I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083: A fish whose destiny is controlled, Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation’s Plan

In front of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, the gray fog surged like a large boundless wave rushing and bringing people a suffocating sense of oppression.

The space here had been already corroded by the gray fog, showing one after another cracks.

The ancestors from Heavenly Emperor Mountain and Endless Fire Nation were severely injured, their faces now were exceeding dark due to the unprecedented humiliation.

As for the other four sect ancestors, they were equally frightened and uneasy, guarding against Ah Er’s sudden attack.

“Gu Changge, don’t bully us with your current advantage. We will find a way to solve the scourge in person.”

Hearing Gu Changge’s words, the ancestor from Violet Sky Valley said with stern and fierce, but his heart was so fearful in fact.

He was really afraid of Gu Changge, not just for Gu Changge’s invariable calm at this moment, but also his expression in eyes was like to see ants at them. They were sect ancestors of the Dao-Building realm, not nobody!!!

Perhaps, the real inheritor of demonic arts was far less terrifying than Gu Changge, he couldn’t help but think.

The other sect’s ancestors were not better than him. Although Ah Er didn’t attack them just now, the terrifying killing intent was about to freeze their blood and soul.

When did they bear such a humiliation? They were the ancestors of the immortal sects!!! Who dared to humiliate them before?

But today, they faced, even without a bit of strength to resist.

“Then I will wait and see, seniors, don’t let me down.”

Gu Changge said with a smile and let Ah Er loose the ancestor of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain.

Whereafter, the space became blurred, ripples appeared and kept spreading, it eventually formed a road. He effortlessly tore apart space and made a channel connected to the depth of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

Soon, he walked into it with Ah Er and quickly disappeared.

The silence here was finally broken by the noise not long after.

The previous event caught everyone in shock and they didn’t react until now.

“Damn it, I will take revenge for this humiliation sooner or later.”

“Gu Changge doesn’t take us in eyes at all. Does he really think that he can cover the sky with one hand and no one can balance and suppress him?”

“He will pay a heavy price.”

Now, the look of fear disappeared from the face of the old woman from the Endless Fire Country, instead of a strong resentment and hatred.

“Sooner or later, he will die tragically like those evildoers before.”

The ancestor from Heavenly Emperor Mountain also said in a venomous tone and the previous sense of suffocation still lingered in his mind now.

“Gu Changge’s momentum is too powerful!!! And at this moment, he isn’t afraid of anyone still.”

Even Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, Six-Crown King-Jun Yao, Jin Chan, and others were speechless for a while and couldn’t come to their senses. They were the first time to see the sect ancestors of the Dao-Building realm being humiliated.

In particular, the old woman from the Endless Fire Country was directly slapped head to explode, this was really unbelievable.

Are they still the mighty sect ancestors who are in charge of the life and death of countless alive beings we have ever seen? They couldn’t help but think.

“Gu Changge, does he want me to take action to them?”

In an ancient warship from Dao Immortal Alliance, Lan Yifei stared at Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, Six-Crown King-Jun Yao, and the others like lambs readied for slaughter.

He noticed the gaze from Gu Changge just now, it’s obviously a hint to him.

Even with a great distance, Gu Changge was still able to decide his death and life with a single thought because of the demon seed in his body.

The reason why he came here this time was also because of the summon from Gu Changge.

Otherwise, he won’t have shown up here and waded into this muddy water, basing on his low-key personality.

Lan Yifei didn’t dare to refuse Gu Changge’s request.

If he was a lone wolf, he still had the courage to resist, but there was also his sect and family behind him. Since Gu Changge could destroy Hell, it would not be difficult for him to destroy the Dao Immortal Alliance.

He was just a fish miring in the mud and didn’t have any ability to struggle in Gu Changge’s eyes.

This eruption of the scourge revealed many small worlds around Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

I just heard that there is an ancient immortal’s cave in a place…These young heavenly prides here are likely for the inheritance of the immortal cave.

If I choose to take action there, the chance of success should be higher.

Lan Yifei sighed lightly and thought about how to do it, so as to fulfill Gu Changge’s request.

He rarely displayed his true strength publicly, which he was confident in successfully taking down Six Crown King–Jun Yao, Jin Yun from Violet Sky Valley, and others. However, the risks were substantial, and he also needed to consider how to avoid exposing himself; otherwise, the Dao Immortal Alliance would have to face a catastrophe from the siege of other immortal forces.

Gu Changge was able to abandon him at any time, but he could not abandon his sect and family behind him.

He had no choice but to obey Gu Changge’s orders.

