I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 673: Children of Luck from the Lower Realm, Pawns and tools

Chapter 673: Children of Luck from the Lower Realm, Pawns and tools

The rain of silvery light rained down from all over the Upper Realm, along the space barrier, and descended all the way into the numerous Lower Realms.

On this day, countless cultivators and souls saw this huge and brilliant silver meteor. Someone with a strong cultivation base tried to deduce the origin, but in the end, he encountered a huge backlash and was extremely shocked.

Many aristocratic families who were good at divination and deduction even recorded this celestial phenomenon. They felt that in a few years, the Upper Realm would once again usher into a bright and prosperous age.

These shining silver meteor showers were the young seeds that would bloom brightly in that prosperous age. It was different from the shock and horror among the various forces in the Upper Realm. Among the many Lower Realms far away, this rain of silver light had created a drastic change.

Gu Changge sat cross-legged in the Human Ancestor Hall, his dharma body was grand and simple as his eyes were shining brightly. There were scenes of evolution like the heavens through the ages emerging.


With a thought in his mind, many blurred images appeared in the void in front of him. These pictures were densely packed and innumerous, like a world connected to unknown dimensions, with hundreds of millions of cultivators reflected in it.

“This goldfinger rain was specially given for them, but how many lucky children can really make it to that point,” Gu Changge said softly.

There were hundreds of millions of lines of cause and effect within the dark, spreading from where he was to all the Heavens and Myriad Realms. Although the heavy rain of golden finger was just his whim. But at his current level, every thought would have unimaginable consequences.

Using the power of this faith as a medium, the golden finger was shaped, so as to attract the Children of Luck from all over the world to become his followers. The consequences of this slight move could be said to have created a landslide and tsunami, which was unimaginable.

However, Gu Changge really looked forward to that day. Jiang Chuchu on the side was a little confused, not understanding what Gu Changge was doing.

From her point of view, those reflected pictures seemed to come from the corners of the Heavens, with the world of mortals revolving, all kinds of beings, and incomparable miscellaneous scenes. She understood that this was the use of the power of faith.

Inheriting the skills of the Human Ancestor Hall could actually achieve this step, but it could not enable her to manifest the entire Heavens like Gu Changge. This required not only a huge power of faith as a medium but also a terrifying spiritual power to support it.

Ordinary Enlightened beings were probably far from reaching this level.

“Interesting…” At this moment, a picture suddenly appeared in Gu Changge’s eyes, which made him unable to help but admire softly.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Chuchu came up to him curiously, staring at the picture in front of him with bright eyes.

“I saw an interesting boy, maybe he will give me a big surprise in the future.” Gu Changge said with a smile, his eyes were warm.

The picture in front of him was very blurry, and not clear. Only a slight outline could be seen. The sky and the earth were full of heavy rain, which looked extremely gloomy.

A young man in ragged clothes and covered in blood was being hunted down. His brows were full of anger and rebelliousness. Even though the road ahead was already a precipice, he was still unyielding, fighting with those who chased behind him.

“This should be somewhere in a distant Lower Realm…” Looking at these pictures, Jiang Chuchu frowned slightly.

She also noticed the boy Gu Changge was talking about. But if one looked at it like this, they couldn’t see anything unusual at all, and it even gave her a feeling of being a waste. Since he could be valued by Gu Changge, there must be something extraordinary about it.

“Ants even have the ambition to devour Dragons, so what about mortals?” Gu Changge smiled and kept looking at the screen as if his eyes were penetrating endless space and falling on the young man.

“Ahhhhh… Chu Xue, I regarded you as my true love, why do you treat me like this? Why don’t you dare come out to see me?”

On the top of the cliff, the boy was covered in blood, and let out a desperate and unwilling roar, like a beast on the verge of extinction.

The pursuers behind him surrounded him layer by layer, blocking him on the edge of the cliff. The biting cold wind hit him and wrapped in a fishy smell, which made people shudder and frighten.

“Wang Qi, you are really a waste. At this moment, you can’t even tell the difference. I accepted your Boundary Breaking Profound Pill with a smile. When I broke through to the Divine Sea Realm, I would be able to join the Xuan Ling Sect and live together with Senior Brother Song. I will always remember your kindness to me.”

Hearing this, a girl with a slender figure and exquisite facial features shook her head and slowly walked out from behind the pursuer.

Beside her, there was also an elegant and tall young man, who was looking at the boy with a cold and mocking expression.

