I Am the Fated Villain

Chapter 674: Hell and Buddha, Who is the real inheritor of demonic arts?

Chapter 674: Hell and Buddha, Who is the real inheritor of demonic arts?

After Gu Changge left Human Ancestor Hall, he didn’t go to Peach Village, nor did he return to Gu family. Instead, he went to the headquarters of the Spring Breeze Pavilion  first. There he found Bai Lian’er who had already broken through to the Supreme Realm, and told her to handle some things.

Until now, the Spring Breeze Pavilion had not completely eliminated the two old assassin organizations Hell and Buddha in terms of assassination missions. So he had to intervene.

However, the two killer organizations of Hell and Buddha were deeply hidden. The contact methods between the assassins were relatively strange. If he didn’t find their contact address, it would be difficult to uncover them.

In addition, the headquarters of these two forces were said to be hidden in a certain Lower Realm, and they had avoided the vengeance and pursuit of many enemies for countless years. Even the Immortal Forces and the Ancient Immortal Families were scrupulous.

When Hell and Buddha were at their peak, there were not just a few Enlightened beings who died at their hands.

Gu Changge felt that there must be many Remnant Immortals helping them in the background of these two forces. With the current strength of the Spring Breeze Pavilion, if they really confronted them head-on, they would only reach a dead end.

The rapid rise of the Spring Breeze Pavilion was like a thorn in the flesh of the two forces of Hell and Buddha. During this period of time, they had been trying various methods to find its headquarters and destroy it.

“Although during this period of time, the Wan Dao Business Alliance was providing information for the Spring Breeze Pavilion, which greatly increased the success rate of the assassination, the depth of the Hell and the Buddha should not be underestimated. Many of us have been assassinated by them and died during the mission.”

“I’ve lost quite a few young seeds because of them.” Standing in front of Gu Changge, she spoke in an annoyed voice.

Bai Lian’er was dressed in a long black dress, her face was enchanting, her skin icy while her face was extremely fair and delicate emanating a shiny and seductive feeling.

“As long as you find the place where the Hell and the Buddha are located, it would not be difficult to destroy them, but the difficult thing is to find their headquarters.” Gu Changge put down the cup, with some thought in his eyes.

After all, he was the real master behind the scenes of Spring Breeze Pavilion. Hell and Buddha had blocked his way, so he naturally had to destroy them.

“I have already sent people to investigate the location of its headquarters, but there is still no clue.” Bai Lian’er was also very troubled by this.

Her strength was still far inferior to that of the real master of Hell and Buddha. So even if they found their traces, it would be difficult to do anything. They could only report these things to Gu Changge and let Gu Changge find a way.

“It’s not unreasonable that Hell and Buddha could hide for so many years, but I don’t believe they can hide for a lifetime.” Gu Changge shook his head and intended to ask Yin Mei to pay more attention.

In addition, Alpha and many Enlightened puppets had been sent out by him, and together with Bai Lian’er’s men, they were investigating the contact points of the two forces.

Afterward, he sent someone to find Bai Lian’er’s younger brother and father Bai Kun and asked them to deduce the location of the Immortal Path. Gu Changge did not have the slightest clue about the Immortal Path, so he could only blindly stumble upon a dead rat first.

The territory of the Upper Realm was extremely vast, endless as if countless ancient worlds and star fields overlapped alternately. Even a person whose cultivation level reached the Heavens and Earth would never be able to search the entire Upper Realm even if they spent their whole life. Not even he would not be able to cross this vast territory.

Therefore, no one knew what was in the deepest part of the Upper Realm, and the outermost region. For ordinary cultivators, it was difficult to get out of the star field where they were born. If it weren’t for the large teleportation formations built in ancient times among the major star fields, just the time it took to cross the star field would take many cultivators’ lives.

At the same time, the territory where the Dao Immortal Alliance was located was in the Dao Immortal Star Field.

An incomparably majestic ancient warship, with its brilliance soaring into the sky etched with runes, was like a terrifying divine mountain, crushing the sky, carrying a lot of goods and crossing the star space.

This was the cargo ship of the Dao Immortal Alliance. It had the cultivation resources enshrined by many attached forces and Dao Lineages during this period of time.

As the absolute master of the Dao Immortal Star Field and even the surrounding starfields, the Dao Immortal Alliance had been passed down for many eras.

In ancient times, there was even an ancient existence named Dao Immortal, who established the Dao Immortal Alliance and took charge of all parties, ruling the Eight Desolations.

This was a powerful force that had produced True Immortals, and its background was unfathomable. Even if it was a usual Immortal force, it was not willing to easily provoke it.

Moreover, the Dao Immortal Alliance was intricately rooted and attached to many ancient aristocratic families and sects, so one hair would affect the whole body. But at this moment, in the northwest direction of this ancient warship, there were pavilions, palaces and pagodas with divine light, dazzling brilliance, and incomparably magnificent style.