Since the moment he met Gu Changge and was planted with a demon seed, his fate was no longer under his own control.

“I heard that there is an immortal’s cave in the southeast, which seems to be related to an immortal in ancient time. I wonder if anyone is willing to go and investigate it with me?” As thinking, Lan Yifei had regained his previous calm and easy-going elegance, he greeted the Six Crown King-Jun Yao and others.

In fact, the heavenly prides of the young generation were powerless against the scourge and it was beyond their capabilities. The Heavenly Phoenix Maiden and others was standing frozen to watch Gu Changge’s disappeared figure and momentarily stunned by Lan Yifei’s invitation, as well they knew that this pride from the Dao Immortal Alliance was quite low-key and didn’t like to make friends.

Jin Chan first broke the silence and said with a surprise, “I am here just for this matter, my sect elder ever said this immortal has a quite deep fundamental source with Buddhist Sect.”

Six Crown King Jun Yao also said, “I only know this immortal’s cave, but don’t know the specific time and location it appears.”

He was quite curious about the young pride from the Dao Immortal Alliance, it’s another one who he even couldn’t see through the cultivation base.

Jin Yun from the Violet Sky Valley stared at Lan Yifei, and said indifferently, “only the real geniuses deserve the inheritance of the immortal’s cave. Since everyone wants to probe, let’s determine its ownership based on everyone’s capabilities, what do you think?”

He had always been domineering and condescending, therefore, the so-called heavenly prides before him were nothing in his eyes, but just lacked a word “Sorry, but everyone before me are all trash”.

Lan Yifei’s face was quite calm, exuding a peaceful aura, he smiled lightly, “I think this immortal’s cave should be a fateful opportunity for us. If everyone wants to go, I just hope we will not break the friendship when we compete.”

With that, he left ahead with many young disciples from the Do Immortal Alliance and didn’t say anymore.

“Ok, see you then.”

The Heavenly Phoenix Maiden and the others did not linger and left too.

The heavenly prides here were quite many, with the most renowned being Heavenly Phoenix Maiden and Six Crown King Jun Yao. Their age was old in the peers, thus gaining recognition early on among the people. Additionally, they had previously studied alongside Gu Changge at the True Immortal Academy.

But it didn’t mean they were the supreme expert in the peers.

The territory of the world was very vast, geniuses and monsters emerged one after another. Unless they reached Gu Changge’s level, or no one made sure that they were invincible in the peers.

Many low-key heavenly prides actually had even higher fame than the two, such as Jiang Luoshen from the Supreme God Clan and An Yan from the Hidden World An Clan, but they didn’t show up here this time.

Besides, many young heavenly prides had been murdered by the inheritors of demonic arts before, their original energy had been swallowed up and eventually died somewhere.

“Great, lord Changge went into it personally. He won’t take the safety of our holy maiden aside, basing on their good relationship.”

Elders from the Human Ancestor Hall watched Gu Changge disappearing into the gray fog, they breathed a sigh of relief with the extremely excited.

Many of them actually were aware of the close relationship between Gu Changge and Jiang Chuchu. But due to the reputation problems, they had been pretending not to know.

On the other hand, Gu Changge did not go to search for the so-called root cause after stepping into the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

The reason why he said “he will do” in public was just for pandering the popular will and building a good base for suppressing various immortal sects in the future, as well it could bring him a perfect alibi if those heavenly prides died in the meantime.

What’s more, he knew very well the cause of the scourge, it didn’t need him to investigate at all.

“Jiang Chuchu, she seems to have entered the core area,  I should take her back to my side taking this opportunity.”

Gu Changge was thinking in mind, but his speed was not slow, and a passage tore apart the gray fog and spread out.

He couldn’t be indifferent to her safety after knowing she entered this dangerous place, because she was his woman.

But why does this girl always act so foolishly, trying to shoulder all the burdens on her own, even willing to pay the price with her life?

Gu Changge knew that she couldn’t be convinced, as her mind was as stubborn as an elm tree.

She was indeed quite intelligent in daily trifles, but when faced with situations like these, she consistently failed to prioritize her own well-being.

“She’s truly foolish. I need to teach her a lesson…”  Gu Changge gently shook his head.

He could sense many powerful auras in the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, there were powerful ferocious beasts and the ruins of sects that had been corroded by the gray fog.

Jiang Chuchu had delved deep into it for several days, and he remained unaware of her trapped location. Nonetheless, he wasn’t concerned about Jiang Chuchu’s life being at risk. Her constitution naturally had resistance to the gray fog. Previously, he frequently tasked Jiang Chuchu with aiding him in locating the source of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction’s emergence, with the intent to seize its origin energy.

