I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087:Lan Yi Fei’s Lethal Intent, Becoming Foe of Human Ancestor Hall

“This cavern appears to have been sought after in earlier years, and certain restrictions have decayed over time, rendering them severely incomplete…”

“Did we get here too late? Has this place already been claimed?”

At this moment, within a nearby small realm, not far from the eruption site of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction, a purple mist diffused while the sun bathed the surroundings in its warm glow. Vast, ancient trees stretched endlessly, creating a truly magnificent sight. The majestic ancient mountains stood tall, as if an ancient giant were positioned between heaven and earth.

Swish Swish Swish!!!

Beams of divine light crisscrossed  the sky, one after another, with many young geniuses and cultivators soaring on flying swords or manipulating Spirit Tools to explore this compact world.

In certain rocky crevices and along mountain streams, one could often stumble upon extraordinary phenomena. These areas held ancient and invaluable medicinal materials that would occasionally shimmer with mesmerizing lights. These treasures were incredibly rare, hardly ever found in the world beyond this hidden realm.

Naturally, this region was also home to a variety of fierce beasts. Some of these creatures appeared like living hills, while others possessed wings that exhaled poisonous mist, radiating an aura of untamed ferocity and terror.

This small realm, once concealed within the void and guarded by numerous restrictions, had its aura released due to the Absolute Heavenly Extinction’s turmoil. The aura attracted cultivators in droves, all seeking treasures and concealed secrets.

Many speculated this to be the hidden cave specially used for Closed Door Training by a long-forgotten immortal predating the Anciently Immortal Era, leaving behind traces of ancient history and faint Immortal Essence still.

Naturally, had it been an authentic immortal sanctuary, even the immortal sect ancestors of Dao-Building realm would have been roused to attention.

However, some elder cultivators believed it to be a temporary residence, yet not intended for Closed Door Training. Despite this, they could still glean a trace of immortality’s essence, even experiencing an intangible connection.It represented a lifetime’s worth of enrichment for them.

Upon arriving in this place, some young talents embarked on quests to discover ancient stone tablets and scriptures. They explored rocky cliffs, searching for the imprints left behind by the immortal, hoping to gain insights that could advance their own cultivation. Stumbling upon an immortal inscription by chance would be an incredible stroke of luck.

“How could ordinary folk discover what an immortal left behind?”

“If a chance arises here, it can only fall into my possession.”

A tall figure, garbed in resplendent gold attire, possessing golden hair that seemed to radiate light, strolled through the mountains and rivers, his pace deliberate, neither hurried nor sluggish, a rhythm guiding his stride.

He was accompanied by numerous followers, hailing from various ethnic groups, all formidable and fierce.

This person was Jin Yun, the ancient prodigy of Violet Sky Valley. Overflowing with self-assurance, he held the conviction that only a select few among his peers could be considered his rivals. As a result, he preferred to venture alone rather than alongside other young prodigies like Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, Six Crown King, and others of their kind.

Furthermore, Jin Yun possessed a unique ocular technique known as the golden pupil. This ability allowed him to clearly perceive the fluctuations of various auras within the heavens and earth.

Living beings emanated vitality, the departed emitted energy of death, and spiritual objects give off spiritual auras.

Immortals naturally sent forth immortality’s essence.

As Jin Yun stepped into this small realm, he immediately sensed an extraordinary aura emanating from somewhere. Being astute, Jin Yun purposefully distanced himself from the other young prodigies. He took a detour and made his way toward the source of that distinct energy.

In that direction, he noticed very few cultivators, and the area appeared deserted. With his ancient heritage, he carried immense confidence in his own strength. He believed he could defeat all other young supremes except for the enigmatic Gu Changge, who defied common understanding.

As twilight settled, the small world’s sky dimmed. Stars and moons revolved in the sky, creating alternating day and night cycles. The air was filled with a mist, and radiant energies intertwined, creating a captivating spectacle. While many young supremes rested, cross-legged, awaiting dawn to resume exploration, the small realm appeared agitated during the night.

“It seems this is the perfect time to make my move.”

“The ancient prodigy from Violet Sky Valley… seems an excellent target…”

In a certain encampment, Lan Yifei felt the presence of a prey. This target was resting with fellow disciples on a rock in a cross-legged posture, seemingly taking a break.

Out of the state of divine sense detecting, LanYifei opened his eyes with an elegant and pristine expression. It seems like a golden glimmer danced in his eyes while his hairs carried a subtle luminance, imbuing him with an unworldly aura.

At this moment he appeared to meld with the very fabric of the universe, his every breath in harmony with the rhythm of Dao..

Possessing the Dao-Original Body – an enigmatic constitution unseen for ages, Lan Yifei held unshakable confidence for his strength. This constitution was inherently intimate with Dao, it possessed Dao Essence from birth and could automatically absorb energy from everything. As long as his soul remained undying, his energy would continue to produce endlessly, establishing him in an unbeatable position from the outset..

Moreover, Gu Changge planted a demon seed in his body, leaving no room for doubt about his capability to challenge the young supremes in peer.

Lan Yifei assessed his surroundings, confirming that all fellow disciples rested with eyes closed, and patrolling disciples overlooked his vicinity.

“About fifteen minutes should suffice to seize this prey and return.”

His eyes grew profoundly, exuding a hint of reluctant resignation. He gently waved his sleeve, leaving behind an indistinguishable doppelganger in place as his real body transformed into a shadow, swiftly vanishing from sight.

Elsewhere, a graceful girl garbed in flowing robes, emanating an ethereal chill, was guided by a large red bird. They ventured through moonlit paths in the small realm. The girl occasionally frowned, seemingly in a disagreement with the bird, muttering under her breath.

