I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086: Conquering the Dark Wang Yue, another plan

The all gray fog that once filled the sky now gave way to a vast and desolate star field, residually formidable sword intent permeated the space which caused the implosion of any degenerated creature that dared to draw near this area.

“Changge, please don’t be angry,” Jiang Chuchu’s voice quivered with a mix of anxiety and remorse, her earnest plea attempting to soothe his flames of fury. “I’m sorry, I acted too stupid. It was wrong of me to take such a huge risk, and even involve you.”

Her apology held a sincerity that couldn’t be doubted. She felt truly responsible for putting Gu Changge in jeopardy due to her impulsive actions.

“I’m truly sorry…” Her voice wavered, her remorse palpable as she continued to explain herself to Gu Changge.

Gu Changge’s icy expression remained unchanged as he listened to her, his gaze was still cold and aloof. However, his sternness wasn’t fueled by actual anger; it was to make her realize the seriousness of her actions and the potential consequences, and this degree of recklessness was unacceptable and needed to be avoided in the future.

After all, It was no longer as simple as seeking death, she was simply extremely stupid to opt for entering Absolute Heavenly Extinction before reaching the Quasi-Supreme Realm. Even if she possessed some life-saving treasures, as a result they proved completely futile against the Immortal Beast – Dark Wang Yue.

If he arrived a bit later, this beauty would have died.

“This isn’t just recklessness; it’s foolish,” he remarked calmly, his gaze fixed on her exquisite face, “luck may not favor you next time.”

Jiang Chuchu accepted his reprimand, her gaze meeting him with sincerity, “you’re right. I promise not to act so recklessly again.”

In the presence of Gu Changge, she couldn’t maintain the detachment of a holy maiden; his every movement stirred her emotions. At this moment, she longed to explain herself clearly and help Gu Changge regain his composure.

She blinked, a question forming in her mind. “But why are you here?” Her curiosity prompted the inquiry, although she already held her own suspicions.

She believed that Gu Changge must have learned of her venture into Absolute Heavenly Extinction and hurried here to rescue her. Still, she yearned to hear it from him, to know that he had come for her.

“It’s just a coincidence.”

Gu Changge glanced at her and said, “I’ve come this time to counter those ‘false’ rumors, but coincidentally learned that you’ve ventured into the depths of Absolute Heavenly Extinction…”

“Could it be that you really believe I’m here to save you?”

“Those aren’t rumors, but the truth.” Jiang Chuchu blinked and expressed her viewpoint, her gaze directed at him with frustration, “you’re lying; it’s clear that you’re concerned about my safety, which is why you’re here, regardless of anything else.”

Gu Changge shrugged with a helpless expression, “why are you so prone to fantasy?”

“You always speak with a sharp tongue, but hide a tender heart.”

Jiang Chuchu paid little heed to his denial, in fact, it only deepened her joy and emotional connection to him. She cast a knowing gaze at him. If not for her conservative character, she might have thrown herself into his embrace like many other women would.

The fact that Gu Changge had willingly compromised his own safety and faced the danger of being besieged by various immortal sects just to find her held profound significance in Jiang Chuchu’s view. To her, actions always carried more weight than mere words.

“You don’t seem hurt,” said Gu Changge, shaking his head slightly as assessing her condition. Eventually, he was relieved to find no injuries.

Jiang Chuchu had a unique physique indeed, even Dao-Building cultivators would be corroded by the gray fog while the moment to be shocked by the aura of Dark Wang Yue, but she seemed to have defied these odds.

“I prepared a lot of life-saving treasure before entering this area. As long as I don’t encounter Immortal Beasts like Dark Wang Yue, there is no problem in my safety.” Jiang Chuchu explained.

Gu Changge nodded, then looked at the direction where Dark Wang Yue fled away. He once got a little cub of Wang Yue while he looked for the Heavenly Palm Tower in Purple Mountain before.

He named this little Wang Yue Xiaobai, now kept by Gu Qingyi.

In terms of size, this little one was far less huge than this Dark Wang Yue, and could only be described as small.

Thus, Gu Changge suspected that there was an incomplete ancient universe in the body of this Dark Wang Yue.

It gave him an idea suddenly as he was looking for a suitable universe to arrange his net for following plans now. This Dark Wang Yue might be a suitable choice.

Gu Changge asked Jiang Chuchu to wait for him here first, his figure quickly flew away as if space was inexistence under his feet.

The vast and dark fog could not be seen the end, but it did not affect Gu Changge’s detection of the aura of Dark Wang Yue.

He quickly chased after it while piercing the space and entered the spatial wormhole.

“Be careful, Changge.”

Jiang Chuchu shouted while watching the fading figure of Gu Changge.

Even though Gu Changge’s strength was unbeatable in this world, she still couldn’t help but worry about him.

After all… the Immortal Beast – Dark Wang Yue was definitely beyond the mere immortal realm at its peak.

Awaking from the grave buried by countless years, Its residual strength now could still rival a Remnant Immortal.


An earthquake appeared in a foggy area, resembling the shock of the entire universe.

Dark Wang Yue’s body was too huge and boundless, the momentum generated by it was unimaginable while it was fleeing by instinct.

Although its spiritual intelligence was not high, it could also sense the terrifying malice from the human who hurt it just now.

As a creature perched atop the world’s food chain, unexpectedly, it experienced a sensation of fear.

“This Dark Wang Yue is quite huge, I wonder if it can be sent to the inner universe.”

Gu Changge’s speed was very fast, he had kept feet up with it after traversing through endless spaces and distances in an instant.

