I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 28: Comforted at Once; Benefits of Increased Fortune Value!

Chapter 28: Comforted at Once; Benefits of Increased Fortune Value!

Old Ming was named Lin Ming, but after ascending to the Upper Realm and becoming the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Gu Family, he came to be known as Old Ming over time.

Thirty thousand years ago, he was a mere False God Realm cultivator, but today, he was a mighty God King! He was considered a strong person even in the Upper Realm's Gu Family.

It's just that he couldn't exert his true strength in the Lower Realm due to the World's Will, or he will be rejected by the World's Will of this Lower Realm, and expelled or attacked.

He might be a God King, but that didn't mean he could ignore the laws of the world and tread wherever he desired to.

"I created the Lin Family all by myself!"

Gu Changge nodded after listening to Old Ming's sound transmission. At the same time, he communicated with the System in his heart, ‘What's Ye Chen's current Fortune Value?'

He had clearly heard the System's Prompt just now. Since he changed the original trajectory of the world's advancement, the world itself intervened to correct the disparity, and a new Favored Child of Heaven had appeared.

It seemed that Ye Chen's Heavenly Daddy was about to abandon him!

Gu Changge guessed that the Favored Children of Heaven didn't follow the same template. There must be different cliches and plots, and that wouldn't be surprising to him. He was already guessing what template this new Favored Child of Heaven will have since the last one had the ‘annulled engagement' plot.

The System replied, [Host, Ye Chen has 230 Points of Fortune Value!]

‘The reason I will suffer from a Fortune Backlash is because of my low Fortune Value when compared to these so-called Favored Children of Heaven, right? If my Fortune Value is high enough, I shouldn't suffer from it, right?'

The System's mechanical and flat voice sounded again, [Yes! The Fortune Backlash will disappear over time as the Host's Fortune Value increases.]

Gu Changge nodded with a thoughtful expression.

Although Ye Chen was weak as a mosquito, it took Gu Changge a lot of effort to deal with him. After all, Gu Changge can easily crush someone like Ye Chen with his strength.

It's just that the Heavenly Dao provided special protection to Ye Chen, and that made it impossible for him to directly obliterate Ye Chen in soul and body.

One must keep in mind that Gu Changge started out with 30 Points in his Fortune Value, while Ye Chen had an overpowered 500 Points in his Fortune Value…he had almost 20 times more Fortune Value than him.

If one just compared strengths, then his Original could obliterate Ye Chen with his pinky alone.

What Gu Changge found hard to believe was the fact that the Original, a True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace, only had 30 Points in Fortune Value.

Gu Changge had thought about this matter for a long time, and realized that the reason was probably due to his Original's temperament — apart from his Villainous role in the story.

The Original was a haughty and indifferent man who only cared about cultivation. He was completely dumb when it came to matters beside cultivation…he was truly fit to be a cannon fodder whose only job was giving experience to the Protagonist.

He even disdained to stomp an ant like Ye Chen!

According to his character and actions, the world would probably follow this route: ‘Fortune Value is illusory and imperceptible. No matter how Ye Chen offended the Original, and no matter how many hard situations he found himself in, he would ultimately survive and the world would make it completely reasonable through coincidences!'

Since he had crossed over and knew all these cliches by heart, he would naturally not allow Ye Chen to make a comeback and step on him after stomping him under his feet.

Gu Changge had become one of the so-called anomalies, and the Heavenly Dao was already finding it hard to shelter the Favored Children of Heaven using inexplicable ‘coincidences.'

Hence, the world brought forth Fortune Backlash to deal with the anomaly.

It was just like how the human race had been established as the dominant race in Gu Changge's previous world's myths. Whoever tried to go against this law would be stuck by Heaven's punishment. Even the Sages didn't dare think about changing this reality.

Of course, the world in front of him couldn't be compared to the mythical stories from his previous life, but the trend wasn't much different.

The Favored Children of Heaven were meant to stand at the peak and achieve the Dao, that was the will of Heaven. The position of the Favored Children of Heaven wasn't for nothing.

Although it brought joy to him to slowly reap Fortune Value from the Favored Children of Heaven, but it also gave him a feeling of restraint, and Gu Changge didn't like that.

Fortunately, Gu Changge no longer felt a threat to his life when he thought about taking Ye Chen's life.

He guessed that his Fortune Value had increased to a reasonable high. It comforted him at once!

As the System said: ‘When his Fortune Value increased to a certain amount, even the Heavenly Dao would need to submit and wouldn't be able to be so partial anymore. It would need to use the so-called coincidences to deal with him if it wanted to protect those Favored Children of Heaven — it wouldn't be able to strike him down with a Heavenly Bolt from the blue.'

Gu Changge looked through his Attribute Panel's current state.

Host: Gu Changge

Identity: True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace

Bloodline: Devil Heart, Dao Bone

Cultivation: Conferred Lord (Middle Stage)

Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex (7th Layer)
  • Innate God's Spirit Temple (Talent)
  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
  • Immortal-Devouring Demon Art

Destiny Points: 100

Fortune Value: 120 (Dark)

System Shop: Open


  • Domain-Traversing Talisman x1
  • One-Third Fragment of a World Seed x1

[VILFIC: I have cleaned this panel somewhat. I presume the dots under the Mystical Abilities section is there to show that he has more Abilities but they aren't worth mentioning.]

Gu Changge had earned some Fortune Value and Destiny Points over the last few days, and he had also raised his cultivation by a minor realm.

[Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex] was still at the 7th layer, but Gu Changge had still increased his cultivation to the Middle Stage of the Conferred Lord Realm. His speed of advancement was ridiculous when compared to the other Saint-Children of the Upper Realm.

He was a supreme villain with a Golden Finger who could increase his cultivation by adding points, so it would be a disgrace if he wasn't improving this fast.

This method of using Destiny Points was nothing short of using a cheat in an online game to rig up your specs!

At the same time, Gu Changge had been wondering about the repercussions of having a Dark Fortune. But even after racking his brain, he couldn't come up with anything.

He received no Heavenly opportunity, nor did a Divine disaster strike him down.

He concluded that it was only a sign of him being an anomaly, since it didn't exist among the seven levels of luck: ‘Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.'

In simple terms, Dark Fortune represented an unpredictable variable.

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