I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 1662 - Advertising abroad!

Chapter 1662: Advertising abroad!

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In the morning.

After working all night, Zhang Ye returned home exhausted.

When the door opened, Wu Zeqing was startled. “Whoa.”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “I’m home, Old Wu.”

Wu Zeqing smiled. “How did you get so tan?”

“Hai, it’s because I was exposed to the elements.” Zhang Ye said, “My daughter!”

Sisi cheered and ran over happily. “Daddy! Daddy!”

Zhang Ye picked her up and kissed her many times. “My dear, Daddy has missed you so much! Have you been obedient and listened to Mommy these past few days? Hmm? Have you been a good girl at school?”

Sisi nodded firmly and said, “Sisi has been a very good girl!”

Zhang Ye’s smile filled his face.

Wu Zeqing asked, “Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet.” At the mention of it, Zhang Ye became very hungry. “Old Wu, quick, I haven’t had any hot food in so many days. Hurry and cook some meat for me to eat. I want to have red braised pork as well as stewed pork ribs.”

Wu Zeqing said, “You want to eat that this early in the morning?”

Zhang Ye said, “I’m hungry.”

Wu Zeqing chuckled, “Hur hur, alright.”

Soon after, his parents also came by. When they saw their son, the two of them got a fright as well.

His mother said dumbfoundedly, “Did you get conquered 1 by the Japanese?”

His father said, “Just what kind of show are you making? Why does it look like there’s so much hardship involved?”

Zhang Ye collapsed on the sofa and said listlessly, “It’s a show that no one in the world has ever done before. Both of you will find out in a few days when it broadcasts.”

Pork belly.

Pork ribs.

Chicken soup.

Zhang Ye devoured the dishes and even had five bowls of rice along with them.

Wu Zeqing smiled and said, “Can’t you eat slower?”

Zhang Ye didn’t want to hear that. “It’s tasty and oh so delicious!”

His mother stared at him. “You’re gonna get indigestion. Don’t overeat.”

Zhang Ye pushed an empty bowl over and said as he wiped his mouth, “Another half a bowl of rice please.”

His mother harrumphed. “Oh, alright, keep stuffing yourself.”

Old Wu smiled and served him more rice.

At this moment, Zhang Ye’s cell phone rang.

When Zhang Ye saw the caller ID, he answered it.

It was from the director at Central TV International.

Director Meng’s voice sounded a little excited: “Director Zhang, a few of the leaders and I have already watched the first episode of your show.”

Zhang Ye smiled and asked: “How was it, Old Meng?”

Director Meng said: “I think it’s pretty good.”

Zhang Ye asked: “So what about the publicity for it?”

Director Meng was silent for a moment before saying: “Our Chinese TV shows have stayed quiet for too long. This time, we should try to pull off a big one. I’ve already fought to get the advertisements broadcast in over 10 countries. If we can get even more funding approved, we’ll be showing the ads in up to 20 countries.”



It was the first time that Zhang Ye had heard of something like this. He knew that Central TV was famous for being tightfisted and would rarely do any advertising for their own station’s programs, much less advertising abroad.

Zhang Ye was surprised. “How much does that cost?”

Director Meng smiled and said: “Teacher Zhang, you know what we’ve always been hoping to achieve, and I know that is also what you want to get done. This time, we have partnered up in order to try to push China’s shows out into the world. With all the great effort that you’ve put in, we naturally cannot afford to hold back. Everyone knows that the viewership ratings for CTV International have always been poor. If there isn’t enough publicity and advertising, a show’s potential will be limited no matter how good it is. We at the station have already discussed this, so we’ve already decided that we’ll take a bet on it together with you this time. It will also be a bet on the future of our Chinese TV shows.”

Zhang Ye said: “You really trust me, huh?”

Director Meng said in seriousness: “Right, I really do trust you. The entirety of Central TV trusts you as well.”

Zhang Ye laughed. “Thanks.”

“It should be us thanking you instead.”

After hanging up, Zhang Ye finished his food and went upstairs to sleep.

In his sleep, he dreamed of millions of heroic soldiers.

In his dream, all of the past dynasties of China came to worship him.

Submitting for review.