A slender blue-suede young man was walking surrounded by a group of young cultivators. His face was elegant and clean, his eyes were clear, and from time to time there would be strands of golden light flashing in it. Even the hair had a hazy brilliance as the whole person exuded a transcendent aura.

Unity with heaven and earth, one with Daoism, he exuded a peaceful state of mind, even walking and breathing seemed to carry some special rhyme.

When many people of the older generation saw this blue suede man, they couldn’t help being a little startled, their expressions changed slightly, and they backed away.

As a Taoist of the Dao Immortal Alliance, Lan Yifei in front of him was low-profile. But in this Dao Immortal Starfield, there was a figure that everyone knew but no one was unaware of.

The number of times he took action was very small, but no matter which one it was, it was of extraordinary significance. Some time ago, someone even saw him go deep into an abandoned star field and subdue a Quasi-Supreme beast as a mount.

One must know that among the younger generation today, except for Gu Changge, the strongest cultivation was at most at the level of the Great Sacred Realm. Moreover, they were still those ancient freaks with special bloodlines that had been sealed since ancient times.

Among contemporary geniuses, there were not many people who possessed the strength of the Great Sacred Realm. Lan Yifei’s physique was very special and mysterious, and almost no one knew about it.

He only understood that he seemed to be able to borrow the power of all things in the world, which was inexhaustible, and could be said to be invincible. Even in the face of an enemy that was difficult to contend with, he could find a way to retreat completely.

“It is said that master Dao is responsible for escorting the goods of the Dao Immortal Alliance this time.”

“I wonder what exactly is in the cargo that is worthy of such care from the sect.”

On the ancient warship, the cultivators of the Dao Immortal Alliance watched Lan Yifei walking past with many juniors, and couldn’t help but whisper. There were not only people from the Dao Immortal Alliance on the ancient warship, but also other forces of the Dao lineages, as well as many casual cultivators.

However, except for the members of Dao Immortal Alliance, no one dared to approach the area responsible for escorting the goods, so they could only keep guessing in their hearts.

“Thanks to Senior Brother Lan, otherwise we would never have discovered such a large mining area this time. There are millions of years of Immortal Essence hidden in it.”

“If we can successfully escort this batch of Immortal Essence back to the sect, it will be a great achievement for us, and we will definitely be praised by the elders and the patriarch.”

Lan Yifei and his group walked to the depths of the ancient warship. The many juniors beside him heard the voices of people discussing in the distance, and one of them couldn’t help but smile before saying. He looked extremely excited.

The rest of the people were also shocked when they heard the words, and their eyes showed joy.

After all, Immortal Essence was an immortal treasure that could only be born in the Ancient era. Even if it was just a drop, it could help cultivators cleanse the marrow and refine the bones, greatly increasing their cultivation. Even if there were many older generations, they would fight for a drop of Immortal Essence.

“I am not the only one who made this great achievement. Without the help of all my brothers and sisters, I would not be able to find the location of the Immortal Essence.”

Lan Yifei shook his head lightly and smiled. He was extremely humble as he looked extremely aloof, even when he was walking, there was an indescribable dao rhyme, making it hard to ignore his existence.

“Senior Brother Lan is really too humble. If you didn’t hold back the guardian beast in that mining area, how could we go in”

“If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would have been buried in the mouth of that vicious guardian beast long ago.”

However, everyone disagreed with Lan Yifei’s words, they were full of admiration and some fear.

Lan Yifei still shook his head lightly when he heard the words, appearing rather indifferent, and didn’t take this matter to heart.

Afterward, he separated from the others and walked toward the courtyard where he usually cultivated. This area was full of pavilions and palaces, similar to a small city. Even if he was a Daoist of the Dao Immortal Alliance, his residence looked very plain and simple, with only a few bamboo plants for decoration.

“Who is it?” However, the moment Lan Yifei returned to his courtyard, he suddenly frowned slightly, and then asked calmly.

At the same time, there were inexplicable fluctuations on his body as the laws of heaven and earth surged, seeping into every corner of the surroundings. Just for a moment, it was as if endless runes were intertwined here, large areas of laws rolled over, and the murderous intent was terrifying.

“As expected of the True Body of Dao, born in harmony with Dao, integrated with heaven and earth, with amazing perception. When you were chasing me, I was almost killed by you. Did you ever think that I would survive a catastrophe?”

A calm and indifferent voice sounded, regardless of gender, and it was even hard to tell the direction.

“Is that you? The inheritor of demonic arts?”

Hearing this voice, Lan Yifei seemed a little surprised as he raised his eyebrows, then shook his head and said, “No, it’s you, but you are not the inheritor of demonic arts, who is the real inheritor of demonic arts? He wouldn’t be as weak as you.”

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