I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 16 - What the Hell do You Know?

Chapter 16: What the Hell do You Know?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Everyone was staring at Rong Yi surprisingly.

When Yin Tao started to learned refining magic weapons, he tried to show him proudly. However, Song Yi was not impressed at all. He did not even look at it, which made Yin Tao very upset. It was the first time that Rong Yi was interested in the magic weapon Yin Tao refined, and also the first time that he showed intimacy to his own son.

Yin Tao’s eyes were shining and he looked at Rong Yi expectantly. Even though Rong Yi had been very cold to him before, sometimes he got angry with him, he was still his dad. He sincerely hoped that his family could be close to him.

Rong Yi picked up the magic weapon and asked, “Have you named it?”

Yin Tao shook his head. “No.”

The magic weapon looked like a sword, but the blades were not neatly-cut, and the hilt was shaped like a chicken claw. If you didn’t take a closer look, you wouldn’t know what it was.

Rong yi then stroked the uneven surface and said, “This is a sword, isn’t it?”

Yin Tao nodded and approached Rong Yi, “mom-daddy, am I awesome?”

“Of course.” Rong Yi rubbed his hair slightly and thought to himself, “you are even more awesome if you don’t call me mom-daddy.”

Yin Tao giggled happily since this was the first time his mom-daddy praised him.

Lei Sai was not happy that he, as a master Shifu, was always not as important as a father. No matter how much he praised his pupil, his pupil wouldn’t be as happy as sentence praising word he got from his father.

Rong Huan and Rong Su both smiled on seeing that Rong Yi and Yin Tao finally bonded closer.

“Your sword is like a small snake swimming in the water. There are several curves. Since it is not straight enough, we can name it Curved Sword.”

“Curved Sword sounds good, I like it.” Yin Tao nodded excitedly.

Rong Yi smiled that his son got closer to him. He began to study the magic weapon carefully, “this one is made of iron steel. If it was made of aluminum steel instead, you can make a better one. Iron steel is too hard for children to completely forge.”

“What the hell do you know!? Just because iron steel is hard, it is strong enough to resist other magic weapons. Aluminum steel is fragile against other weapons.”

Rong Yi took a glimpse of him and said, “If you cannot completely melt it, every effort you make is in vain. Aluminum steel is soft but easy for children to melt and refine. By attaching to the surface of other materials, such as scales of Tiger Snake body which are much harder than iron steel, it also works better.”

“Tiger Snake scales are harder to melt and refine than steel, aren’t they?”

“Who said to refine it? I mean attaching it to magic weapons.” Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him.

“What the fuck! How the hell would you attach it? You mean after the magic weapon is refined? It’s impossible.” Lei Sai thought it was nonsense, but he agreed what Rong Yi said about “if you cannot completely melt it, every effort you make is in vain.” When Yin Tao made the sword, he once hesitated whether to suggest him to quit using iron steel.

“We’ll talk about that later.” Rong Yi felt the surface of the sword, “now the most important thing is to improve the level of Curved Sword.”

Seeing Lei Sai’s outrageous face like he was gonna hit someone, Rong Su said quickly, “young master, only by reforging it can we improve its level. But it’s too late. Yin Tao will hand in the assignment very soon.”

He winked Rong Yi while he spoke, indicating him not to make irresponsible remarks, otherwise Lei Sai might really beat him.

Rong Yi glanced at them, pressed his hand against the sword near the hilt, and then launched purple glow in his palm like fire and lightning.

Rong Su was surprised to look at Rong Yi’s hand, “young master, you have spiritual power?”

Although they all know that the person who owned the body of pure Yin was far from a loser who could not cultivate at all, they had ever secretly checked Rong Yi’s body who had no spiritual root at all, meaning that he had no chance to cultivate. But now he had lightning-like thing in his palm which was really hard to explain.

Rong Yi did not answer them, but focused all his attention on the magic weapon. After all, he was only at level one of Qi Practicing. It was rather difficult for him to enchant the magic weapon. The lucky thing was that Yin Tao’s sword was level-less at all.

His hand moved slowly along the point of the sword, and goldish red runes flickered all the way where his hand touched, which made the ugly sword look much more delicate, adding a sense of mystery to it and augmenting its spiritual power.

Rong Yi retrieved his spiritual power from the sword tip and looked at the fine attacking runes on the sword satisfactorily. He did the same on the other side of the blade and hilt with defending runes and consolidation runes, and then put the sword in Yan Tao hand, “I’ve just enchanted the sword to augment its attacking, defending and toughness. See if you like it.”

Before Yin Tao could take it, Lei Sai grabbed it and checked.

As Rong Su and Rong Huan also noticed that the sword had become different from the original one, they also moved curiously next to Lei Sai.

Lei Sai felt the runes on the sword. The disdain and anger on his face now quickly turned into unbelieving, he then said, “you fucking son of bitch, how come… How could you… ”

Rong Su was so anxious to ask, “Brother Lei, how is the little master’s sword now?”

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