I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 21: The Shattered Relationship of the Protagonist and the Heroine; Impure Intentions To Gain Some Love!

Chapter 21: The Shattered Relationship of the Protagonist and the Heroine; Impure Intentions To Gain Some Love!

Wasn't Ye Chen imprisoned in the dungeon? How did he suddenly appear here? Had he escaped?

Su Qingge couldn't help but wrinkle her brows as the various questions floated in her mind. Ye Chen, however, didn't notice the minor changes in her expression.

After his Master, Yan Ji, consumed the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill], the strength of her remnant spirit had increased and she helped him escape the dungeon. But the first thing Ye Chen did after escaping wasn't to leave the Taixuan Holy Land, instead, he rushed over to the Holy Maiden's Hall to look for Su Qingge.

It was easy for him to sneak inside unnoticed with Yan Ji's help.

What surprised Ye Chen after he sneaked in, though, was the fact that Su Qingge — who would normally spend all her time engrossed in cultivation in her palace — wasn't inside. Unease kept clawing at his heart as he imagined the reasons.

Was she forced by Gu Changge and now lived with him?

It broke Ye Chen's heart as that thought appeared in his mind, and he hid inside the Holy Maiden's Hall with a heavy heart.

Fortunately, he finally saw Su Qingge again.

"Qingge, you must have suffered over the last few days…"

Ye Chen said these words, but didn't know how to continue. Su Qingge didn't look haggard at all, instead, she was as bright as ever. Her thrilling beauty appeared even more ethereal now. He wanted to ask how she had been over the last few days, but didn't know how to speak.

No matter how he looked at her, it didn't seem that Su Qingge was having a hard time.

Su Qingge, on the other hand, couldn't help but frown after she listened to Ye Chen's words, and asked, "Ye Chen, why are you here?"

"Ask this later, we don't have any time right now for explanations. Qingge, I will bring you away from the Taixuan Holy Land right now. I will bring you out of this fiery pit of hell!"

Ye Chen walked towards Su Qingge as he spoke.

In his opinion, Su Qingge's father and Gu Changge had forced her against her will, and everyone in the entire Taixuan Holy Land were persecuting her, too!

She had no choice — Ye Chen could tell. She was caged in a fiery pit full of hellfire. She would not be happy in a place like this. Only when she left with him and cultivated together, would she be able to regain that flawless and innocent smile he had seen in the past.

Su Qingge immediately stepped back, preventing Ye Chen from touching even her sleeve. Her brows were still creased together, and she said in a cold and annoyed tone, "Ye Chen, why can't you understand that I will never leave the Taixuan Holy Land?!"

"If you don't leave with me, then I will forcefully bring you away! Unlike Gu Changge, I will never force you to do something you don't like."

[VILFIC: bruh…recall your last line.]

Ye Chen couldn't care about such trivial matters right now. He spoke domineering words, and even prepared himself to use some force.

Time was running out!

If the Elders of the Taixuan Holy Land discovered them, they won't be able to get away easily.

"You won't force me to do something I don't like? Considering our previous friendship, I will act as if today's matter never happened! You aren't my opponent with your current strength."

Su Qingge replied, still wearing a calm expression.

She was a legitimate Transcendent Realm cultivator, even stronger than the newly-appointed Taixuan Holy Son. Ye Chen was only in the Spirit Palace Realm, so it would be almost impossible for him to defeat her.

And once they started fighting, the disturbance caused by them would most definitely attract the Elders and bring them here.

"Qingge, why are you so stubborn even at a time like this? Have you already submitted your fate to that oppressor, Gu Changge?"

Ye Chen couldn't believe his own regret-laced words. Who knows what might have happened between Su Qingge and Gu Changge over the days he was imprisoned?

Su Qingge's calm expression didn't change, and she said, "Young Lord Gu has never oppressed me! Everything I did was out of my own volition. Ye Chen, don't be too biased — Young Lord Gu might not be the greatest person, but he's not as evil as you think."

"My body is still pure, and Young Lord Gu hasn't touched me even once! This is the best proof of his character."

Su Qingge's voice held a hint of self-deprecation as she continued, "Instead, it's me who has been having impure intentions and trying to win Young Lord Gu's love!"

Su Qingge wanted to take this opportunity to make sure Ye Chen understood full well that there was nothing possible between them, and it would be better if he didn't associate with her again.


‘Am I really that good?'

Gu Changge couldn't help but show an inexplicable smile as he watched the show with great interest, hidden outside the palace.

His ability at getting himself a borrowed knife was truly marvelous and unfathomable.

Having said that, this Su Qingge had truly overestimated him. This was the terror of self-rationalizing ones own thoughts.

Gu Changge naturally kept an eye on Ye Chen's every move, and knew full well where he would go as soon as he escaped. He had been looking forward to this show between the heroine and the protagonist.

So far, Su Qingge hadn't let him down.

[Ding! Ye Chen's relationship with the heroine has been destroyed. Ye Chen lost 50 Points in Fortune Value. You received 250 Destiny Points!]

The sudden System prompt only deepened Gu Changge's smile.

‘Ye Chen, ah, Ye Chen! You poor Son of Heaven, you will soon end up played to death by your own hands.'

Ye Chen was elated when Su Qingge confessed that Gu Changge had never touched her, so much so that all the depression and rage in his heart from the past few days had been wiped out.

But…her next words stunned him. Those words were like a bolt from the blue. He was stupefied!


Contrary to his expectations, it was Su Qingge who had been having impure intentions and tried to please Gu Changge to gain his love?

His head buzzed, and he couldn't believe the words he heard.

‘Haiz! Little Chen's prejudice against Young Lord Gu runs too deep…'

Yan Ji thought to herself as she sat cross-legged in the void inside the ring, bored. Her spirit appeared more firm after she had consumed the [Immortal Spirit-Gathering Pill]. She naturally saw the scene that happened outside, and she could understand Su Qingge's decision.

After all, who was Young Lord Gu? He was far too attractive for a woman!

He had an outstanding appearance, a mighty cultivation base, and a terrifying background…

Santa Qingge, the one whose sledge you wanna ride to the Heavens.

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