I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 6 - Your Medicine Isn’t Good

Chapter 6: Your Medicine Isn’t Good

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Why are my feet so small?” Rong Yi saw the instep arched one time higher than normal people’s feet and the toes were like a awl-like shape which could even be used to drill the wall.

He took off his shoes and the cloth that was wrapped around his feet. He couldn’t believe what he saw. “Could these…even be called feet?”

The instep arched high up and four toes were folded under except the big toe. It was ridiculously ugly.

It was foot binding that he saw on TV.

“What the fuck! I am a man with foot binding?!” Rong Yi wished he could just die. What kind of man this body used to be?

Or did every man in this world bind their feet? But the guardians had normal feet.

Right now his first priority was definitely his feet. Only if he could walk normally, he could do things. The problem was that he had no idea where he had transmigrated now. If he was in a cultivation or superpower world, he could heal his feet very soon, otherwise he had to reach at the fifth level of Qi Training first, which would take a couple of months.

Song Yi then asked Rong Su who was guarding outside in.

At the moment Rong Su laid his eyes on the bare feet of Song Yi who was sitting on the bed, he immediately turned around and said, “what can I do for you, young master?”

“Get me a doctor to cure my feet.”

“What’s doctor?” Swiftness scratched his head as he didn’t know what it meant.

“Healer? Physician? Understand?”

“Rong Huan is a physician. I will go get him.” Rong Su then flew out using his Lightness Skill and brought Rong Huan back in a minute.

“What can I do for you, young master?” At the moment Rong Huan saw Rong Yi’s bare feet, he also immediately looked down on the floor.

“Can you fix my small feet? Unfold the four toes and make my feet back to their original sizes.” Rong Yi stretched out his feet.

Rong Huan remained silent with lowering his head.

“Say something!” Rong Yi was pissed off by this slow coach.

“Young master, didn’t you say that only your husband can see your feet?” Said Rong Su facing back at him.

It reminded Rong Yi that he had a husband who spent every night with him in bed, the man who impregnated the original owner of this body. Did it mean he had to sleep with him at night too?

What the fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Rong Yi got goose bumps all over on thinking that he would have sex with another man. He even had the urge to kill him.

He’d better cure his feet and leave this place ASAP.

“Ignore whatever I said before. Come check out if you can cure them.”

“But you used to care a lot about your small feet, young master. You are proud of them. Why do you want to make them back to normal size?” hesitated Rong Su.

Rong Yi rolled his eyes in his mind. So the original owner of this body was proud of small feet? Ridiculous! “Yes, I used to. But now I want to cure them. If you can’t do it, get somebody who can.”

“I can correct them but it is painful.” Rong Huan raised his head and looked at his feet.

“As long as you can cure me.”

Rong Huan grabbed Rong Yi’s right foot on one knee, and pressed the instep slowly downwards with his spiritual power. One could even hear the cracking sound as the foot was reshaped.

Rong Yi was sweating in huge pain and his face was turning ghastly pale. But he felt relieved cause the other party culd cure him soon since he got the spiritual power.

As his 3-cun(1 cun equals 3.333 cm) foot would be reshaped to the normal size, the atrophied skin and flesh started to crack, even with some veins broken.

After Rong Huan unfolded four toes from down his sole of the foot, he took some healing ointment from his Space Ring, “Young master, the bones of the toes are necrosis. It takes some time to heal.”

“For how long?” asked Rong Yi.

“At least half a month.”

“What?! It needs so much time? My ass would be fucked rotten.” With this weak body, there was no way that Rong Yi could disobey his husband in bed. However, Rong Su and Rong Huan had no idea why he was saying that.

“Your medicine is not good.” Rong Yi sniffed the ointment and then said.

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