In the blink of an eye, time had flown by, and a few days quickly elapsed. The entire world was in turmoil due to Gu Changge’s presence within the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

Prior to that, many sects spread a rumor — due to revealing the true identity of the inheritor of demonic arts, Gu Changge had sought refuge in a secluded place to avoid drawing attention to himself.

However, this time, Gu Changge himself led a group of powerful experts from the Gu family to make a public appearance. He issued a statement to investigate the root cause of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction’s eruption, with the goal of solving the catastrophe. This action truly shocked many and left them incredulous.

Simultaneously, it served as a direct rebuttal to the various sects that had been spreading rumors about Gu Changge being the inheritor of demonic arts. It was akin to delivering a resounding slap to the faces of those who propagated such claims.

Moreover, two more pieces of news swiftly circulated, creating ripples throughout various circles. Firstly, the Dao-Building ancestors from Endless Fire Country and Heavenly Emperor Mountain etc. received a harsh lesson and were humiliated by Gu Changge. Secondly, standing alongside Gu Changge was a mysterious remnant immortal whose formidable strength struck terror into all who beheld him…

Additionally, another issue emerged. The responses of all immortal sects towards the scourge seemed extremely perfunctory. While the Dao-Building ancestors showed up, they just skirted the marginal area and without demonstrating any intention to launch a deeper investigation.

Such a stance triggered a surge of discontent and resentment among a large number of cultivators. Even the venerable elders of the True Immortal Academy felt compelled to intervene and pacify the brewing anger. Because, the most populous group were independent cultivators and small sects, not the major immortal sects.

Facing the scourge, these major immortal sects remained passive, opting instead to send independent cultivators to their potential demise—a decision that had already ignited public fury. Naturally, all these events were part of Gu Changge’s calculated strategy. His decision to step forward at this juncture was largely driven by his aim to steer the overarching momentum.

While the overall momentum couldn’t be reversed, it was able to lead towards a conducive Gu Changge’s direction following the overall trend. As the collective order builded by these immortal sects teetered on the brink of upheaval, the opportunity to crush them became increasingly apparent.

Furthermore, during this juncture, Gu Chang still held a hidden trump card. Once his cheap master, the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation, eventually intervened, the scourge would naturally be dispelled. However, the cumulative resentment harbored by the majority towards the immortal sects had not yet peaked now.

In light of this unfolding scenario, the immortal sects, including Heavenly Emperor Mountain and Endless Fire Kingdom, had also come to comprehend Gu Changge’s stance now. Many Dao-Building ancestors initiated discussions, planning to use the hidden power to deal with him. In this world, Dao-Building experts were supreme in their territories, but they still paled in comparison to the might of a remnant Immortal.

“It appears that the hidden power of our sects is our only option. As long as Gu Changge there, so does our vulnerability.”

Many spiritual fluctuations from the depths of every immortal sect were exchanged. Even some older ancestors, sleeping within the sea of the origin energy, were called upon, standing ready for potential action.

The power exhibited by Gu Changge and the Remnant Immortal had deprived the sleep of many Dao-Building sect ancestors. This would be a dread-inspiring wave surging across the expanse of the world, all immortal sects would inevitably be ensnared.

“The era alluded to by these runes seems vastly antiquated.”

“The time touched—predating the Immortal Ancient Era—could it truly originate from the place of reincarnation?”

“Perhaps another test is necessary, so take a try utilizing an ancient world I nurtured before?”

Simultaneously, the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation was sitting cross-legged in a palace of the Gu Family. Mysterious runes ignited within his eyes, weaving a peculiar energy field.

These runes were transformed from the shattered ancestor artifact of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction. He diligently studied it over time, and finally gained a hint of understanding.

A long time ago, with a bowl of well water given by the six ancient ancestors of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, he embarked on a road of disintegrating and merging Dao fruit, however, this was devouring essentially.

And, his methodology was more cruel. He directly selected ancient worlds with good foundations as breeding grounds to cultivate the Dao fruit for his own advancement.

As the cultivators in those ancient worlds approached the threshold of immortality, on the cusp of unsealing the immortal gate, and condensed Dao Fruit after many hardships, a chilling realization dawned upon them – lurking beyond the gate was a malevolent behemoth, poised to ambush, devour, and consume them as sustenance.

What a desperate and cruel truth it is!

But, yet, this was the very scheme that the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation had meticulously orchestrated and carried out all along.

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