I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Feeding the Meat Gu

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Time flowed like water…

Zhou Feng had unknowingly joined Tri-Gu Sect for three months, and he had understood many things during this period.

The first was the Tri-Gu Sect’s organization structure.

The Tri-Gu Sect was directly divided into the outer and inner sects.


There were countless small courtyards at the foot of Gu Mountain, but no one cared about them as they were a part of the outer sect. If the outer disciples wanted to receive guidance, they could only use the Strength Imparting Hall.

The inner sect was located at the mountainside. As long as they reached the Qi Gathering realm, they would be able to attract the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy into their bodies and enter the inner sect.

Moreover, only by entering the inner sect would they be able to learn the Tri-Gu Sect’s true cultivation techniques.

All the outer disciples were collectively known as strongmen in the inner sect.

The so-called strongmen were actually lackeys and slaves. Their ultimate purpose was only to provide resources for the sect.

In the outer sect, one could only train their physical body and raise their Blood Qi. There was no chance to learn other cultivation techniques.

There was also the fact that Mount Gu was not a mountain but a mountain range with a vast land surface.

The Tri-Gu Sect occupied the entire mountain range, and they procured a large number of resources from it.

These were all the pieces of information Zhou Feng had obtained during this period.

Another morning…

Zhou Feng woke up early.

Today was another busy day because all the outer disciples had to work in order to obtain the resources to survive.

Thus, he had woken up early in the morning to practice the Vajra Strength Fist a few times before feeding the Meat Gu.

Speaking of which, during these three months, his progress could be considered fast.

Under Gluttony’s passive support, he could always obtain extra Blood Qi to feed the Bloodthirsty Gu.

Now, he was already at the 6th Layer of Body Tempering realm and was about to start refining his lungs.

Zhou Feng took a deep breath and slowly took a stance.

The next second, his fist was like a dragon, as the air around him cracked.

The Blood Qi in his body followed his movements and began to circulate in a special way.

Soon, threads of hot air rose. This was the heat that was emitted from the circulation of the Blood Qi.

During this process, some of the minute parts of his body were permeated by the Blood Qi. At the same time, they were strengthened, and the blocked meridians were slowly opened up again.

After a long circulation, Zhou Feng slowly exhaled.

The Blood Qi circulation slowly stopped, and large amounts of Blood Qi flowed back to his heart.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his heart also started to turn into a demon, absorbing his Blood Qi.

‘This is really troublesome!’

Zhou Feng’s good mood disappeared upon feeling that his Blood Qi was flowing away.

At this time, he finally understood how important the Blood Pill was.

The Bloodthirsty Gu was like a Pixiu, it could enter the body but never leave. Moreover, it had a fixed feeding time every day, just like an alarm clock.

Even with Gluttony (Passive), he almost couldn’t afford to feed this vampire.

And the most exaggerated thing was that every time his realm increased, the Bloodthirsty Gu’s demand would increase by a level.

This caused many outer disciples not to dare to break through. They could only work hard to accumulate resources and Blood Pills.

Only when they gathered enough Blood Pills would they dare to break through.

It was also because of this that people from Courtyard No. 7 had isolated Zhou Feng.

Back then, because of his confrontation with Xiong Dan, almost all the people from Courtyard No. 7 had been robbed of their Blood Pills.

Although the unspoken rule was that one person could only snatch 10 Blood Pills, Xiong Dan simply had not followed the rules.

No one dared to question his action anyway.

Not to mention that Xiong Dan had officially become an inner disciple a month ago.

Furthermore, an Elder had really accepted him as their disciple.

Regarding this, Zhou Feng did not feel the slightest hint of guilt.

It was not his fault, after all. Xiong Dan had bullied these people, yet none of them dared to seek revenge against Xiong Dan. They only dared to secretly create some sort of isolation here.

Unfortunately, Zhou Feng did not care at all.

“Have you heard? Lin Ming agreed to become a female inner disciple’s lackey!”

“You’ve heard it too? I heard that this female inner disciple is very famous and has many lackeys!”

“Really? If that’s the case, Lin Ming shouldn’t be worried about Blood Pills, right?”

“Yeah! It’s a pity that I don’t have a handsome face!”


Just as he returned to the courtyard to wash up, Zhou Feng heard someone talking about Lin Ming.

He did not expect Lin Ming to lower his head and directly become someone else’s lackey.

Previously, because Yin Ling’s Blood Pills had been snatched, her Bloodthirsty Gu had almost sucked her dry. Thus, she ended up selling her body and seemed to follow a senior outer disciple.

Other than that, many people had died unnatural deaths.

Some had been sucked dry by their Bloodthirsty Gu at night, some had accidents while feeding the Meat Gu, and some had mysteriously gone missing.

All these things caused Zhou Feng’s pressure to increase.

For some reason, his right eyelid had been twitching recently, as if danger was about to descend.

‘Luckily, I still have the skill panel!’

At that moment, Zhou Feng looked at the skill panel and heaved a sigh of relief because the progress bar on the skill panel was already full.

However, he did not rush to draw passive skills.

This was because after he had found that the progress bar was full, it continued to increase. This was something he had discovered by accident.

Even if the progress bar on the skill panel was full, it would continue to increase.

What’s more, with every increase, the color of the progress bar would change a little—from white, green, blue to the golden color that was about to be completed.

Zhou Feng had instantly understood what such a color change represented.

Wasn’t this color representing the quality of the skill!?

The rarity of the passive skills in the game that Zhou Feng had been playing before transmigrating was also determined by this color.

Hence, in order to obtain a Gold passive skill, Zhou Feng had forced himself to hold back for almost three months, watching the progress bar change color every day.

Now, the progress bar was finally about to turn completely gold.

According to this speed, he would be able to obtain a Gold passive skill by noon.

‘It’s better to hurry up and feed the Meat Gu! Otherwise, it’ll be too late!’

Feeding the Meat Gu was a sect mission that most outer disciples chose.

It was also Zhou Feng’s main method of earning Blood Pills.

The so-called Meat Gu was actually a special Gu the sect cultivated. It could swallow all kinds of things to grow, and it could increase in size as well. Even if one cut off a chunk of its flesh, it would rapidly regrow as long as there was enough food.

The Meat Gu’s meat was also the main raw material to refine the Blood Pill.

In other words, the Meat Gu was akin to a cow that could continuously produce meat.

The Tri-Gu Sect could afford to raise so many outer disciples because they had control over the Meat Gu.

However, feeding the Meat Gu was also a very dangerous thing.

As a consequence of constantly cutting off chunks of its flesh, the Meat Gu was very irritable. If the disciples were not careful, they would be swallowed when they fed the Meat Gu.

And after they were swallowed, no one would pity them. The sect would simply put someone else to feed the Meat Gu.

As long as one hadn’t reached the Qi Gathering realm, feeding the Meat Gu would be extremely risky.

If Zhou Feng had a choice, he wouldn’t have chosen to feed the Meat Gu.

Unfortunately, he had no choice because of his Gluttony (Passive). He starved faster than others.

There was also the Bloodthirsty Gu, this vampire.

If he didn’t feed the Meat Gu, he wouldn’t be able to survive.

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