I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 19 - Your Son Is Kicking Me

Chapter 19: Your Son Is Kicking Me

As Rong Yi and Rong Su walked into the Biluo Yard, Xinghe was eating peanuts and drinking wine sitting on the roof.

Xinghe gave them a casual look and didn’t stop them from walking into Yin Jinye’s study.

Yin Jinye was reading a book and didn’t give it a look at them since he heard their footsteps as if the book was the entire world for him.

Rong Yi frowned as he saw the cold-faced man from the doorway. To his knowledge, all ghost cultivators had to get rid of their original bodies before their spirits were cultivated into shapes. Before they got through the doomed catastrophe and became immortals, they looked exactly the same as common people. But in fact they owned incomplete seven affections and six desires. They couldn’t feel the affections between family members or friends or lovers.

So Yin Jinye was not easy to handle because if he pushed him too hard, Yin Jinye might kick him out regardless of who he was or whether he was pregnant. But if he didn’t get close enough to him, he would be ignored by him forever.

Without being invited in as Rong Yi stood at the doorway nearly over 10 minutes, Rong Yi knocked on the door, “Yin Jinye, I am coming inside.”

Yin Jinye gave him a look but didn’t say a word.

Rong Yi took it as a yes. He walked in and sat next to him. The ancient seal characters on his book were obscure for Rong Yi to read. Exchanging views of the book was obviously not a good ice-breaker.

Then he looked back and laid his eyes on his bumping belly and an idea popped out of his mind. He shouted, “Ouch!”

“Young master, are you having another stomachache? Do I need to get a physician for you?” Rong Su got nervous.

“My ass hurts.” said Rong Yi grumpily.

The baby’s father hasn’t said something while you a servant got nervous? Do you have any idea at all that I am faking stomachache to draw Yin Jinye’s attention?

Rong Su, “…”

Yin Jinye loathed coarse language. So he frowned at Rong Yi.

“Your son is kicking me.” Said Rong Yi, giving him those puppy eyes while grabbing Yin’s hand to feel his belly.

Dear lord!

He used to be respected as the third master of Rong family. But now he could go so low to draw a man’s attention with pregnancy. Was it a punishment he deserved because he hated gays?

Yin Jinye looked up at him with that pair of dark eyes.

“He is moving. Feel it. You feel it. He must be happy to know that his father is here.” Rong Yi tried to convince him.

He led Yin’s hand to feel all over his big swollen belly. Yin’s hand was cold. His porcelain skin was even more beautiful than women.

Rong Yi couldn’t help but squeezed his hand. It was more comfortable to feel than he imagined that he couldn’t let it go. He had no idea that he was like a pervert in Yin Jinye and Rong Su’s eyes.

Bam! Yin Jinye patted on his hand with the book in his hand.

Rong Yi grinned in embarrassment but didn’t plan to get his hand back. All of sudden, the baby kicked inside.

“He is moving! He is moving! See? He is moving!” He was thrilled.

Yin Jinye’s hand was placed right above where the baby kicked. His thumb moved around the area tenderly.

“Yin Jinye, can you feel our son is kicking me?” after Rong Yi said, he was shocked that how fast he got used to his role within one day. And he was holding a man’s hand and even enjoying it. What the hell?

He pulled Yin Jinye out of the seat and said, “It’s sunny and comfortable outside for you to take a stroll with me.”

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