I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Choosing a Cultivation Technique

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After Xiong Dan left, Zhou Feng calmed down while the Bloodthirsty Gu started to devour large amounts of Blood Qi in his body.

Moreover, it did not have any intention of discussing with him. It seemed like it was trying to replenish the Blood Qi that he had just lost.

Zhou Feng’s face turned pale due to its absorption speed, so he took out a Blood Pill and consumed it without hesitation.

The vigorous Blood Qi in the Blood Pill allowed him to recover.


Soon after, Zhou Feng decided to take his leave. He had sustained severe injuries, so he had to find a place to recover properly. In addition, thanks to Xiong Dan’s instigation, he didn’t dare to return to Courtyard No.7 directly.

After all, no one could guarantee his safety in Courtyard No.7.

As for where to go, he had already thought of it—the Scripture Pavilion!

All new disciples had a chance to enter the Scripture Pavilion. and it should be the safest place he could find at the moment.

Even though his entire body was in extreme pain, he still forced himself to support his body. He tried his best to make himself look fine and then slowly walked in the direction of the Scripture Pavilion.

Many people in the surroundings were ready to make a move as Zhou Feng seemed to be a good target now.

Although he did not have many Blood Pills now, it was a waste to leave them with him.

However, many people hesitated when they saw Zhou Feng’s expressionless face.

This was a truly ruthless person. Did they have to offend such a ruthless person for the sake of a few Blood Pills?

If this person was forced to eat all the Blood Pills, wouldn’t the losses outweigh the gains?

After weighing the pros and cons, the restless crowd quieted down.

As for Lin Ming and the others, they looked in the direction Zhou Feng left with a complicated expression.

Zhou Feng could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood after finally getting rid of everyone’s sight.

He was really pretending now.

His mind had been affected by the Bloodthirsty Gu earlier, and he felt as if his brain had been eaten at that moment. The only thought in his mind had been to tear apart everything in front of him.

This was definitely a huge side effect.

Even though his physical strength had increased by several levels in that special state, this was not what he wanted.

Losing his mind was the most terrifying thing. Thus, getting rid of the Bloodthirsty Gu became his primary goal.

Previously, because of the Bloodthirsty Gu’s benefits, Zhou Feng had actually considered keeping this Bloodthirsty Gu. He had wanted to see if he could rely on his own ability to tame it completely.

Now, he no longer had any hope.

This was the greatest scourge, and if there was a chance, he had to deal with it first.

‘Fortunately, I have the Self-Healing Constitution (Passive). Otherwise, it would have been really troublesome!’

Zhou Feng couldn’t help but feel a little fortunate.

Luckily, he had obtained the Self-Healing Constitution (Passive), a truly excellent passive skill. He could clearly feel that his injuries had lessened a bit in just such a short time.

At least, his condition was not as bad as before.

At this rate, he only needed to stay in the Scripture Pavilion for an afternoon, and his injuries would almost completely heal.

This might have something to do with the Bloodthirsty Gu’s Blood Qi. It seemed to have a lot of effect on his injuries.

Coupled with his Self-Healing Constitution (Passive), his injuries would definitely recover faster than expected.

Meanwhile, once his injuries recovered, he would be able to trigger Old Skin’s passive ability.

‘When my Defense increases by 1 point, will the effect be obvious?’ As Zhou Feng pondered over this, he arrived at the Scripture Pavilion.

He was stunned that the Scripture Pavilion was only a two-story building.

From the outside, it even looked a little shabby. It didn’t seem like a place where a sect would store secret manuals.

The one guarding the Scripture Pavilion was actually a young man, and he didn’t look much older than him.

“Token!” This person was as impatient as ever, unwilling to say a word.

Zhou Feng also maintained his silence as he took out his token.

“Go in! Remember, once you’re out, you can’t go in again!” The disciple guarding the pavilion instructed and closed his eyes.

‘So lax? And there really is only one disciple guarding the place? Why does it feel so wrong? What’s the catch?’

Zhou Feng frowned slightly as he slowly walked into the so-called Scripture Pavilion.

‘Right! I know what’s wrong! Why are there so few Elders in the sect?’

He recalled all the details since he had entered the Tri-Gu Sect and suddenly realized that almost everyone in the sect seemed to be very young.

Then where did the seniors of the sect go?

There were only a few disciples on duty in the Merit Gathering Hall.

On top of that, the ones that had accompanied the new disciples who had joined the sect were the so-called inner disciples.

Where were the sect’s Elders?

Was it possible Zhou Feng was overthinking? After all, it was normal for someone at his level not to be able to get in touch with the higher-ups.

Still, it didn’t make sense!

Logically, there must be some people who don’t possess much talent in a sect like this. Those people would most likely find a position in the sect. After all, not all of them could join the sect’s upper echelon.

Why weren’t there any of these people?

After letting his imagination run wild for a while, Zhou Feng walked to the bookshelf and casually picked up a cultivation technique.

“Vajra Strength Fist!”

‘Fist technique? How did this…’

Zhou Feng furrowed his brows furrowed even more.

“Black Tiger Fist!”

‘Another fist technique?’

“Thousand Leaves Palm!”

‘This time, it’s a palm technique?

‘Are these the so-called cultivation techniques?’

This pile of manuals was no different from the Blood Solidification Art he had obtained previously. All of them were methods to strengthen and control the Blood Qi.

No wonder they were so lax, and only one person was guarding this place. The Scripture Pavilion didn’t have any good cultivation techniques.

Zhou Feng felt a little indignant.

He flipped through a few manuals and found that some of the cultivation techniques were incomplete.

As for the manuals in the corners of the pavilion, the furthest they were, the more severely incomplete they were. What’s worse, insects had bitten some of them to shreds!

Only the cultivation techniques on the first bookshelf were still relatively complete.

Zhou Feng had no choice but to choose the Vajra Strength Fist cultivation technique. He sat on the ground and silently memorized it.

It just so happened that he could take advantage of this period to recover from his injuries slowly.

Thus, he stayed in that position until nighttime.

During that period, numerous new disciples visited the Scripture Pavilion, including Lin Ming and the others.

Zhou Feng could clearly feel that there were a few people who had traveled with him before.

The way they looked at him was already a little strange.

On the other hand, the two people he was most familiar with, Lin Ming and Yin Ling, were not much different from before.

Nonetheless, a sense of alienation was inevitable.

In their opinion, if it was not for Zhou Feng, they should still have been able to keep half of their Blood Pills.

“It’s almost time! It’s time to go back!”

After staying for so long, Zhou Feng felt that his injuries were almost healed.

Hence, he planned to return to Courtyard No. 7.

Now, even if someone wanted to attack him, he was confident that he could fight back!

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