I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 21 - You Both Have A Poker Face

Chapter 21: You Both Have A Poker Face

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

As soon as Rong Yi and Yin Jinye walked out of the Yin Mansion, passers-by pointed fingers at them.

“Look. The sissy pants comes out to make a spectacle of himself. Hm? Why isn’t he walking like a woman this time? Are his feet normal? And he is not wearing makeup?! He becomes like a man!”

“Puff! What makes you think he is like a man now? No man is pregnant like him. And there is a man we have never seen being with him. You can’t make a crab walk straight. So he can’t change his nature of flirting with men. I don’ t understand why these men are into such a wussy. Have women died out?”

“He was with his senior brother apprentice last time. The way he gazed at his senior brother apprentice was disgusting as if he was about to eat up that man. This man is as good-looking as his senior brother apprentice. Hm? This son of bitch is girly and slutty but he has a good taste of men.”

“Hum! Any man with him is no good man. I wonder what makes the sissy pants so attractive to so many men.”

Rong Yi’s heart skipped a beat on hearing those people mentioned the original owner’s senior brother apprentice. He was worried about that Yin Jinye might jealous. He then guiltily peeped at Yin Jinye. But the other party just turned a blind eye to those people like they were air.

He was relieved on one hand, but also moody and down on the other hand. The affair that the original owner of the body had with his senior brother apprentice had nothing to do with him. But why would he feel guilty? Why would he be afraid Yin Jinye might know? Why had Yin Jinye’s indifferent attitude kind of pissed him off?

Seeing Yin Jin’s expressionless face, Rong Yi narrowed his eyes and pulled Yin’s sleeve while he raised his voice pointing at the toy vendor, “daddy, look at those toys for kids. Let’s go have a look.”

Yin Jinye just let Rong Yi drag him toward the vendor.

The crowd was all shocked. Did they hear it wrong? Was the man sissy’s partner?!

Rong Yi picked up a paper windmill and said to Yin Jinye as loud as everyone around could hear, “daddy, what do you think of this toy? Do you think our son will like it?”

Yin Jinye glanced at those paralyzed crowds and Rong Yi with the toy, and merely said “hmm.”

Rong Yi grinned more dramatically because he responded and picked up a spinning top, “daddy, this one is good too. Our son will love it.”

Every time he picked up a toy, he’d call Yin Jinye “daddy”, obviously trying to tell the world who the man was to him.

Finally he picked up a ghost face mask, “daddy, does it look like you?”

Looking at the ugly mask, Yin Jinye finally said something, “why?”

“You both have a poker face.” sneered Rong Yi.

Yin Jinye, “…”

“Sir, wrap everything on your booth for me. My son’s daddy will pay you.” Rong Yi said to the vendor while pointing at Yin Jinye.

“You got it.” The vendor‘s eyes nearly narrowed into a line due to the big smile since he could made good money.

Yin Jinye took the spiritual stones out of his Storage Ring and gave them to the vendor, then put the toys into his ring.

As Yin Jinye bought all the toys, Rong Yi was pleased to see how surprised the crowds were. Now they knew Yin Jinye and he were very close, didn’t they?

But one thing triggered his curiosity. Was the original of this body really a slut? Why did everybody say so? If he really was so slutty, Rong Su wouldn’t allow him to be with his lord and even get pregnant.

Then Rong Yi and Yin Jinye arrived at the Ten Fortunes.

This time Rong Yi wanted to buy some ordinary ingredients, so he didn’t go upstairs. He just wandered downstairs. When he saw something he needed, he’d ask the salesman to bring it out.

Yin Jinye just followed him behind, noticing that Rong Yi was a mature shopper. He had a pair of sharp and fast eyes on detecting those ingredients. There was no chance that he would be fooled with defective materials.

Finally the salesman packaged all the ingredients into a bag and gave it to Rong Yi.

As Rong Yi was about to take it, suddenly another hand stretched out to grab it.

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