“Could there really be the pill we want in this place?”

Outside Absolute Heavenly Extinction, a hazy passage opened, unveiling figures of Gu Changge and Jiang Chuchu. Their attire was pristine, as if they had not emerged from a treacherous realm fraught with danger. Without witnessing the injury from them, those sect ancestors’ eyes slightly contracted, and then their sights moved away from them.

They were astonished by Gu Changge’s quick escape from the Absolute Heavenly Extinction. Moreover, he also safely brought Jiang Chuchu out without any harm.

“It’s Young Master Changge!”

“Young Master Changge! And the esteemed Holy Maiden, Jiang Chuchu…”

Among the crowd, many exclaimed upon seeing Gu Changge and Jiang Chuchu, generating a buzz of excitement. Cultivators from various immortal forces all turned their gazes in unison, utterly astonished.

“It’s remarkable—the safe return of the Holy Maiden.”

“What a relief to see her unharmed…”

“If harm befell the Holy Maiden, what credibility would we possess when facing ancestors?”

“Thanks to Young Master Changge’s intervention—this is truly momentous…”

The Absolute Heavenly Extinction was perilous now; even the Dao-Building ancestors hesitated to enter. Yet, the Holy Maiden of Human Ancestor Hall ventured into it, risking her life wanting to find a solution for the scourge.

This benevolence garnered reverence and gratitude from all beings. The Holy Maiden’s actions transcended her youth and limited cultivation level.

Gu Changge, despite being accused of demonic heritage, came to this realm seeking salvation for all people. Their selflessness moved and inspired all present.

“Dear Holy Maiden, are you alright?”

Jiang Chuchu gazed around with a dazed expression. Compared to the darkness and silence of Absolute Heavenly Extinction, the outside world felt like a return to daylight. Clan elders from Human Ancestor Hall approached, concern etched on their faces.

Though she exuded an air of detachment, her familiar surroundings brought forth a softened expression. She nodded and replied, “Thanks to Young Master Changge, I am safe. If he hadn’t rescued me, I might have become prey for those degenerated beasts.”

Her voice tinged with fear, recalling the danger she had faced.Witnessing this scene, the onlookers couldn’t help but sigh softly, their faith in Jiang Chuchu’s words unwavering. They were well aware of the immense danger presented by the Absolute Heavenly Extinction. Venturing deep into it could easily lead to a swift demise, leaving behind only bones and dying souls.

Jiang Chuchu’s endurance within that perilous realm until Gu Changge’s rescue was truly a miracle. “Thank you, Young Master Changge,” she expressed her gratitude, prompting all the Human Ancestor Hall’s elders to join in, bowing respectfully to Gu Changge.

Though rumors circulated about Gu Changge’s status as the Human Ancestor’s reincarnation, only the clan elders knew the veracity of such claims.

“It’s alright,” Gu Changge’s smile carried a breeze-like warmth, gracing his handsome face.

The rumors of Jiang Chuchu’s relationship with Gu Changge seemed to be confirmed by the scene unfolding. “It seems that the Holy Maiden of the Human Ancestor Hall truly holds a special place in Young Master Changge’s heart,” someone whispered.

“To willingly face such peril for each other’s sake… What more could one wish for in life?” Another bystander marveled.

Female cultivators nearby couldn’t help but admire the pair’s relationship. Their eyes shone with a mix of awe and envy, secretly hoping for a hero to come to their rescue in times of need. Yet, they understood the unattainable gap between them and the legendary Gu Changge, an exile from the heavens.

The Holy Maiden of the Human Ancestor Hall, who had just reunited with her sect, displayed an abrupt shift in demeanor. The once-dispassionate expression on her face melted away, replaced by an aura of determination. As her azure hair fluttered in the breeze, her gaze pierced through the distance, landing upon the disciples from Heavenly Emperor Mountain, Violet Sky Valley, and Endless Fire Kingdom. Her words, delivered in an unemotional tone, resounded with chilling certainty.

“Starting today, any immortal sect that falsely accuses Young Master Changge of being the heir of demonic arts will be marked as an adversary of the Human Ancestor Hall.”

Her voice, colder than before and void of past tranquility, was now laced with an even stronger sense of hostility. Her resolve left no room for debate.

Hearing her proclamation, a shiver ran down the spine of every onlooker, as if goosebumps had suddenly appeared. Their eyes widened in disbelief, struggling to absorb the weight of her words.

This declaration rippled through the crowd, inciting a commotion akin to a meteor striking a deep sea, creating tumultuous waves.


“Holy Maiden , what do you mean?”

Clan elders of the Human Ancestor Hall also stood flabbergasted, unable to comprehend the sudden turn of events.

Nonetheless, some keen individuals swiftly grasped the implications of Jiang Chuchu’s statement. Her words weren’t merely a declaration; they were a message sent to immortal sects like the Endless Fire Kingdom, Heavenly Emperor Mountain, and Violet Sky Valley.

She was affirming that Gu Changge wasn’t the inheritor of demonic arts, but a victim of manipulation.

The revered stature of the Human Ancestor Hall was well-known, and it had garnered countless believers across the world. No faction wished to provoke unnecessary conflicts with such an esteemed entity.

Throughout history, the Human Ancestor Hall had intervened in various disasters, safeguarding countless lives. This benevolence was even felt in remote lower realms.

Jiang Chuchu’s proclamation reverberated through the gathering, announcing to all that Gu Changge’s accusation was a falsehood. The impact of her words were beyond measure.

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