I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Blood Cicada Jade Pendant

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As long as Zhao Jun said a word, Zhou Feng would strike again.

Zhao Jun’s hands were twisted and broken to ensure that no accidents would happen within a short period.

At this time, Zhou Feng also experienced Battle Instinct’s terror.

Zhao Jun clearly resisted a few times, and it was extremely secretive. He had an arrogant and defiant look on his face while covertly exerting force, intending to overturn Zhou Feng, who was pressing down on him.


Unfortunately, Zhou Feng keenly noticed all of this. He didn’t even need to think; his body acted according to instinct.

Zhao Jun’s resistance was dissolved in an instant. The two broken hands were also the result of Zhao Jun’s resistance.

After doing all this, even Zhou Feng himself was a little surprised.

Could he say that his actions just now were all performed subconsciously?

No one knew what Zhou Feng was thinking, but the surrounding strongmen, including Old Wan, were all frightened by this brutal scene.

He had broken Zhao Jun’s hands without uttering a single word.

This was enough to send chills down everyone’s backs.

This was because Zhou Feng’s face had always been in a state of facial paralysis. This was so that others would not know what he was thinking.

He deliberately made himself look like he had always been in a state of facial paralysis.

After pretending for a long time, he really seemed to have become a person with facial paralysis. There was no expression on his face at all.

The combination of facial paralysis and that extremely brutal performance really made people feel a trace of fear.

“I ask, you answer!”

Seeing that Zhao Jun did not resist and did not say anything, Zhou Feng began to ask.

“You don’t want to pay us for today’s work?”

Zhou Feng immediately told him the reason he did this.

“You! This is Young Master Zhao Wu’s…”

Zhao Jun also understood why he was attacked.

Even under such circumstances, Zhao Jun was still very arrogant because he was helping Young Master Zhao Wu, an inner disciple.

He had successfully broken through to the Qi Gathering realm not long ago and had even become an Elder’s disciple.

After becoming an inner disciple, he naturally had to take a piece of the cake known as the outer sect.

This was also the Tri-Gu Sect’s unspoken rule.

Compared to the outer sect, the competition between inner disciples could be said to be more intense.

Becoming an inner disciple meant that the Bloodthirsty Gu or the Penta-Poison Gu had undergone a transformation in one’s body.

After the transformation, the Gu devour each other.

In other words, as long as you became an inner disciple, it didn’t matter if you were willing or not.

You had already become a hunter and prey at the same time. If you wanted to survive, you had to continuously defeat your opponents and devour their Gu.

Then, you had to climb up step by step and eventually become a core disciple.

Unfortunately, becoming a core disciple was not enough either. If you wanted to truly free yourself from the fate of being controlled by others, you needed to become an Elder.

As long as you became an Elder, you could live at the peak of Mount Gu and overlook everything below.

Thus, the Tri-Gu Sec’s structure was like a pyramid.

The bottom level provided nutrients continuously, always supporting the upper level.

The word ‘struggle’ ran through the lives of all the Tri-Gu disciples.

The inner sect exploited the outer disciples, and the core disciples exploited the inner sect.

The Elders exploited the core disciples, and the Sect Leader exploited the entire sect.

If the Tri-Gu Sect was compared to a huge place to raise Gu, then the Sect Leader would be the ultimate Gu King!

Zhao Jun was the subordinate Zhao Wu had sent to collect resources.

Obviously, as a newly advanced inner disciple, the resources that Zhao Wu controlled were too little. He had even sent people to the outer sect to openly snatch their resources.

The fodder that was prepared to be moved away would probably be directly used to fill one’s own pockets.

Then, it would be forcefully distributed to Zhou Feng, Old Wan, and the others.

“Answer my questions!”

Seeing that Zhao Jun did not answer the question, Zhou Feng punched him.

The hard fist directly hit Zhao Jun’s face, and that somewhat mean face instantly became red and swollen.

At that moment, Zhao Jun finally understood.

This kid in front of him did not know Zhao Wu at all, and he was not afraid of the inner disciples.

Threats from inner disciples? If it were anyone else, they might be a little afraid.

After all, it would be very easy if an inner disciple wanted to mess with an outer disciple.

One must know that there was almost no supervision in the entire outer sect.

For example, Zhao Jun was blatantly embezzling and directly transferred the resources of this Meat Gu cave away.

Even if Zhou Feng wanted to report it, there was no place to do so.

The higher-ups only cared about the numbers. As long as the target of this Meat Gu cave was not met, they would punish all of them.

Thus, inner disciples could enter the outer sect and bully the weak.

However, Zhou Feng did not think too much about it.

If he compromised this time, it would be equivalent to a slow death.

So why did he have to compromise? Would a mere title make him cower? That was absolutely impossible!

“Are you going to give me today’s reward or not?”

It was the same question again.

“Yes! I’ll give it to you immediately!”

Zhao Jun admitted defeat very quickly this time. There was even a fawning smile on his face, from arrogance to an apologetic smile.

The change in his behavior was almost seamless. There was no awkwardness or discomfort at all.

The flattery in his eyes simply could not be hidden.

Although there were no flaws on the surface, Zhou Feng’s instincts kept reminding him: the person in front of him had better be killed on the spot, or it would be too dangerous.

This was Battle Instinct’s intuition.

Zhou Feng suddenly fell silent and slowly clenched his right fist.

As if sensing that something was not right, cold sweat broke out on Zhao Jun’s back.

“Wait a minute! I have something good here!”

In a moment of desperation, Zhao Jun gnashed his teeth and prepared to give his treasure away to save his life.

Originally, he was prepared to give this thing to Young Master Zhao Wu, but he couldn’t care less now. He had to save his life first.

“Something good?” Zhou Feng’s whole body relaxed.

“Yes! It’s in my belt!” Zhao Jun decided to suffer such a loss in order to save his life.

Zhou Feng searched around briefly and found a Blood Cicada Jade Pendant inside Zhao Jun’s belt.

This Blood Cicada Jade Pendant was dark red in color, but it gave off an extremely warm feeling.

After touching the Blood Cicada Jade Pendant, the Blood Qi in Zhou Feng’s body actually stirred slightly.

Even the dormant Bloodthirsty Gu moved slightly.

“This is really good stuff!”

Just by touching it, Zhou Feng could tell it was definitely a good item. The Bloodthirsty Gu’s reaction was a testament.

When Zhou Feng took away the Blood Cicada Jade Pendant, Zhao Jun’s eyes flashed with a trace of hatred.

‘You are dead meat! Damn commoner! How dare you snatch Young Master Zhao Wu’s things!?’

At that moment, Zhao Jun decided that he would immediately head to the mountainside to look for Zhao Wu for reinforcements after dealing with this obstacle.

At that time, he would capture this commoner and torture him for seven days.

Finally, he would cut off his five limbs and put them into a spittoon to refine a human Gu.

When Zhou Feng looked at Zhao Jun again, the latter’s expression quickly changed.. His face was full of flattery once again.

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