I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084: The Dark Immortal Beast – Wang Yue

The Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation harbored grand ambitions, remaining dormant since the Immortal Ancient Era, biding his time until the very moment to ascend the cultivation foundation of an Immortal King.

The gap between an Immortal King and a True Immortal was beyond mere words to express, comparisons like gulf and abyss felt short. With a mere hand gesture, galaxies would crumble; a mere thought could create a new world.

His aspiration was even more profound—control over the intricate law of reincarnation, an endeavor so formidable that it defied the bounds of imagination.

However, after frustrating over and over again , he had no choice but to relinquish the previous path, embarking on the journey of plundering, disintegrating and merging the Dao-Fruit of other cultivators—a path enlightened from the well water given by the six ancestors of Absolute Heavenly Extinction. And rather than describing it with “devour” but instead “erode” more appropriately, he was just like a woodworm gradually consuming the world tree. But they were no different for him, those ancient worlds were merely his tonic anyway.

“These runes seem to be incomplete. Could it be a deliberate plot from someone?”

“If chance is the explanation, why does each rune seem conspicuously incomplete?”

Within the palace, the Ancient Heavenly Lord of Reincarnation contemplated the array of enigmatic runes before him and a veil of melancholy draped his face.

What had initially gone unnoticed was revealed through unrelenting study, he became acutely aware of the disparity. This realization left him slightly incredulous.

At first, deciphering these runes in isolation appeared straightforward. However, upon attempting to link them together, they would appear to have no meaning.

If these connective runes conveyed any coherent meaning, he would not have such a doubt. Yet, a disconcerting deficiency prevailed between each rune—a gap akin to missing pages in a fragmented scripture, casting a feeling of disarray and discontinuity.

“Could it be that Gu Changge is deceiving me? But, how did he orchestrate it?” His face was marked by a somber and uncertain expression. If not for it was within the dominion of the Immortal Gu family, he would seek Gu Changge out and pose his doubts directly.

However, he soon suppressed the urge in his heart, because Gu Changge had departed from the Gu Family and wasn’t present here.

“What secret is Gu Changge concealing from me?” He narrowed his gaze, not intending to stir the alarm in Gu Changge. Rather, he found himself intrigued by the hidden enigma that Gu Changge guarded.

Initially, he had planned to leave the Ancient Immortal Gu family, journeying to those ancient worlds he had stayed in the past, to experiment with the runes he had recently comprehended.

However, while he learned that Gu Changge might possess the remaining portions of the complete runes, this piqued his curiosity. Instead of pursuing his original plans, he now desired to uncover Gu Changge’s secret and decipher the enigma of these runes.

“Alright, I will remain within his family and await his return.” He closed his eyes once more, and sat there resembling a steadfast rock.

Simultaneously, within the fog-shrouded depths of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, a white-clad beauty with a cold expression was shrouded in a luminous aura and fighting with many degenerated creatures.

Azure sword lights cascaded resembling a gentle rain, it traversed the dense mist and sundered numerous degenerated creatures. They died group by group under her formidable assault, but the rest still ceaselessly swarmed towards her like locusts.

Even as her offensive prowess remained fierce, the sheer multitude rendered her efforts seemingly futile. Exhaustion loomed, prompting her to consume many treasured pills and spiritual plants to restore her energy.

“The origin of this scourge outbreak is an intricate puzzle. It appears to be an inexplicable and sudden phenomenon.” The white-clad beauty, none other than Jiang Chuchu, the esteemed holy maiden of the Human Ancestor Hall, voiced her doubt.

Her black eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and her clothes bore numerous stains of blood. Engaged in battle with the degenerated creatures, she was simultaneously retreating at a swift pace.

Initially, her plan entailed returning to the safety area if she failed to discern even a hint of a clue. However, the Absolute Heavenly Extinction’s current eruption seemed devoid of any discernible root cause.

Furthermore, the sheer number of degenerated creatures surpassed all prior outbreaks of scourge, defying imagination. While Jiang Chuchu possessed formidable strength and various means of self-preservation, she had still encountered numerous life-and-death crises and narrowly escaped peril.

“It seems I can only retreat to a secure location. The eruption of Absolute Heavenly Extinction’s calamity is beyond my capacity to mitigate,” Jiang Chuchu mused, a tinge of regret permeating her sigh. Her white attire fluttered, leaving behind mere fragments of afterimages before swiftly vanishing from the scene.

The degenerated creatures pursued her relentlessly, akin to parasites fixated on her trail.


The space convulsed violently, ruptured by an abrupt tear in the thick fog. A cacophony of screams and detonations resonated as numerous degenerated creatures exploded.

Among the disarray, several huge degenerated creatures with scarlet eyes and surrounded by gray fog, forcefully pierced the spatial fabric to assail Jiang Chuchu.

Upon their ferocious giant palms gleamed crimson-hued Dao Runes, resembling shards of black holes seeking to engulf all that lay before them.

In an instant, the creatures obstructed before their palms were shattered, without anything left eventually.

The several degenerated beasts with the Quasi-Emperor realm had been corroded long ago by the gray fog, leaving behind only a savage compulsion to kill.

Before that, Jiang Chuchu’s aura alarmed them, compelling their unwavering intent—to rend this fragile human before them.

