I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Disgusting Meat Gu


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Zhou Feng had long realized that the Tri-Gu Sect seemed to have directly restricted the new disciples’ lifestyle.

After entering the Tri-Gu Sect, there was basically no chance to interact with the outside world.

Even if one wanted to go out, it was impossible.

The scope of their life was also limited to this mountain range, and the resources that would allow them to live could only be obtained from the sect.


Under such circumstances, other than completing the sect’s various missions, there was no other choice.

The more Zhou Feng understood, the more he felt that the Tri-Gu Sect raised all its disciples like pigs. He even speculated that the so-called inner disciples’ fate was the same.

Ever since Zhou Feng had started feeding the Meat Gu, he had also started scouting.

If he wanted to escape, the first thing he had to do was to be familiar with the surrounding environment.

Therefore, apart from cultivating and feeding the Meat Gu, he also took some time to familiarize himself with the surrounding environment.

The scouting’s result was very surprising.

Other than the patrolling disciples on the first level, there were almost no restrictions on the outside.

Mount Gu was vast, and there were plants and poisonous insects everywhere. If he really went into the ravine… who would be able to find him?

But why had he never heard of anyone successfully leaving the Tri-Gu Sect?

After thinking about it, Zhou Feng felt that the key point was the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body.

Every time he tried to leave Mount Gu, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body would become restless. When he returned to Mount Gu, the Bloodthirsty Gu would calm down.

He guessed that the Tri-Gu Sect was able to raise its disciples in such a way—and simultaneously, they were not afraid of their disciples harboring evil intentions—because of an important factor, the Gu in their bodies.

It was said that the Tri-Gu Sect used three kinds of Gu to establish the sect, but in reality, their research on Gu was already very thorough.

The above-mentioned Meat Gu was such an example. They only needed to feed it a large amount of coarse fodder every day, and they would obtain chunks of meat that were full of Blood Qi in return.

Moreover, this Meat Gu seemed to be divided into grades. The highest grade Meat Gu had to feed on demon beast meat every day.

Naturally, the meat it produced was also of the highest quality, which was very beneficial to cultivation.

For a sect that was so proficient in Gu, what method should one use to get rid of the Gu worms planted in their bodies?

This question gave Zhou Feng a huge headache.

Using Gu to control their disciples was the fruit of the labor of more than ten generations of the sect’s research.

Zhou Feng was alone. How could this be compared?

If he relied solely on his own intelligence, he would definitely not have much hope. After all, he was not a person with exceptional intelligence.

It seemed that this last hope still depended on the skill panel.

He thought about how to break out of this dead-end while hurrying on his way.

Not long after, he arrived at the place where the Meat Gu was being fed.

This was a very dark cave, and many 9th Layer of Body Tempering outer disciples were guarding outside.

An inner disciple was in the innermost part, guarding against the Meat Gu’s rampage.

This cave did not have a name, only a code name.

The cave Zhou Feng was working in had a code name of #23. In other words, there were at least 23 such caves in the Tri-Gu Sect.

Moreover, there was only a low-level Meat Gu here, so it was hard to imagine how deep the Tri-Gu Sect’s foundation was.

As usual, Zhou Feng lowered his head and walked into the cave.

As soon as he entered the cave, Old Wan reminded him. “Be careful! It seems to be a little irritable today!”

Old Wan was also the person in charge of feeding the Meat Gu, but he was only in charge of providing the fodder.

Zhou Feng was in charge of the most dangerous part, sending the fodder into the deepest part of the cave.

Every feeding mission was done in pairs.

Old Wan and he cooperated very well, completing the feeding mission swiftly each time. Thus, the two of them had developed a tacit understanding and a trace of friendship.

If Zhou Feng died accidentally, it would be very troublesome to find another co-worker who had a tacit understanding.

It was also because of this that Old Wan reminded him.

“Got it!”

Zhou Feng’s expression turned slightly solemn upon hearing that.

Since the Meat Gu was irritable, it meant that it could eat people at any time.

Under normal circumstances, the Meat Gu would be more lenient toward the person who was feeding it. At most, it would just play with them.

It would not directly swallow the person who was feeding it. If it swallowed a person every time it was fed, the Tri-Gu Sect would not have so many outer disciples for the Meat Gu to swallow.

Of course, it was unavoidable to be injured all over.

This might be very painful for others because every injury would cause their cultivation speed to decrease.

Moreover, if there were too many injuries, some hidden injuries would pile up.

When the time came, it would be even more troublesome if they all erupted together.

However, Zhou Feng was different. Thanks to his Old Skin (Passive) and his Self-Healing Constitution (Passive), he was almost not afraid of getting injured. In truth, getting injured was beneficial to him.

After continuously getting injured and triggering Old Skin’s passive ability, Zhou Feng had lost count of how many points had been added to his Defense.

The most obvious sign was that his skin was getting rougher and rougher.

Originally, his skin couldn’t be said to be smooth or rough.

But now, it was black and rough. After a while, he even suspected that his skin would really turn into old tree bark.

Of course, this change had to do with his defense.

Zhou Feng had used some simple sword and knife tests. Even if he used force, his skin couldn’t be cut; only a white mark would be left.

He did not know if this kind of defense was considered invulnerable.

In any case, he had a little more confidence in his survival ability.

‘I should be fine! After all, I still have my own defense!’ Zhou Feng cheered himself up in his heart.

Next, he pushed the wheelbarrow full of fodder toward the depths of the cave.

The Meat Gu did not allow two people to be present every time it ate, so only one person could feed it at a time.

If two people could cooperate with each other, the difficulty of this feeding mission would be reduced by a lot. After all, the Meat Gu was fixed and could not move.

Zhou Feng sighed and then started today’s mission.

The cave was deep and dark, almost pitch black ahead.

Only after a long distance did two oil lamps give off a flickering flame.

One could feel a huge psychological pressure just by walking on this path.

The cave was very deep, so one had to walk a long way every time.

Sometimes, feeding the Meat Gu once was not enough, and they would have to feed it at least two to three times.

Hence, this was also a very physically demanding job.

“We’re here!”

The dark environment was suddenly replaced by bright light.

Zhou Feng was very familiar with the way, so he took light steps.

He took a look inside and saw a giant creature that looked like a caterpillar sitting in the middle.

This strange creature looked as if pieces of meat, membranes, blood vessels, and other things were entangled together.

There were also rings of dense teeth near the head and four tentacles on the eye teeth, constantly waving.

Other than that, the most disgusting part was the bright red sarcoma on the back, which was throbbing.

The sarcoma was still bleeding, and there were traces of black blood on the ground.

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