I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 22 - Your Senior Brother Apprentice Is here

Chapter 22: Your Senior Brother Apprentice Is here

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye turned around and saw it was a pretty girl who took the bag away, with kind of pride and arrogance shining in her eyes. Through the blue gourd-shaped fan print embroidered on the right upper chest of her blue-white gown, one could easily tell she was a cultivator of some sect.

“Do you know how to use these ingredients for cultivation, wussy? Hum! You are already 18 years old now but you‘ve barely achieved entry level of Qi practicing. The chief should have expelled you from the sect before you defame the entire Nine Void Sect to the ground.” mocked Jin Yueyao as she waved the bag.

“He comes here because he knew that our senior brother apprentice will come here to buy things for his wedding.” Satirized Sun Si, Jin Yueyao’s younger sister apprentice.

Song Yi frowned. Damn it! It’s this senior brother apprentice again! So they were fellow apprentices of the original owner of the body. But apparently, they were not very kind to him.

A dahs of jealousy flashed in Jin Yueyao’e eyes. She growled, “Our senior brother apprentice won’t marry that ugly woman, nor will he see this bastard.”

Su Si didn’t pick up her talk because she knew that Jin Yueyao liked their senior brother apprentice too.

Rong Yi had no interest in having a fight with someone unimportant. So turned around and said to the salesman, “Give me another share of the same exact ingredients I just selected. You should charge her for those she grabbed from me.”

Jin Yueyao was outraged since he totally ignored her, “Rong Yi, I am your senior sister apprentice. How dare you ignore me! What makes you think you can ignore me! If it were not for you, our senior brother apprentice wouldn’t marry a woman from Taiyuan Sect. if it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t voluntarily marry into Taiyuan Sect, embarrassing the entire Nine Void Sect. It’s all your fault, you loser! Why don’t you go to hell? Died with your partner when you delivered the baby?”

As she yelled loudly, she got even angrier and threw the bag at Rong Yi. And people gathered around to watch them.

Rong Yi was outraged too with veins stood out on his forehead and raised a hand to resist the bag thrown at him.

Jin Yueyao, a level-three Base Practitioner, didn’t save a single strength to smash Rong Yi with the bad as if she meant to kill him. She even used spiritual power to push Rong Yi backward.

Rong Yi, already clumsy enough for being pregnant, fell down as he lost balance because of the sudden push.

As he was about to fall down on the floor, Yin Jinye stretched out to hold him and flipped Jin Yueyao away with a finger of the other hand.

Jin Yueyao and Su Si were startled. But when they saw the other party’s handsome face no worse than their senior brother apprentice, they were astonished. Gradually their faces turned red and showed kind of both awkwardness and shyness.

“He is as good-looking as our senior brother apprentice.” Su Si whispered to Jin Yueyao, face reddened.

Jin Yue’s heartbeats quickened as she gazed at Yin Jinye.

“What the fuck! Senior brother apprentice! Always senior brother apprentice! Who the hell…” Rong Yi was angry.

Before he finished his sentence, a young man wearing the same outfit as Jin Yueyao rushed into the shop and cried, “Senior sister apprentice, senior brother apprentice is here.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Fuck! He is here right in time! Finally, he could have a chance to take a look at this senior brother apprentice. He wondered how good-looking he could be to drive the original owner of the body and other women crazy.

“Su Si, how do I look?” Jin Yueyao checked her dress.

“You look fine. Very beautiful.” Answered Su Si.

Jin Yueyao then put on a bright smile and walked out of the door on her tiptoe.

Rong Yi looked outside curiously. A crowd wearing outfit of Nine Void Sect walked in. The next moment, a man’s cold voice resounded into his ears, “See? Your senior brother apprentice is here.”

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