I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 20 - Daddy

Chapter 20: Daddy

Once they walked out of room, Yin Jinye pulled back his hand and marched out of the yard ahead.

Rong Yi didn’t mind at all. After all, it was weird for two men holding hands in public.

There was one thing that he was curious. Why would Rong Huan, Rong Su and Lei Sai who practice pure spiritual cultivation work for a ghost cultivator?

Theoretically, ghost cultivators should be super evil in their eyes. Normally it only happened when people were so seriously injured that had no choice but to choose ghost cultivation. They usually had weak three souls and seven spirits, or not enough souls or spirits. They had to absorb souls and spirits from others to complete themselves so that they could be powerful enough to cultivate their mortal bodies. That was why the spiritual cultivators took ghost ones as evil.

Even some of ghost cultivators were kind men before they started ghost cultivation. They would eventually become an evil to spiritual cultivators because they absorb others’ souls. Even if they didn’t absorb souls, they would do harms and damages because of lack of souls or spirits.

Ghost cultivation was usually harder than ordinary cultivation because it was harder to get promoted and ghost cultivators got double thunder strike when getting through their doomed catastrophe before promotion. It was rare that ghost cultivators could succeed in taking thunder strike. Therefore, very few cultivators would like to give up their mortal bodies for ghost cultivation.

Rong Yi, looking at Yin Jinye’s back, thought, “Yin Jinye must be very powerful, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to hide his yin qi and no would notice he is a ghost cultivator.”

“Where to?” Yin Jinye stopped to ask him.

“Let’s go to the Ten Fortunes.” Rong Yi just realized that they had walked out of the house.

Yin Jinye then kept walking alone.

“Slow down. Wait for me. I can’t walk fast with this big belly.” Shouted Rong Yi while he supported his waist with his arms.

Yin Jinye still didn’t look back but slowed down.

Rong Yi pursed his lips. He was not as indifferent as he imagined.

But he was not quite satisfied with the distance. So he shouted again, “We are supposed to stay together. But you are way ahead of me. Do we even look like a couple?”

Yin Jinye then slowed down to wait for him.

Rong Yi finally caught up with Yin Jinye and signaled Rong Su to back off, “Go, go, go! You don’t need to be here. Your lord and I want to be alone.”

“But young master, you haven’t put on some makeup.” Said Rong Su in a low voice.

Rong Yi gritted his teeth, “If you ever mention makeup thing like rouge or pearl powder before me again, I will pour all my makeups onto your face. Right. When you go back, throw all my makeups in my room.”

“Are you sure?”

“No, actually I want you to swallow them!” Rong Yi almost roared.

Rong Su, “…”

Rong Yi took a deep breath and made a big smile at Yin Jinye, “daddy, let’s go.”

After he said that, he got goose bumps all over. But that was a start to bring them closer

Rong Su, “…”

Yin Jinye, “…”

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