I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 18: The Channel’s Number One Girl Doesn’t Acknowledge Him!

Chapter 18: The Channel’s Number One Girl Doesn’t Acknowledge Him!

Note: This chapter has been retconned by the author. This chapter is supposed to be rewritten by the author, but he has not done so. It is provided as is. However, note that the events can be considered as filler. It is likely the author is retconning the perverted personality of Zhang Ye.

A new week.

Zhang Ye came early, as there was a meeting early in the morning.

The small conference room in the Literature Channel’s office area nearly could not fit everyone. The main director, Zhao Guozhou, said with glee, “I have a piece of good news to tell everyone. Our Literature Channel’s overall average listenership has exceeded the music channel for two consecutive days for the weekend. We have once again taken over the top three spots in the station. There is no way to separate this result from everyone’s hard work. I suggest that everyone give a round of applause for yourself.”

Bba Bba Bba!

Everyone clapped and cheered!

As the news channel and the traffic channel were special, there was no way to compete for the top two spots in the Beijing Radio Station. It was the same for television programs. How could a variety show or drama show compete with the Central News broadcast? No one would compete, except for certain heaven-defying programs or events, as there was no point and no meaning. However, third place was something to compete for. The third place was always something the music and literature frequency channels competed for. The competition had always been fierce over the past couple of years. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief after regaining third place from the music channel, having been suppressed by the music channel for months.

“Next, I will announce the listenership for the weekend.” Zhao Guozhou picked up the document.

“Talk About the World” listenership 3.19%, 3.27%.

“Entertainment Daily” listenership 2.13%, 2.22%

“Late-night Ghost Stories” listenership 1.39%, 1.42%.

“Laughter Daily” listenership 0.92%, 0.93%

The two numbers were respectively for Saturday and Sunday.

Zhao Guozhou announced from first place, “Talk About the World”, to last place, “Old and Young Story Club”, and finally summarized his speech while looking at everyone, “There’s no need to talk about Xiaomei. ‘Talk About the World’ has always been number one in our channel and its listenership has always been very stable. Right, I need to specially praise Zhang Ye this time. For us to finally exceed the music channel, we cannot ignore the contributions “Late-night Ghost Stories” has made. It managed to go from last place all the way to a segment with great listenership and that was all thanks to Zhang Ye. And maybe it was because it was the weekend with people sleeping later, which made “Late-night Ghost Stories” have another jump in its ratings. Very good, Little Zhang. Keep it up!”

Zhang Ye humbly said, “Director Zhao: yes, I will.”

Tian Bin gritted his teeth as he glanced at him with a complex look.

The number one girl, Wang Xiaomei, the other hosts and the staff looked at Zhang Ye. They all had different thoughts about seeing this rookie host who had such outstanding results.

Zhao Guozhou nodded, “Next, let’s discuss about the week’s tasks.”

Zhang Ye did not like meetings, as they would make him sleepy. It was the same during college. He always could not help but sleep after reaching a certain point. But surprisingly, he did not sleep today. As the talks droned on, Zhao Guozhou suddenly jumped up on the meeting table and danced the Rumba. Zhang Ye was instantly interested as he watched with worry at those old legs dancing and relished the sight. And then…well, Zhang Ye woke up. He noticed the host of “Old and Young Story Club” beside him. Fifty-plus-year-old Teacher Feng was pulling at his arms to wake him up. Zhang Ye immediately gave Teacher Feng a grateful glance. Hai, but he slept again.

Zhao Guozhou was still droning on as he said to Wang Xiaomei, “Xiaomei, for tonight’s “Talk About the World” live broadcast at 8 P.M., it would be the rare topic on emotions. You will need to have intensive interactions with the listeners, so are you well-prepared?” “Talk About the World” was a more open segment. It would talk about almost anything under the sun, including about society and emotions,

Wang Xiaomei said in a relaxed fashion, “Leader, be rest assured. Although most of the shows were pre-recorded over the years, I have done several live broadcasts, too. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Then, that’s good.” Zhao Guozhou smiled. “I’m at ease with you hosting it.”

Wang Xiaomei asked, “I’m now lacking a guest. The counselor, Teacher Jiang, we invited the last time can’t come, as he’s out of town. We were informed only this morning, but if there’s really no one, I can do it alone.”

Zhao Guozhou gave some thought before saying, “It’s better if there’s a guest.”

A small director suggested, “Why don’t we get one of our channel’s hosts to make a guest appearance?”

Zhao Guozhou’s gaze suddenly landed on Zhang Ye and, with a blink, he seemed to have an idea, “Little Zhang, why don’t you go? You are about the same age as Xiaomei and you are both young, so your values and emotional aspects should be similar and work well together. You can also use this opportunity to promote our channel’s late-night program. What say you?”

Zhang Ye was stunned, “I’ll follow the Leader’s instructions.”

Zhao Guozhou made his decision, “Alright, then let’s have it that way.”

This was naturally a good thing for Zhang Ye. Although his ratings had improved by leaps and bounds, breaking records, it was still a great distance away, when compared to the station’s top program, “Talk About the World”. They were completely not on the same level. If he could take advantage of her show to benefit his, it would be the best outcome. Besides, Zhang Ye never gave up the opportunity for him to have an appearance. His goal was to be famous, so every opportunity to make an appearance was an opportunity for him to raise his Reputation points. Zhang Ye was dying for such an opportunity!

However, it was clear that Wang Xiaomei was reluctant to accept this as she said unhappily, “Director Zhao, shouldn’t you find a teacher with more experience?”

Zhao Guozhou said, “Little Zhang goes without a script, be it a live or pre-recorded broadcast, and you are doubting his ability to speak? I don’t think there is a problem.”

The meeting ended.

People shuffled out from the conference room.

Zhang Ye definitely had to talk to Wang Xiaomei about the live broadcast. As he ran to catch up with Wang Xiaomei, “Teacher Wang.”

Wang Xiaomei stopped, “Little Zhang, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Ye thought in his mind that wasn’t it clear what he was doing, as he said, “About the live broadcast, shouldn’t we…”

Wang Xiaomei cut him off, “This episode’s live broadcast does not have a script. We will just listen to the connected listener’s questions and give solutions. You do not need to speak much during the broadcast. You also should not speak, unless I allow you to do so. I have my rhythm, so you should just follow mine. Do not express too many of your personal opinions and recommendations in matters of the heart. I don’t think you have ever dated, so leave all the technical questions to me. If you were to say something wrong or give a wrong suggestion, you will influence my program’s listenership and the listeners’ trust!”

Zhang Ye, “…”

After Wang Xiaomei dropped those words, she left.

Zhang Ye thought, “Did I provoke you? Why do you need to do that? I didn’t do anything to you, yet you had already attacked me repeatedly. Don’t you trust your colleagues? And what was that attitude? I’m, after all, our channel’s host with listenership rates that place third; can’t you give me the most basic amount of respect? And to not let me express my personal opinion. just because I have never dated? You sure are funny. Thinking about the times back in school when so many young girls chased after me, but I never bothered paying any attention to them. This bro’s relationship experience is completely…completely…*cough*, forget it. Let’s not brag anymore.”

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