I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 27: Old Monster Taking Over; Surnamed Lin!

Chapter 27: Old Monster Taking Over; Surnamed Lin!

The Middle State was a land of outstanding people rich in Spiritual Qi, hidden dragons, and crouching tigers. In addition to the many Holy Lands and Great Dynasties that had existed for millenniums, there were also many great Clans and Ancient Families.

Ancient creatures with mighty cultivation bases dwelled inside endless spans of sacred mountains. With their might alone, they could lord over a region of the world without issue.

In addition to the humans, the Middle State had other races, too, that came into being in times immemorial.

[Extreme Dao Academy, Central Heavenly City, Middle State]

A group of youths — male and female — quietly listened to their teacher's explanation regarding cultivation. The teacher in question was a young beauty dressed in colorful robes.

The thin layer of make up on her face compounded her charm. Her skin was like a milky jade, and her hair fell behind her like clouds. Her loose robes did nothing to hide her tall and plump figure that was fat where it should be and lean where it should be.

Calling her a stunning enchantress wouldn't be an overstatement!

At this moment, her eyes turned frosty, and she threw the jade slip in her hands towards the table of a dozing youth.

"Lin Tian, how dare you sleep in my class again?!"


The land of the Middle State was divided into eight domains, and among them, the Central Heavenly City was the most prosperous. Many supreme Sects and ancient Orthodoxies had their roots in this place.

The Extreme Dao Academy was also known as the Academy of Heavenly Geniuses. Many prodigious talents and young heroes gathered in this academy from various forces.

It wouldn't be an understatement to call all the youths — male and female — who joined the Extreme Dao Academy the cream of the crop. They would have illustrious future achievements.

Many Holy Lords, Emperors, and Patriarchs in the Middle State were once students of the Extreme Dao Academy when they were young.

There was an exception in this room of the academy, however.

The gorgeous teacher's eyes spewed frost as her rage surged and her body trembled. One could clearly see her hatred for the negligent student who snored in her presence.

The other students in the class couldn't help but show disdain and ridicule him when they saw he was still snoring like a bear near them.

"Who allowed this trash to enter the Extreme Dao Academy? He's a shame to all that live under this sky!"

"That's right! If not for the fact that he's from the Ancient Lin Family, and his sister's an Elder in the Academy, he would never have had the chance to sit in the same class as us!"

"Elder Lin Qiuhan's must be plagued with misfortune to have such a useless brother."

The students looked at the sleeping boy with eyes full of despise, and murmured among themselves.

Of course, the one they were talking about was none other than Lin Tian!

He was a well-known celebrity in the Extreme Dao Academy as he was the half-brother of the loose-robed beauty standing in front of them.

Not only did he have abysmal talent for cultivation, but he was also a useless waste of Spiritual Qi who refused to put in any hard work on his cultivation, and often slept in the class.

Calling him a waste of Spiritual Qi and burden on the Middle State didn't do justice to his uselessness.

His sister Lin Qiuhan, however, was the Extreme Dao Academy's youngest and most beautiful Elder, with suitors that one couldn't count on a dozen hands. Even the Holy Sons of the various Holy Lands, and Young Emperors of the Great Dynasties pursued her.

Lin Qiuhan's future was limitless!

Still, this Lin Tian was more famous in the Extreme Dao Academy if the popularity of the two was to be compared.

"Lin Tian…"

Seeing that Lin Tian refused to wake up, the beauty's rage grew, and she raised her voice while walking towards him. It seemed that her loud shout had some effect, and the boy jumped to his feet.

"Ah! This King refuses to accept this…"

Lin Tian screamed and looked around with a confused expression, still in a daze as if he hadn't truly woken up.

"Where's this?"

"Who are you?"

"This King? Hahaha, what a clown!"

"Just what the hell did this scum dream about now?"

Words full of mockery reverberated in the quiet room.

Even more displeasure covered Lin Qiuhan's face as her rage brought her close to the point of bursting! Not only did this bastard sleep in her class, he even had the guts to ask her who she was?!

Although he was her brother, there was no way she would let him off for his recklessness this time. She must teach him a lesson!

"Azure Realm, Middle State, Central Heavenly…"

"So that's how it is…"

Lin Tian appeared as if he hadn't seen the lioness in front of him as he muttered to himself. His emotions were in a turmoil, but soon, he returned from his daze.