The two were dressed luxuriously and cleanly, but their expressions were extremely indifferent. Looking down, they seemed to be from two different worlds with the embarrassed young man in front of them.

The young man named Wang Qi saw the two people appearing, his eyes were full of hatred, his teeth were clenched, and his whole body was trembling.

He was deceived by a girl named Chu Xue in front of him, and went to the city lord’s mansion late at night, risking his life before stealing the Boundary Breaking Profound Pill, hoping to help the girl break through the Divine Sea Realm.

He thought that after doing this, he could get the girl’s sincerity. But after the girl saw the Boundary Breaking Pill, she changed her face, and not only wanted to snatch the Pill but also sent someone to kill him, so as not to leave any future troubles.

Because the Boundary Breaking Profound Pill was no small matter, Wang Qi had already been noticed by the masters of the City Lord’s Mansion from the moment he stole it. The girl just wanted him to be a scapegoat while she was hidden, enjoying the result exclusively.

Her heart could be described as extremely vicious. However, it was too late for Wang Qi to figure it out, and now the master of the City Lord’s Mansion had already gone to the Wang family to ask for the pill.

“If I survive, I will kill you.” Wang Qi stared at the young girl Chu Xue with deep-seated hatred and murderous intent, almost saying word by word.

“Then you have to survive. No one can save you tonight, and the Wang family behind you must also be buried with you because of your actions.” Chu Xue seemed to be irritated by Wang Qi’s eyes.

Anger appeared on her originally indifferent face, and she shouted in a sharp voice, “You are such a waste, you dare to like me, you are looking for death. I can’t let you die so cheaply. Someone here, destroy his spiritual sea first, then kill him and throw him off the cliff.”

Following the girl Chu Xue’s order, many soldiers stepped forward and grabbed Wang Qi who was already seriously injured.

In his unwilling and angry eyes, they destroyed his spiritual sea. Under the cliff, there was a vast fog, which was washed by the heavy rain, making it even more gloomy and cold.

Then, the young Wang Qi was thrown down without making a sound and was soon engulfed in the vast darkness.

After the young Chu Xue and the others left, no one saw him. Suddenly, a silver bolt of lightning galloped down between the sky and the earth. It was incomparably bright and dazzling. It opened its teeth and claws like a silver dragon and smashed straight into this cliff.

“Could this… Be that boy’s strange encounter?”

In the Human Ancestor Hall, Jiang Chuchu had been watching what happened in this picture, and seeing the silver lightning strike behind him, he couldn’t help asking softly.

She understood that it was impossible for Gu Changge to pay attention to such a person for no reason. Moreover, from her point of view, the young man who was already dead suddenly seemed to have the idea of a new life at this moment.

“Strange encounter? That’s actually true, but in my opinion, it should be called a golden finger.” Gu Changge smiled casually and looked away at the picture.

He had actually foreseen what would happen next.

Under the cliff, the young Wang Qi would encounter mysterious thunder and lightning entering his body that would repair the broken spiritual sea and even obtain mysterious heavenly skills. Using them he would then kill the girl Chu Xue with his hands, avenge his hatred, and wreak havoc in the world.

This was a vivid script of the Son of Luck. However, in order not to affect his plan, Gu Changge poured a lot of information about the Dark Heaven into the silver lightning.

As long as the young Wang Qi woke up, he would understand everything. In this huge heaven, all the Sons of Luck like him would become his pawns.

Jiang Chuchu nodded when she heard the words, she felt that Gu Changge seemed to have other meanings. But this was not something she should consider.

“The next Child of Luck…” Gu Changge then looked at the rest of the reflected pictures. There were actually many more Children of Luck like Wang Qi. Born with the Luck of one side of the world, it could stir up thousands of winds and clouds.

Moreover, a big world would not only give birth to a Child of Luck. To Gu Changge, this was not only his pawn but also a good tool for him to harvest Luck.

Next, after staying in the Human Ancestor Hall for almost a month, Gu Changge left. Although Jiang Chuchu was reluctant in every possible way, she did not force him to stay any longer.

As far as she was concerned, Gu Changge had spent a month with her in his busy schedule, and she was already very satisfied. She didn’t want to ask for anything extravagantly.

After leaving the Human Ancestor Hall, Gu Changge originally planned to go to the Peach Village to see his cheap apprentice Yaoyao. But considering that Gu Xian’er’s whereabouts were unknown, it was not suitable for him to go to the Peach Village, so he gave up.

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