“Damn it…”

“Why are there so many Quasi-Emperor beasts here?”

Jiang Chuchu, racing through space, detected the approaching auras, her face contorting with consternation as her brows furrowed.

Cognizant of her own strength, she retained the capacity to grapple with life-and-death struggles against Quasi-Supremes and Supreme Realm experts.

However, facing several degenerated beasts of Quasi-Emperor Realm, her alternatives were stark—flee or face certain death, without room for another prospect.

She had previously encountered a Quasi-Emperor beast and barely managed to elude it. This time, the uncertainty of her fortune loomed.

Three Quasi-Emperor ferocious beasts approached her fast, each resembling an ancient star amid the expanse of gray fog, colossal and boundless. Their eyes were vast as lakes, colossal palms extended and shattering all in their path.

Space congealed, the Dao Runes and boundless energy crushed down like a waterfall, impacting the space and void, rupturing everything.

Jiang Chuchu had not foreseen that these ferocious degenerated beasts retained such formidable divine might—potent enough to rival a peak Quasi-Emperor expert.

Without hesitation, she activated her life-saving artifact. A golden book materialized above her, flipping with a resounding clatter. Mysterious and arcane runes emerged on it, radiating an incandescent brilliance and exuding an unpredictable, awe-inspiring power.

Within the golden book, the aura of Dao-Building experts emanated, resembling a radiant sun illuminating this shadowed dark place.

As the holy maiden of the Human Ancestor Hall, Jiang Chuchu was of course endowed with life-saving treasures and artifacts. However, such resources were limited, primarily encompassing one strike of power of Dao-Building experts. Crafting such a formidable weapon capable of withstanding the power of Dao-Building experts demanded rare materials—accessible only to exceptionally favored young disciples within major immortal sects. For ordinary cultivators, such a rarity remained an unattainable dream.

Jiang Chuchu possessed few of these resources and had already expended a significant portion before.


With the emergence of the golden book, an aura of annihilation erupted. The three Quasi-Emperor ferocious beasts that’s pursuing Jiang Chuchu, finally registered fear in their eyes—a feeling of facing a natural enemy rose in their instinct. Immediately, they swiftly reversed direction, retreated, and refrained from further pursuit.

“It’s worked!”

Seeing her deterrence worked, Jiang Chuchu exhaled a sigh of relief, displaying minimal surprise. Just as preparing to fly away from this place, a jarring aura showed up in the ensuing instant. Her very blood seemed to freeze, terror overwhelming her senses.


An intensely terrifying aura pervaded the atmosphere in an instant. Suddenly, a colossal maw reminiscent of a boundless abyss, bristled with countless blood-colored fangs, loomed within the nearby dense fog, promptly engulfing down.

The horror of this spectacle was palpable, plunging the entire area into a shroud of unrelenting darkness, as if the firmament had been devoured whole.

Jiang Chuchu’s golden book failed to endure even a single breath, shattering as it transformed into a golden radiance that diffused into the space and dissipated. The three fleeing Quasi-Emperor degenerated beasts were unable to utter a cry before they were ensnared by the monstrous maw, succumbing like helpless chicks.

Likewise, the boundless gray fog was inexorably drawn into its cavernous maw, mirroring the relentless surge of ocean waves crashing into its belly. The resultant collision resonated akin to thunderous echoes, sending tremors through the very hearts of even the most bold cultivators.

This nearly boundless creature evoked sheer terror, its enormity beyond comprehension. Only the vast maw was visible, resembling an endless abyss adorned with scarlet fangs that could effortlessly rend the body of a Dao-Building expert.

“Could it be… the legendary Immortal Beast – Wang Yue?”

“Isn’t it believed to have vanished long ago? How could it surface within Absolute Heavenly Extinction?”

Jiang Chuchu struggled to reconcile her disbelief, gradually emerging from her stupefied state. She had encountered records of this nightmarish immortal beast within the library of Human Ancestor Hall—a beast capable of devouring the very cosmos, an entity nearly omnipotent.

Rumors whispered that its belly conceived a complete universe.

This dreadfully ferocious and boundless entity before her appeared as the Immortal Beast – Wang Yue, obviously, it had been completely consumed by the gray fog a long time ago.

From Jiang Chuchu’s perspective, it was likely being buried in Absolute Heavenly Extinction since a distant, uncertain era,  awakening due to the birth of a new soul driven by an enigmatic catalyst.

She had a premonition– if this Wang Yue corroded by the gray fog entered the outside world, it would trigger cataclysmic turbulence, causing widespread massacre and devastation. Even the golden book containing the might of a Dao-Building expert was easily devoured, disintegrating into scattered fragments strewn across the space, thus, even if a real Dao-Building expert would be nothing but food in front of it.

“Is it merely dormant until now? For the world, this monster is just the true scourge.”

Jiang Chuchu’s demeanor returned to resolute calm, her gaze fixed upon the pulsating abyssal maw(darkness). She realized her fate as inescapable.

Among the boundless expanse of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, horrors of unimaginable magnitude lurked, and the newly awakened Wang Yue appeared as if it had languished in hunger for countless ages, seeking to consume any pabulum in sight.

Everything before it was mere sustenance; not even a being as formidable as Quasi-Emperor degenerated creatures were exempt from this fate, let alone Jiang Chuchu.

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