Unexpectedly, he, the dignified Heaven Slaughter God King, reincarnated. The old and rubbish Lin Tian was no more, as he, the supreme God King, had replaced him and returned to life.

He was the strongest God King of his generation, titled the Heaven Slaughter God King, who was known to be so strong that people believed he could even rival the Heavens!

It's just that when he underwent his Ascension Tribulation, he encountered a terrible Spatial Crack, and fell before he could step into the mythical Upper Realm.

But the Heavens had mercy on him, and an immortal ray of his remnant soul escaped and took over the body of this youth in lands foreign to him.

Still, Lin Tian had some doubts.

In his original world, one could only ascend to the mythical Upper Realm after they reached the God King Realm, but here, people could ascend as soon as they reached the False God Realm!

In that case, wouldn't it be easy for him to stand at the top of this world with his past life memories?

Lin Tian couldn't help but show a smug and confident expression as he thought about this. As for those who despised, ridiculed, and oppressed him? He, the dignified Heaven Slaughter God King, will slap their faces and stomp them under his feet sooner or later!

And with his might and knowledge, even the Predecessor's obsession with his half-sister was no problem. Sooner or later, he will steal her heart and push her under him to fulfill his Predecessor's crush and desire, since the Predecessor himself didn't have the guts required to do that!

As for morality regarding blood relations and whatnot? For an existence of his level, that nonsense wasn't worth fretting over.

"Lin Tian, what are you smirking like an idiot for? If you can't break through to the Spirit Sea Realm by the end of this month, you will be expelled from the Extreme Dao Academy! By then, even the Family will not bother about you…"

Lin Qiuhan couldn't help but wrinkle her brows as she watched Lin Tian ignore her, and her tone turned harsher.

Lin Tian wasn't a legitimate heir, and instead, he was the son of a maid and had abysmal talent for cultivation. His situation in the Ancient Lin Family wasn't quite good, and no one in the family welcomed him.

Lin Qiuhan had a naturally kind heart, so she would look after him on normal days. But Lin Tian's continuous lack of interest in improving himself gave her great disappointment.

"Is the Spirit Sea Realm all that powerful? Let alone a month, I can break through into the Spirit Sea Realm within half a day!"

Lin Tian proclaimed with arrogance in his tone, and watched the surrounding disciples with eyes full of disdain and contempt.

Lin Qiuhan felt that he was truly hopeless now, so she shook her head in utter disappointment.

At the same time, a burst of laughter broke out in the otherwise-quiet classroom. Everyone felt that Lin Tian was still lost in a dream, and couldn't tell that he had woken up.

Lin Tian, on the other hand, ignored their ridicule.

He was someone who had once stood at the peak of the God King Realm, so how could these brats who were still wet behind the ears encompass the vastness of his great knowledge?

He will slap them in their faces soon!



A spatial turbulence caused an explosion in the sky, sending the surrounding winds into a great turbulence. An extravagant flying boat appeared in the sky out of nowhere. Covered in sacred rays of light with divine runes flowing around it's body, the flying boat had arrived inside the territory of the Middle State at breakneck speed.

Gu Changge's robes fluttered in the wind, and his inky black hair danced around as he looked down.

[Ding! A new Favored Child of Heaven has been detected!]

A sudden System Prompt sounded in his mind, and he was stunned.

Could it be that Ye Chen's Fortune Value had decayed too quickly, so he was going to face a new Favored Son of Heaven?

It seems he will have another leek to cut very soon!

"This old slave never expected to set foot on the land of the Middle State again in my life! I wonder what became of the family that I left behind 30,000 years ago?"

Old Ming respectfully stood behind Gu Changge and muttered to himself while looking at the scenery below. His emotions fluctuated as he watched the unfamiliar mountains, rivers, and plains in a daze.

30,000 years were enough to turn seas into mulberry fields, and the ancient city he remembered might have long turned into ruins.

[VILFIC: seas turning into mulberry fields → occurrence of great changes after a long span of time.]

He felt nostalgia, but more than that, he felt a certain fear in his heart. What became of his descendants? Were they still around?

"Senior Ming, did you ascend to the Upper Realm from the Middle State?"

Su Qingge asked in surprise.

This was the first time she heard of such a matter. She had thought that Old Ming was just like Gu Changge, someone who was born and bred in the Upper Realm.

"Indeed. Before my Ascension, this old slave had once created a Lin Family…"

Old Ming replied with a smile. Only a few people knew that he was surnamed Lin.

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