I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 14 - You Are Master Rong, Aren’t You?

Chapter 14: You Are Master Rong, Aren’t You?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

On hearing that Yi Jinye asked to see them, Rong Yi, who already wanted to see him too, immediately went back to his room, applied the medicine, changed a clean robe and went to Biluo Yard with the well-fed kid.

The moment he stepped into the yard, he saw that Yin Jinye was lying on a luxurious bed.

Rong Yi was stunned since he was the exactly same as the photo on his second elder brother’s mobile phone, same posture, same clothes at exactly same angles.

“Aren’t you the cultivator we ran into at the Ten Fortunes Shop? Are you here to…” Xinghe was surprised to see Rong Yi.

But as he saw Rong Yi’s belly, he immediately switched the topic, “You are Lord Rong, aren’t you?”

Rong Yi nodded and noticed that Yin Jinye was wearing no expression at all. He assumed that Yin Jinye already figured out who he was from his name, belly and look. So he would stay so calm.

While Xinghe sized Rong Yi up and down.

Rong Huan then introduced them to Yin Jinye, “My lord, this is your partner Lord Rong and your son Yin Tao.”

He squatted down and said to the little kid, “Little master, don’t you always want to meet your father? He is your father. Call father.”

Since Yin Tao could talk, they kept mentioning Yin Jinye in front of him. So the kid was looking forward to meet Yin Jinye someday. Although he was only 3 years old, he could sense that his father was bit indifferent. So he involuntarily leaned to Rong Yi’s side.

Rong Yi then rubbed his little head.

Yin Jinye didn’t care if the kid called him father or not. He just asked flatly, “is he that premature kid?”

“Yes. Something happened at the time, so Yin Tao was born early and the other baby almost died. Luckily Her Ladyship was there and saved both of them. The other boy is still in Master Rong’s belly. The baby needs his yang qi to recover and Yin Tao still needs his blood to nourish.” Answered Rong Huan.

Rong Yi subconsciously touched his belly on hearing him. So the baby in his belly was this little kid’s twin brother.

Now Yin Jinye lay his eyes on Rong Yi, “Rong Yi…”

Rong Yi answered.

Yin Jinye curled up his liped and asked, “Can you tell me where you live now?”

“Yin Mansion, Tonggu Street.” Rong Yi’s eyes were twitched.

Yin Jinye noticed Rong Yi’s pale face and signaled Xinghe to give them the presents he prepared and then let them go back for rest.

Rong Yi was not anxious anymore since he already confirmed that Yin Jinye was the partner of the original master. He had a lot of time to find a way to go back through Jin Yinye. Besides, he could tell Yin Jinye didn’t want to carry on the conversation, so he just left with Rong Su.

Xinghe moved to Rong Huan’s side and said, “He is nothing like you said. He is neither sissy or cowardly.”

Rong Huan, “…”

Rong Yi was indeed different from usual today. He neither spoke softly or tenderly like a girl nor wore makeups before he went out this time. He even asked the doctor to reshape his gross small feet. If it had been before, when he saw the master, he would have already cried like a woman and begged the master to abort the baby or something like that. Besides, his temperament had also changed. He became much masculine today.

After returning to his room, Rong Yi sat on the bed, confused. If he aborted the baby now, it was quite possible he would be kicked out of the house. That was not what worried him. The thing was, without the baby, Yin Jinye might never talk to him again, or ever hold a grudge against him. And it was nearly impossible for him to go back to his world. But if he kept the baby, it would be killing him for having a baby as a man. It felt like riding the tiger now.

Why would all of these bad things happen to him? Why would he have transmigrated into a loser, also a sissy pants? What’s even worse, he had a husband now, and way worse than that, he had two kids, and He had to give birth to one of them.

The four things he hated the most, gays, kids, losers and sissy pants, now he occupied all of them.

Is it because he lives too comfortable a life so the Heaven would punish him?

Forget it!

It was no use to think of it. He’d better make himself strong which was the most important thing now.

Rong Yi started his plan immediately. He ordered Rong Su not to interrupt him after he had dinner. He pulled up all night to cultivate in his room.

He was thrilled that he had thunder fire in his palm. He promoted to level one Qi Training in just one day. Thanks to the original master’s Qi practice on a daily basis, plus the pure yin body and sufficient spiritual power in this world, he made it happen. Otherwise, it would take him at least half a month to do so.

If he wanted to promote again in short time, he needed more ingredients. But he didn’t find spiritual stones in the room no matter how hard he tried. Without spiritual stones, he couldn’t buy what he needed.

He had to go out and asked Rong Su for help.

As soon as he stepped out of the yard, he saw Yin Tao were having a fight with other two kids.

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