I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 20: Fox Exploiting The Tigers Might; Good Show To Watch!

Chapter 20: Fox Exploiting The Tigers Might; Good Show To Watch!

A dramatic scene played outside the Taixuan Holy Land's gates. All the fierce people from the Sects, Dynasties, and Families that had come with an aggressive intent now showed amiable and kind smiles. Even the short-tempered Emperor of the Great Sun Dynasty, Chu Wuji, was held back by the people around him.

If an outsider were to see the scene right now, they would think that all of them were fellows from the same family.

‘Might is right — that's indeed the truth of this world!'

‘As long as Qingge can keep on receiving Young Lord Gu's love, how is it possible for all these folk to not take a u-turn when they see me in the future?'

The Taixuan Holy Lord thought in his heart. The sudden change in his adversaries excited him beyond measure, but on the surface, he still showed his proud and arrogant expression.

He was smart, and knew full well his place in the world.

If the Taixuan Holy Land didn't have Gu Changge backing them up today, then this bunch of wolves would have most certainly torn it apart. By the time they finished dealing with their Taixuan Holy Land, they would be left tattered in ruins — robbed of their millenniums-deep heritage.

Not just him, but everyone in the Taixuan Holy Land felt great awe and deep gratitude towards Gu Changge. They knew full well who was responsible for eliciting such a response from all of these bigshots of the Eastern Wilderness!

Gu Changge could bring them to Heaven, and just as easily, he could topple them back to Hell, too!

"You must show your sincerity if you want to see Young Lord Gu! Not just any tom, dick, and harry can gaze upon his divine visage."

Finishing his words, the Taixuan Holy Lord sneered and turned into a ray of divine light, disappearing into the depths of the Taixuan Holy Land. After all, all the bigshots had arrived, so the most urgent matter for him was to see if Young Lord Gu would be willing to meet them.

That's just the way it was — after all, a fox could only exploit a tiger's might when the tiger itself willed for it.

[VILFIC: ‘the fox exploits the tiger's might' means using powerful connections to intimidate people.]

It was for that purpose that the Taixuan Holy Lord suddenly visited Gu Changge's palace. His report surprised Gu Changge. He hadn't expected this old man to posture in front of all the bigshots like that using his name.

However, Gu Changge was too lazy to deal with such trivial matters, so he let the Taixuan Holy Lord do whatever he wanted. Instead of the matter outside, he was more interested in the good play at hand.

Hopefully, Su Qingge wouldn't let him down.


"Damn this, that Su Taixuan's too arrogant! I want to tear off that annoying smirk on his face…"

"He's just a bit lucky! What's so great about that?"

Many people uttered remarks full of rage outside the Taixuan Holy Land, but in their hearts, they only held envy. Still, no one dared to break into the Taixuan Holy Land anymore. Everyone could tell that the only reason the Taixuan Holy Land's people dared to be so arrogant was that they had latched onto the thigh of that mysterious Young Lord.

It was enough to restraint them and show them that the Young Lord backing the Taixuan Holy Land wasn't a random nobody.

If they accidentally provoked this beast, wouldn't they bring a disaster upon the forces behind themselves?

Of course, most of them held curiosity about the identity of this mysterious Young Lord. Especially the young heirs who followed the Elders of their Holy Lands and Great Dynasties.

Among them, there were many men and women shrouded in divine lights, who had achieved great success in their cultivation.

On normal days, these young heirs prided themselves as the leaders of the Easter Wilderness' younger generation, but today, they received a great shock from what they saw.

A single, unknown young man had restrained so many major forces of the Eastern Wilderness without even showing up.

"All of this is too unbelievable! Could that Young Lord be an existence from the Middle State?"

A youth with bright, golden hair couldn't help but ask. He was the Holy Son of the Void Yang Holy Land, who had tagged along his Elders to take part in today's battle to gain some experience and deepen his insights into his cultivation.

He had never expected to witness such a dramatic scene, so he couldn't help but subconsciously think the Young Lord came from the Middle State.

After all, unlike remote regions like their Eastern Wilderness, places like the Middle State were famous for their outstanding people with great cultivation bases. They even had forces that had connections to the mythical Upper Realm. Their ancestors had once shattered the barrier and ascended, so their backgrounds were powerful beyond their imaginations.

"I don't think it's that simple. Although the powers in Middle State are mighty, they aren't enough to make the Taixuan Holy Land this arrogant!"

"Today's matter is absolutely not what we had expected…"

The Supreme Elder of the Void Yang Holy Land, Zhao Tian, couldn't help but show an awkward smile. Although he had the demeanor of an Immortal as he floated in the air, even he didn't dare go anywhere near the Taixuan Holy Land now. He could only wait outside their gate with respect, just like the others.


[Another palace in the Taixuan Holy Land at this time.]

Gu Changge's sudden departure stunned Su Qingge for a while, and then she returned to the palace where she lived and cultivated.

She was distressed!

She couldn't help but rack her mind to think how she had offended Gu Changge this time, so much so that he had directly left without saying a single word of complaint.

But even after straining her brain beyond its capacity, she couldn't figure out what wrong she had committed. In the end, she could only sigh and accept it as something Gu Changge would do. After all, he was truly elusive, and no one could tell what went through his mind.

As for the great forces of the Eastern Wilderness banding together against their Taixuan Holy Land? Su Qingge didn't even fret over that matter.

She knew of Gu Changge's origin, and understood more than anyone else how terrifying his background was. As long as the forces at their door weren't senile, they would never attack the Taixuan Holy Land while Gu Changge was still staying in it.

They wouldn't dare in the future either.

"Who is there?!"

Suddenly, Su Qingge's expression changed as she felt an unknown presence nearby. No matter what, she was still the Holy Maiden of the Taixuan Holy Land who had cultivated using the best resources since her childhood, so it wasn't hard for her to find mild fluctuations in the atmosphere around her with her strength that was the best among her peers.

At the same time, the person hiding in the dark also walked out.


The person in front of Su Qingge had handsome features, but right now, he looked extremely worn down with his pale face, bloodshot eyes, and disheveled hair.

A single look would be enough to tell that the person had suffered a lot for a good few days.

His emotions were in a turmoil, too, as he had finally met the person he worried about the most over the last few days.

"Ye Chen…"

Su Qingge frowned as she immediately recognized Ye Chen.

Ever since he was imprisoned in the dungeon, Su Qingge hadn't asked about his condition — nor had she gone down to visit him — just like everyone else. After all, she had guaranteed Gu Changge that she would no longer bother about Ye Chen, so she would obviously not get involved with him anymore.

She had her own principles and conscience!

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