I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 7 - Shut the Fuck up!

Chapter 7: Shut the Fuck up!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Young master, although Rong Huan is just a level 2 pharmacist, he is superior to others in the same level.The medicine he develops is the best at his own level. How can it be no good? IBut if you compare it to those from higher levels, his medicine might be really not good enough.” Rong Su argued.

“I mean it is lack of one herb which makes the medicine take effect slowly. I didn’t mean to judge Rong Huan’s ability.” explained Song Yi.

Although he didn’t refine elixirs or forge weapons back at home, he learned a lot as the seniors didn’t want him to waste his talent.

“What did I miss out?” asked Rong Huan.

He refined the medicine according to level 2 prescription. Even superior level physicians used the same prescription. There was no way he would miss anything.

“Rotten Vine.” Said Rong Yi.

“Rotten Vine?” Rong Su’ eyes were wide open, “as far as I know, it is a kind of toxic herb. People with weak spiritual power would die after taking it by accident. I have never heard that it could cure the bones.”

“…” as a physician, Rong Huan never heard of it either.

“Rotten Vine is severely toxic and its venom spreads fast. It could crawl through human body tightly and twine the bones like a vine. Rong Huan, you can toxify-free it before you use it to refine the medine. With the help of its spreading speed and bone-twining effect, it would enhance the efficacy to a new level.”

What Rong Huan used before was the traditional prescription. The Rong family improved the prescription by adding Rotten Vine in it.

“When you refine the medicine, get rid of Recovery and Bone-connecting herbs and add Rotten Vine instead.”

“…” Rong Huan was surprised because Rong Yi explained very clearly, but he had never learned anything about herbs. And what amazed him was that what Rong Yi said made sense. He even suspected he might have lost his mind.

“Is it doable?” Rong Huan was astonished.

“Rong Huan, you can give it a try. Remember to use it on me as soon as you make it.”

After Rong Huan reshaped Rong Yi’s left foot and applied medicine onto it, he stood up and walked out of the room.

“These are real feet.” Rong Yi was satisfied with his normal-size feet, then raised his head andl ooked at Rong Su, “bring my food in my room and prepare a few pairs of new shoes for my normal feet.”

“Yes, young master.” Rong Su left the room quickly and caught up with Rong Huan. He assumed that Rong Huan was upset as he was like pondering with his head hanging down. He then comforted him, “Huan, don’t be upset. You know the young master knows nothing about herbs. He had no idea if your medicine is good or not. He may hurt you because he was mad at his senior brother apprentice’s wedding. He even made his small feet back. He must be really mad this time.”

“But I think he has a point.”

“What?” Rong Su stood there in a shock.

As Rong Huan got into the elixir refining room, he collected all the bone-healing herbs he needed together with toxic-free Rotten Vine but without adding Recovery and Bone-connecting herbs. Then he put everything into a pot to cook for almost one hour. This time the ointment carried a thicker spiritual power than before and its cure was one level higher. And the refining speed also doubled since one kind of herbs was removed from it. Most importantly, Rotten Vine was cheaper than Recovery and Bone-connecting herbs. He could use the spiritual stones on other herbs.

He couldn’t wait to try it out on Rong Yi.

“Well done.” Nodded Rong Yi with satisfaction as he smelt the ointment.

He applied the ointment to his feet which recovered at a fast speed. The rotten toe bones got healed.

“They are getting better.” Smiled Rong Yi as he moved his toes.

Rong Huan checked his toes with spiritual power. He was surprised that the toes were perfectly connected. It turns out that Rotten Vine is more effective than Recovery and Bone-connecting herbs. And it is poison-free. It also protects bones from damage again as it tightens the joints.”

“Young master, may I know where you learned the prescription, sir?” asked Rong Huan.

“I just overheard it.” Rong Yi put on his shoes quickly, “I got no time talking to you guys. I need to go out.”

He had to leave before the husband of the original owner of this body came back.

“Where are you going? Do you want me to come along?” asked Rong Su.

“Nope.” How could he get out of here if someone was with him?

“But you haven’t put on any makeup yet.” Said Rong Su.

He used to dress him up exquisitely before he went out.

“No time for that.” Rong Yi’s corners of his eyes twitched.

“Young master, slow down. You might scare the little master in your belly.” Shouted Rong Su while Rong Yi was walking in haste.

“What the hell! Shut the fuck up!” Rong Yi nearly sprained his ankle.

He finally managed to forget about the baby. Now this stupid asshole reminded him again!

Damn it! The original master of this body was even more girly than his second elder brother. At least his brother wouldn’t get pregnant or have foot binding.

Rong Su then smiled awkwardly, “Young master is really badly hurt this time. He even speaks swear words like a real man. But at least better than being so sassy as before.”

Rong Huan, “…”

“Rong Huan, I heard our master is about to come out from his cultivation. Right?” asked Rong Su.

“Yes. I heard it too. He will be here by today or tomorrow.”

“He hasn’t seen the young master and his little son yet. He will be very happy if he sees them.” Chuckled Rong Su.

“He might before.” Said Rong Huan, “may not now.”

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