I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 672: On the day without obstacles, A golden finger heavy rain

Chapter 672: On the day without obstacles, A golden finger heavy rain

“You… wouldn’t leave me behind, would you?”

Jiang Chuchu’s expression was a little expectant, her eyes were shining as she looked at Gu Changge as if she was afraid of hearing some words of rejection from him.

She grew up in the Human Ancestor Hall since she was a child, and she had been instilled with the philosophy of benevolence, righteousness, and morality. She protected the common people in the world, and lived by the righteous way within the Human Ancestor Hall.

Before meeting Gu Changge, she had always felt this way. However, some things, like light, would always shine through the broken barrier, bringing her novelty and joy. Since then, she had understood that there was no good and evil in this world.

It was too arbitrary to judge a person simply by using the parameter of good or evil.

For the Heavens in the Upper Realm, even though Gu Changge was a heinous devil, every time she encountered a crisis, trouble, or life-threatening, he would always show up to solve everything for her and deal with it for her. How could she say that such a Gu Changge was evil?

So even if she knew she was partial to Gu Changge, she was violating the rules and regulations of the Human Ancestor Hall and betraying her master. But she still did it without hesitation.

“I came to see you, in fact, to tell you about this matter, so as not to let your imagination run wild.”

When Gu Changge heard this, he seemed to sigh softly before stretching out his hand to pull the hair hanging on both sides of her cheeks to her ears, “You have lost so much weight.”

“What are you going to tell me… Say?” Jiang Chuchu stood there in a daze, lowering her eyes, and let Gu Changge pull her hair up.

She had some inexplicable expectations in her heart, even though she knew the relationship between the two of them, it was difficult to make it public. But Gu Changge rushed from hundreds of millions of miles away, just because he was worried about her wild thoughts, which also displayed the weight she had in Gu Changge’s heart.

“You should have heard about my marriage with Mingkong, but there are some details that I want to tell you,” Gu Changge gently shook his head and said. If this matter was not handled properly, Jiang Chuchu would inevitably have conflicts with Yue Mingkong in the future.

Although the Human Ancestor Hall was located in a detached place, in terms of its internal strength, it was actually far inferior to the Peerless Immortal Dynasty and other forces. If there was a conflict because of such trivial matters, for Gu Changge, the loss would outweigh the gain.

He didn’t want to see such a situation either. Moreover, it was unknown whether he would still be in the Upper Realm at that time.

“Details?” Jiang Chuchu blinked lightly as if listening quietly to what Gu Changge said.

“Although Mingkong has amazing skills, she wants to take charge of the Peerless Immortal Dynasty at this age. There are actually a lot of criticisms and she lacks strong support behind her. If I don’t help her, those ministers will not shut up…” Gu Changge sighed softly and explained.

“So, your marriage with her is actually just to stabilize her current position and help her secure the throne of the Peerless Immortal Dynasty faster?”

After Gu Changge’s explanation, Jiang Chuchu also suddenly understood, and she was a little stunned.

After all, the relationship between Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong was just of her being his fiance, even if there was such a relationship, it couldn’t change anything. But once Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong got married, the relationship would naturally be different from what it used to be.

Many court ministers who had criticized Yue Mingkong before could only shut up and remain silent, not daring to say anything more. Thinking about it this way, her mood suddenly improved a lot.

“There is such a relationship, and now the Upper Realm is about to change drastically. Maybe in the near future, I will have to leave the Upper Realm, so I have to explain some things to you. Of course, I also don’t want you to worry.” Gu Changge nodded and said.

“Then you promised me that you would marry me, when?” Although Jiang Chuchu was as pure as a blank sheet of paper in terms of feelings, it didn’t mean she was stupid.

At this moment, she really wanted to get a definite answer from Gu Changge.

“When there is no obstacle in this Upper Realm.” Gu Changge said softly.

Jiang Chuchu hummed lightly and nodded, with haze appearing on her face, but her heart was a little dazed and she was more joyful. She knew that Gu Changge had another layer of hidden identity, and once that layer of identity was revealed, he would become the enemy of the whole world.

Even if the Human Ancestor Hall, the Ancient Immortal Gu Family, and many other forces stood behind him, it would still be difficult to contend against the entire Upper Realm.

“Then I’ll wait for you.” Jiang Chuchu said, looking at Gu Changge with bright eyes.

She knew that with her current strength, it would be difficult to help Gu Changge. But one day in the future, she would definitely be able to help him, just like what Yue Mingkong could do now.

“Believe me, this day won’t be too long.” Gu Changge smiled slightly, reaching out to pull her into his arms.

Then there was silence. For the next few days, Gu Changge stayed in the Human Ancestor Hall with Jiang Chuchu, so it was very leisurely.

Although many elders of the Human Ancestor Hall knew about Gu Changge’s arrival, they didn’t dare to ask any more questions and could only pretend to be ignorant.

As the Holy Maiden, Jiang Chuchu had a close relationship with Gu Changge. Who dared to say that she was in such a huge Human Ancestor Hall? Even those ancient existences that were the foundation of the Human Ancestor Hall were turning a blind eye.

During this period of time, apart from accompanying Jiang Chuchu to cultivate and discuss the Dao, Gu Changge was actually not idle. The Golden Cauldron of Luck that he placed in the Human Ancestor Hall a long time ago had gathered and condensed a lot of power of faith.

The power of this faith was enough for him to make the Dark Heaven appear in the world again. Moreover, Gu Changge had another plan. The Upper Realm was the central hub of the Heavens and the Myriad Realms, connecting to hundreds of millions of Lower Realms.

Among those billions of Lower Realms, there were many existences similar to the Son of Luck. Therefore, he could give it a try and absorb those Children of Luck as his disciples, so as to strengthen the power of the Dark Heaven.

After all, he had walked along the way, many Sons of Luck had died in his hands, and the Luck from various beings had emerged endlessly. Gu Changge was also very familiar with these routines, so it was not difficult for him to find these Children of Luck in the billions of Lower Realms.

Although it sounded crazy to enlist believers from all over the world, it was a piece of cake for Gu Changge.

“It doesn’t mean much to me to condense this faith in the Dharma Body. This power of faith can become some kind of medium… Through these mediums, I can actually shape something similar to a golden finger…”

“Then… let’s have a rain of Goldfinger,” He looked thoughtful and said softly.

In the shining silver palace, Gu Changge sat cross-legged, his eyes were deep, there were many terrifying scenes evolving in it, and there was a vast aura surging around, like an ancient world that was floating up and down.

A Golden Cauldron of Luck stood in the center, simple and majestic, but emanating vicissitudes of time as hundreds of millions of strands of silver power of faith gathered.

This was the power of faith that the Human Ancestor Hall had absorbed and gathered over the years. The amount was unimaginable, and it was like an invisible ocean.

Following Gu Changge’s thoughts, in the space in front of him, an inexplicable power of laws emerged, and then there seemed to be an invisible big net spreading out between the sky and the earth, passing a distance of hundreds of millions of miles in an instant.

At this moment, countless cultivators and souls in the entire Upper Realm felt grateful in their hearts, as if there was a voice telling them in the dark, chanting the true name of a certain supreme being, urging them to find a certain realm so that they could obtain eternal life.

Hundreds of millions of silver rays of light fell into the billions of Lower Realms one after another, like a rain of silver light.

In those Lower Realms that were infinitely far away from the Upper Realm, one day, some teenagers suddenly picked up a mysterious ancient ring and a broken jade ring, and some people strayed into an ancient pool, and they received ancient skills…

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