I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 17 - Beg Me!

Chapter 17: Beg Me!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Lei Sai exclaimed excitedly, “Although its level is the same, its attacking and defending power and toughness are all two times higher, even better than a level one magic weapon.”

“It’s more powerful?!” both Rong Su and Rong Huan were amazed.

It was amazing that Rong Yi made it even more powerful than level one weapon only by applying runes they never met to the sword.

“How did you inscribe the runes onto the weapon?” asked Lei Sai.

He tried so many tools to inscribe runes onto the magic weapons but all failed. He either couldn’t apply runes onto weapons or just broke the weapons, or reduced the power of magic weapons so that he had to affix paper runes onto the magic weapons to increase the power. But paper runes were not ideal choices because they could be melted by water or burnt by fire, and became invalid. They could be only used once. No one could have a chance to affix paper runes during a fight. Besides, once they were affixed to magic weapons, they were easily to be recognized by the enemies. Affixing paper runes was not a good choice in many ways.

“You want to know?” Rong Yi smiled at Lei Sai.

More than wanting to know about it, Lei Sai was desperate to master the skill right now.

“Beg me.” Rong Yi snorted while he took the magic weapon away from Lei Sai and gave it back to Yin Tao.

Lei Sai just said he was a sassy bitch, claimed to cut off his cock and sent him to a brothel. How could he teach someone who was rude to him?

“Are…are you fucking kidding me?” Lei Sai was so pissed off.

Rong Yi didn’t give it a shit if Lei Sai was mad or not. He just lowered his head and said to Yin Tao, “I assure you that you can win your little senior brothers with this sword.” Said Rong Yi to Yin Tao.

He saw the two kids’ magic weapons which were just level-one powerful. They were ordinary ones that their parents bought for them to as their assignment.

Seeing the rune on the sword dim out, Yin Tao was anxious, “Mom-daddy, it’s gone. It’s gone!”

Rong Yi rubbed his forehead slightly and comforted him, “Don’t worry. When you use the sword, it will show again.”

Yin Tao then smiled happily.

“Are you happy?” asked Rong Yi,

“Yes, I am.” Nodded Yin Tao hard.

Rong Yi then asked, “Do you want to enchant your magic weapon and make it more powerful in the future?” “Yes.”

Rong Yi then said with a serious tone, “Then you will never say swear words, such as cock, penis, bitch, son of bitch, slut, whore, fuck and anything like that. You promise?”

Actually he himself also said some nasty words but not as vulgar as Lei Sai.

Yin Tao then nodded.

Lei Sai then thundered, “What the fuck! What’s wrong with swear words? Does it bother you? A real man should say swear words.”

“Agreed. If you are a man, you should say swear words in front of his lordship.” Said Rong Huan.

Lei Sai, “…”

Their lord loathed swear words, especially spoken by his fellow men. If Lei Sai hadn’t been the favored one, he might have been chopped into pieces and be fed to the evil beasts.

It was also the reason why Lei Sai, an eight-level Spiritual Weapon Forger was sent here to teach a three-year-old boy to refine weapons.

To Lei Sai, it was difference from being exiled.

Yin Tao couldn’t wait to show off his magic weapon, so he shouted excitedly while pulling Rong Huan’s hand, “I am going to school right now. I am going to school right now.”

It was the first time that Yin Tao was so happy to go to school since he got enrolled.

“After breakfast.” Rong Huan put down a bowl of meat porridge in front of him.

Rong Yi looked around the hall but didn’t see any trace of Yin Jinye, so he asked, “Where is your lord? Does he eat breakfast or not?”

Yin Jinye didn’t have dinner with them either last night.

“He is fasting. He doesn’t eat on time like mortals do.” Said Rong Huan.

Rong Yi frowned.

Yin Jinye and he neither slept on the same bed nor shared the same room. So they had no chance to see each other. He thought he could bond with him at dinner table but Yin Jinye was on a fast. In this case, they would stay as strangers forever.

No! He couldn’t just wait! He had to do something to change the situation!

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