I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Conflict


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After resting for a while, Zhou Feng prepared to collect his Blood Pill.

This feeding task was to settle the labor according to the number of times the Meat Gu was fed.

And it was settled on the same day. It would never be delayed until the next day.

It was said that because there was once a delay in labor, the monthly payment system was changed to the daily payment.


At the same time, if the number was found to be wrong, it had to be clarified on the same day.

If one tried to do it the next day, no one would care even if the number was not right.

Zhou Feng had suffered a loss before, so he became smarter after that.

In such a cruel environment like the Tri-Gu Sect, it was not uncommon for people to pocket money and deceive their superiors and subordinates.

Everyone was working hard for the Blood Pills and fighting for their own cultivation resources.

When Zhou Feng walked out of the narrow and long passage, he met Old Wan.

Old Wan’s brows were furrowed, and his expression didn’t seem right.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Zhou Feng asked casually.

“Trouble! We have a new steward here!” Old Wan’s expression was solemn.

The previous steward had left, so a new steward came to fill this post.

Meanwhile, this new steward did not acknowledge the tasks they had completed today.

To put it simply, he refused to give them what they were owed.

At the same time, the reward for all the feeding missions would be halved from tomorrow onwards.

Originally, based on Zhou Feng’s work, he would get a Blood Pill every time he fed a Meat Gu.

There would be 30 Blood Pills in a month, plus the monthly salary.

Zhou Feng was living well. Not only did he not need to worry about his Blood Qi being absorbed by the Bloodthirsty Gu, but he could also split a large amount of Blood Qi to cultivate. In addition, he had more Blood Qi to use due to Gluttony.

The reason he could break through to the 6th Layer of Body Tempering realm in such a short period was that he had a large amount of Blood Qi to squander.

There was no bottleneck at the Body Tempering realm, so anyone could slowly grind their way up as long as they had sufficient Blood Qi.

Hence, once 30 Blood Pills turned into 15, it meant that his cultivation speed would slow down.

“As expected, he still came?”

He had already anticipated this in his heart.

Even if one kept a low profile in a sect like the Tri-Gu Sect, they would still encounter countless conflicts.

This was because the sect’s resources were limited, and it was impossible to supply all the disciples. Or, even if there were enough resources, they would not supply all the disciples.

Everyone was in a cage, and in order to survive, everything had to be fought over.

Zhou Feng had already encountered several conflicts in the past few months.

The first conflict had been on the first night he entered Mount Gu.

Xiong Dan had almost snatched all the Blood Pills of the people of Courtyard No.7.

As for Zhou Feng, he had had quite a few left and had still been in a critical condition.

That night, two people had sneakily stayed outside his room.

He had directly beaten those two people until they were seriously injured, and no one dared to do so after that.

The outcome, however, was that the entire Courtyard No.7 had isolated him.

Nonetheless, ever since he had learned about the Tri-Gu Sect’s cruelty, he had been making mental preparations for himself.

This was no longer the peaceful era of his previous life.

“Where is the new steward?” Zhou Feng asked calmly.

Old Wan looked at him quietly. “In the fodder warehouse!”

The cave where the Meat Gu was located was the deepest part of the cave and the place where the Meat Gu lived.

There were also a few rooms on both sides, and one of them was a specialized fodder warehouse.

Old Wan’s job was to collect enough fodder on a daily basis and put it into the warehouse.

The new steward was now counting the number of fodder in the warehouse.

“Fodder warehouse?”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Feng didn’t say anything more. Instead, he silently walked to the warehouse.

Not long after, Zhou Feng walked into the fodder warehouse while Old Wan followed far behind.

“Hurry up! Put these things into the carriage! Prepare to transport them away!”

A somewhat harsh voice resounded continuously.

A fierce-looking person was commanding a few people to transport the fodder in the warehouse into the carriage.

Zhou Feng took a look and realized that those who were carrying the things should be ordinary strongmen.

Strongmen was also a job that many outer disciples chose.

In short, they had to do all kinds of miscellaneous work, and the pay was calculated according to the treatment given by different employers.

These people should be strongmen hired on a temporary basis.

‘Why do I feel that they are quite weak?’

Zhou Feng observed the new steward at the side and suddenly realized that he did not seem to have much strength.

His Blood Qi was really too superficial. Compared to the previous steward, it was too different.

“Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here!”

Zhao Jun also noticed Zhou Feng’s figure at this time, so he immediately shouted. He seemed to be used to being arrogant, and his eyes revealed a trace of arrogance.

When he looked at Zhou Feng, it was as if he was looking at a pig or dog.


Zhou Feng did not have any intention of forcing him. After observing that the opponent was not his match, he immediately chose to attack.


Zhao Jun wanted to say something.

However, Zhou Feng sprinted and instantly pulled the distance between the two sides.

At the same time, he took a handful of fine sand out of a cloth bag at the side and waved it.

“Ah! My eyes!”

Zhao Jun did not believe that someone would dare to attack him, so he was not very vigilant. After all, he was one of Young Master Zhao Wu’s men. Even in the market on the mountainside, no one would dare to attack him for no reason.

“Is that bag filled with soil?”

Old Wan, who had been observing from afar, almost dropped his jaw when he witnessed Zhou Feng’s actions.

That was because Old Wan had noticed that Zhou Feng had a small cloth bag tied to his waist, but he didn’t know what was inside.

He didn’t dare to ask casually. After all, although the two of them had developed a tacit understanding, they hadn’t known each other for long.

He didn’t expect that the small bag was actually filled with sand meant for sneak attacks.

That’s right! In order to prevent all kinds of accidents, Zhou Feng had tried to get himself all kinds of weapons.

But for various reasons, he hadn’t succeeded.

There were no shops here, and the resources that he could get were nothing but food and clothes.

Getting a weapon was as difficult as climbing to the sky.

He couldn’t even get lime, so in the end, he could only settle for the second-best and prepared a bag of sand.

He had carefully selected the sand, and it was very fine.

If he suddenly threw it, the opponent would definitely be blinded for a period if they weren’t prepared.

The sand had blinded Zhao Jun’s eyes, so Zhou Feng’s punch landed squarely on his head.


Zhao Jun let out a scream and landed on the ground.

Zhou Feng didn’t stop at that moment. Instead, he grabbed Zhao Jun’s hands.

“You’re courting death! Don’t you know that I’m—

The crisp sound of bones breaking echoed.

“Ah! Young Master Zhao won’t—”

Zhou Feng struck him again.

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