In the presence of Dark Wang Yue’s overwhelming and terrifying colossal body, Gu Changge appeared no larger than a speck of dust.

But he still gave Dark Wang Yue an endless sense of suffocation.

Its eyes revealed a human-like fear and trembling.

Within its memory, everything – any substance and living beings, was its sustenance.

However, this minuscule human before it evoked a feeling of soul-deep fear – a sentiment only borne in the presence of its natural enemies.

Hence, Dark Wang Yue’s primary objective was escape, but its enormous size made it exceedingly challenging to evade Gu Changge’s pursuit.

“It appears that Dark Wang Yue still retains a certain level of intelligence.”

Gu Changge didn’t want to waste time and directly chose to take attacks first.

Although Dark Wang Yue possessed strength comparable to a Remnant Immortal, its ability to effortlessly consume Dao-Building beings stemmed from its innate predatory skills and huge size. In reality,  it was not as powerful as an actual Remnant Immortal.


Gu Changge attacked, his sleeve sweeping out to scatter thousands of Sword Qi in every direction, emitting scorching and brilliant lights, resembling thousands of stars, which illuminated the entire area with its brilliance.

Arrayed by the pattern of constellations, these tens of thousands of Sword Qi emanated a shocking killing intent which seemed to be refined many epochs by numberless cultivators who specialized in the Dao of Killing.

The Immortal Destroyer Formation he acquired from Hell had not reached its complete level, yet its partial power remained utterly invincible under his study. (Ed Note, this sword skill named Immortal Destroyer Formation that appeared in previous chapters, should be.)

Furthermore, this sword formation could seal off the space and effectively lock down this area, preventing Dark Wang Yue from escaping.


A sharp, eerie sound emanated from the mouth of Dark Wang Yue, possessing a terrifying penetrating power.

Those sound waves spread out like ripples, effortlessly cutting through everything like a blade.

Before the degenerated creatures around it could even emit a scream, they had crumbled and burst, transforming into a blood mist that enshrouded the sky.

Dark Wang Yue’s enormous maw resembled an abyss, its sharp fangs within the darkness suddenly lunging forward Gu Changge.

It wasn’t foolish. Upon realizing that Gu Changge had taken attacks and there was no hope of escape, it revealed a ferocious and frenzied side.

However, Gu Changge had foreseen this beforehand, so it didn’t catch him off guard.

Zooming! Zooming! Zooming…

Thousands of brilliant Sword Qi descended like divine punishment, cleaving through the sky and directly piercing Dark Wang Yue’s body, even reaching its bones.

This was a creepy scene.

Horrific blood holes appeared on its nearly borderless body, and the black(blood) rain seemed about to flood the universe. (Ed Note, because Dark Wang Yue is a degenerated being, so its blood should be black.)

Each Sword Qi was condensed by the law of sword. While not a divine weapon, its sharpness surpassed even that of such weaponry.

Dark Wang Yue let out a wail of agony, its huge body rapidly shrinking as if attempting to alleviate the pain through this method.

“Sure enough, you can control your size.”

Witnessing this, a strange glint flickered in Gu Changge’s eyes.

Previously, he had planned to subdue this Dark Wang Yue, but considering its huge body, how to bring it into his inner universe had become very difficult.

Dark Wang Yue now began to shrink its body due to pain, which presented Gu Changge an excellent opportunity.

With this in mind, Gu Changge summoned Ah Er and commanded him to launch a continuous attack on Dark Wang Yue.

Usually, Ah Er stayed in Gu Changge’s inner universe and did not go outside and Gu Changge had took Ah Er back to the inner universe after he entered the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.


A sharp spear made of Immortal Gold swept across with blue light as if it was about to split the entire universe in two, revealing extreme power.

Ah Er was the oldest member of Hell other than the master of Hell, and his strength had already reached the realm of remnant immortals.

Even without Gu Changge’s intervention, Ah Er alone would be more than capable of suppressing Dark Wang Yue.

At this moment, Dark Wang Yue didn’t expect the presence of such a terrifying human in its surroundings.

It became even more irritable, the terrifying aura growing so powerful that the space here began to collapse.

An increasing amount of gray fog surged forth from the spatial fissures, inundating the outside world.

The Absolute Heavenly Extinction was originally an incomplete world, and its condition had further deteriorated after experiencing the battle involving Gu Changge, his cheap master, and the six ancient ancestors.

Now it lay even more devastated, terrible cracks everywhere, space barriers shattering, the endless gray fog here seemed to have finally found an outlet and rush out from those spatial fissures.


The battle here was short-lived, as Dark Wang Yue proved unable to withstand Ah Er’s terrifying onslaught.

Amidst the agony, it emitted anguished wails, and its enormous body continued to contract.

In the almost constant pain, it wailed, and its huge body also continued to shrink.

Eventually, tens of thousands of Sword Qi descended, transforming into the chain of laws and binding it.

Whereafter, Gu Changge cast a space treasure, opening up a vast area with his great Spiritual Qi and putting the Dark Wang Yue into it.

Then he took the space treasure into his inner universe.

The reason why he didn’t place Wang Yue into his inner universe directly was because it hadn’t reached the strength of this real world. If Dark Wang Yue broke free from those chains of law, it could potentially pose a threat to his inner universe.

Afterward, Gu Changge transformed into a beam of divine light and made his way toward Jiang Chuchu, with the intention of departing from the Absolute Heavenly Extinction.

On the way out, he devised a casual excuse and explained the reason and origin of the eruption of Absolute Heavenly Extinction. This was meant to help her relinquish her concerns and comprehend that this matter was beyond her ability.

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