, “My wife! My lovely wife! Your Brother Tong thought that he would never get to see you again in this lifetime!”

Little Wang was stunned. “Where are your shoes?”

Ha Qiqi was shocked. “What happened to you guys?”

Behind him, the second person came out.

Wu Yi said, “He lost his shoes when we were running away from something.”

Huang Dandan said in disbelief, “But I prepared three pairs of shoes for you.”

Tong Fu cried and said, “I lost them all.”

Everyone was floored when they saw the film crew disembark from the aircraft. They either looked pathetic, tired, tanned, or had only one shoe on. The welcoming party could only wonder what the film crew had been through!

In the end, Sun Kuang and Zhang Ye also disembarked.

Ha Qiqi rushed over to welcome them back. “Director Zhang! How was it?”

Zhang Ye looked to be in an even worse state than them. He was almost unrecognizable as there were dust and mud caking his face. However, his state of mind was especially good. This was clearly where he was different from others. He laughed and said, “Haha, I’m fine, it’s just that I look a bit worse off than the others. It’s just that I headed straight to the airport after getting out of the wilderness. No one wanted to rest for another day at the local hotel, so I made some arrangements with the military, and they approved a flight route for us to fly back directly.”

Little Wang asked, “Why didn’t you all rest up first?”

Tong Fu was crying. He said, “Rest? How can we rest? I couldn’t stand staying in that damned place for a minute longer. I just wanted to come home as soon as we could!”

Wu Yi also said with some lingering fear, “It was too dangerous. It was really too dangerous this time. Have you guys encountered a bear before? We did! The bear came after us for three days and nights! The first time, we managed to escape from it. Then it came back on the second day. We don’t even know if it was the same bear as the one we met on the first day. All we knew was that we had to run. We ran so much that our legs almost broke!”

Everyone was extremely shocked!


“A bear?”

“Damn, you guys encountered a bear?”

Sun Kuang rolled his eyes. “There were also venomous snakes, wild beasts, and high cliffs too. We encountered all of those things on this trip.”

Ha Qiqi said, “Filming isn’t done for the show yet?”

Tong Fu said nervously, “Sister Ha, based on Director Zhang’s temper, do you think we could come home if we didn’t finish the shoot?”

Zhang Ye called out to everyone, “Let’s go. This is a military airport, so let’s not cause any delay for them. We’ll go back to the studio first and talk on the way there!” As they were walking out, he introduced Sun Kuang to everyone. “This is Sun Kuang. Some of you have not met him yet, right? Thanks to Old Sun, this time, we were able to successfully complete the shoot. There were many dangerous scenes where Old Sun followed me and caught them on camera. In the future, Old Sun will be appointed as our studio’s independent videographer.”

But Sun Kuang said, “Who’s from your studio? Don’t drag me into this. You want me to work with you? Even if I have several lives, it wouldn’t fucking be enough!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “Haha.”

On the way back.

In the minibus.

Everyone started complaining. They began relating their adventures in the wild and recounting their encounters over the past few days in detail. Ha Qiqi and the others from the studio were all frightened out of their wits when they heard about it. They had never experienced it before, nor had they seen the things that were being described by the film crew. But just by their words alone, it was enough to shock them to death. Only then did Ha Qiqi and the others realize how greatly the film crew had suffered over these past few days!

Bear attack?

Leaping off cliffs?

Falling into a river?

Encountering venomous snakes?

Ha Qiqi said, “I said this show is too dangerous!”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “Fame and fortune come from taking risks.”

Sun Kuang harrumphed, “But will this show of yours be any good?”

None of them really knew what the show would be like.

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “You guys don’t know, but when the show is edited, you will all understand. I’ll take a hot shower right after we get back and have something to eat first. After that, I’ll head over to Central TV to edit the footage and add in the narration and subtitles. I’ll do my best to finish up the first episode as soon as possible and then broadcast the first episode to test out the market. Since everyone won’t have anything to do for the next two days, I want you all to go back home quickly to get some rest and relax a little. If the first episode is well-received, we will still have to shoot the second and third episodes. At that time, we’ll get really busy and probably won’t have any time to go back home between shoots.”

Tong Fu sobbed, “There’s still some more filming to do?”

Sun Kuang said in a terrified manner, “I’m not gonna do it anymore!”

Zhang Ye said, “That won’t do. Actually, I didn’t have much experience either when we filmed the first episode. It’s my first time doing such a show after all, so the prep work wasn’t done well. That was why we ran into so many problems during the trip. But since we have the knowledge now, we’ll just have to add a little more manpower and work out better safety guidelines to ensure that there won’t be any more hiccups.” He added, “Don’t worry, with me around, everyone’s safety will be assured, I guarantee.”

Everyone mourned.

Guarantee, my ass!

You still went over to get two photos when the bear was approaching!

You still wanted to get a selfie when the venomous snakes were coming!

It’s precisely because of you that we’re in danger!

The minibus arrived back at the studio.

The film crew dispersed and went back to their respective homes.

After Zhang Ye took a shower, he didn’t stay idle when he came out. He started organizing the footage that he had on hand and got Ha Qiqi to contact Central TV.

Sun Kuang was still around. “Aren’t you gonna get some rest?”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “I’ll consider it after I’m done with work.”

Sun Kuang was impressed. “You’re truly a warrior!”

Ha Qiqi said helplessly, “This is what Director Zhang is like. No one can persuade him otherwise.”

They had survived out in the wilderness for so many days, so even though everyone else was complaining loudly after they came back, they still knew that Zhang Ye was actually the most tired. But who could have known that he would return to work the moment he arrived back without even resting? On this point, no one in the industry would dare to compare themselves with Zhang Ye. This fellow was really just like an ironman!

On the same day.

At night.

After Zhang Ye had returned to Beijing, he did not even go back home. Instead, he went straight to Central TV International and locked himself up in the studio. Then he began editing the show for the rest of the night.

An hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

Finally, the footage was fully edited!

Total runtime: 42 minutes and 30 seconds!

The first episode of Man vs. Wild was out!

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