I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 13 - I’m Hungry

Chapter 13: I’m Hungry

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi became super awkward with that big belly. Only two yards and he already lost his breath. He leaned on a pillar beside, heavily panting while holding his big belly, “You naughty kid, don’t let me catch you, otherwise I will spank your butt really hard.”

The little kid then also stopped and turned around. He rubbed his little belly and said with a very cute voice, “mom-daddy, I’m hungry.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes, “if you are hungry, you can grab something to eat at the kitchen.”

“I want milk.” He ran toward him.

“Go find some in the kitchen on your own.”

The kid stared at his chest and repeated, “I want milk.”

“I told you….” Rong Yi paused as he noticed that the kid was staring at his chest. He subconsciously covered his left breast with his arms.

The kid said with sparkling eyes, “I want milk.”

“…” Rong Yi.

This damn kid said he wants milk? Does he mean he wants me to breastfeed him like women?

Fuck! But he was not a woman. He didn’t have breastmilk.

Once again he doubted whether he had transmigrated into a woman.

He took a deep breath and grabbed his flat chests. No milk came out of his breasts. He loosened his pants and managed to check out whether his ‘brother’ was still there. It was a huge relief since it was still on. He then turned to the little kid, and asked, “What did you say? Say it again.”

The little kid hopped into his arms, “Mom-daddy, I want milk.”

“Go away!” Rong Yi gritted his teeth.

Next moment the kid already bit his chest through his outfit.

“Ah!” Rong Yi felt like the flesh on the chest was nearly bitten off. He cried, “You stupid kid! How dare you!”

He wanted to tear the kid off him with force, but when he saw into the little kid’s big watery innocent eyes, he just can’t.

That was why he hated kids so much. Kids were naughty and annoying. But he just couldn’t beat him and have the heart to yell at him as the little kid gave him those big puppy eyes.

All of sudden, Rong Yi fainted.

Rong Su quickly flew by and took away the kid, “little master, you have drunk too much blood this time. Your mom-daddy couldn’t take it, neither the baby in his belly.”

“But I am hungry.” Said the kid while looking at Rong Su innocently.

“You can’t overdrink it, otherwise you will kill your mom-daddy. Bear with it. I will take you to eat something yummy later.” Rong Su rubbed his little head and then turned to Rong Yi, “young master, are you alright?”

Rong Yi slipped down the pillar and sat on a stone chair beside feebly, feeling quite dizzy.

Rong Su took a bowel of sugar water and a bottle of medicine from his Storage Ring, “young master, drink some sugar water. It’ll make you feel better.”

Rong Yi felt a little refreshed after taking the sugar water. He brushed open his clothes and found two tooth bites on the right tit with blood on it. So the kid was basically sucking blood out of him? “What the fuck! Why did that kid suck my blood?”

Is the kid a vampire? And he has sharp tooth. He even gnawed through a few layers of cloth!

“But why did he have to suck blood from my chest?”

Rong Su blinked, “Young master, didn’t you tell him to do so?”

“…” Rong Yi’s lips were twitched. So the original master of the body really took himself as a woman.

Compared with the original master of the body, he suddenly felt his second elder brother was not that sissy.

“Young master, his lord said he still doesn’t know you, so he sent me to invite you to his yard and meet you officially.”

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