Requesting approval.

Getting approved.

The show was filed with the authorities.

A series of procedures were quickly formalized.

At this moment, Zhang Ye’s new show was finally revealed.

The promotions for the show were also carried out in full swing!

On Central TV.

On the forums.

On the video hosting sites.

In the media outlets and newspapers.

It was getting publicized everywhere.

Man vs. Wild’s synopsis: Central TV International has launched a brand new show hosted by Zhang Ye, who will travel across the globe to find the most dangerous tourist locations and environments in order to show us how to survive in them. Zhang Ye will trap himself in some of the most popular destinations in the wilderness where tourists often get lost or encounter danger. He will go airborne and descend into tropical rainforests, rappel into deserts and lakes, and climb the highest and most isolated peaks in the Americas. By placing himself in the most realistic of situations, Zhang Ye will use his professional survival skills to escape from danger, survive, and find his way back to civilization.

In the Chinese entertainment industry.

“His new show is about to get broadcast.”

“I heard about it too. It’s called Man vs. Wild?”

“What genre is it?”

“I think it’s something about survival in the wild. It’s a show that he created himself that no one has done before. So no one really knows what this show is going to be like.”

“How risky!”

“Yeah, I thought he would do a show that he’s good at.”

“Zhang Ye wants to rely on this brand-new genre to take on the world?”

“It’s difficult to predict anything right now. After all, this is Zhang Ye we’re talking about. His shows have created miracles countless times before, so who knows if it will be the same again this time.”

On Weibo.

“It’s finally showing!”

“Zhang Ye’s new show has been announced!”

“Ah? Which day is it on?”

“Next Saturday!”

“That’s right, it’s called Man vs. Wild. The broadcast date has been set!”

“Man? Vs. Wild? What the heck is that?”

“Pfft, Face-smacking Zhang has created another new format for his show?”

“I’m really worried for Zhang Ye. Although he has also done TV shows before, he only had to compete against one or two competitors at the same time slot in the domestic market back then. But it’s different this time. He going to broadcast the show on China’s only international channel and compete with all the other TV shows that are showing at the same time slot from around the world. American TV series? Talk shows? British TV shows? Korean reality shows? Japanese cartoons? Unless Face-smacking Zhang’s new show is really so heaven-defying, and even then, it has to be heaven-defying to an absolute extent for it to be able to break out of the encirclement by the TV shows from all over the world. Is that even possible?”

“It won’t be easy.”

“Let’s see if Face-smacking Zhang can keep at it this time.”

“We can’t control what other people do. But for Zhang Ye’s show, we definitely have to give our utmost support!”

“That’s right! As long as it’s a show made by Zhang Ye, I will watch it even if it’s shit!”

“Haha, just six more days! I’m looking forward to it!”



“An ad for a Chinese show?”

“The hell? It’s Zhang Ye’s new show?”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a Chinese show get advertised!”


“Man vs. Wild?”

“Zhang Ye’s new program?”

“They even showing the ad for it in Japan?”


“It’s going to broadcast this soon?”

“They’re showing so many ads for it?”

“They must have spent a great deal of money!”

“China’s TV station is really rich.”

The UK.

“Wilderness survival?”

“It does sound quite interesting.”

“Mhm, let’s have a watch when it broadcasts.”

“I quite like this Nobel Peace Prize recipient, haha.”


“Holy shit!”

“Central TV has a little something, doesn’t it?”

“They’re going crazy with the ads!”

“I even saw it at Times Square in New York!”

Many countries around the world were seeing advertisements for Man vs. Wild!

Unlike Man vs. Wild, Wolf Warrior 2 did not get any publicity overseas as its target audience wasn’t there. Even if he did any advertisements for the movie, they would have been wasted. But Man vs. Wild was different. To Zhang Ye and Central TV, it was an international show whose audience was the entire world. It wasn’t just going to be shown in China. With this status, the advertisements would also have to be targeted. And this time, Central TV was going all out. Be it the publicity efforts or coverage, it was almost unprecedented. The advertisements were so numerous that quite a few television industry insiders overseas were shocked.

For a moment.

The global attention on Man vs. Wild was soaring high!

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