I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Leaving Tonight!


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“And today’s remuneration!”

Zhou Feng stored the Blood Cicada Jade Pendant and did not forget to ask for his remuneration.

“Of course! Of course!”

Zhao Jun smiled apologetically as if he had been scared out of his wits.


The strongmen that Zhao Jun had hired had no intention of coming up to help at all. After all, their remuneration was only so little.

Want to help? Sorry, that would require additional rewards.

As for the inner disciple stationed at Meat Gu Cave #23, he did not appear the entire time.

Obviously, that inner disciple was too lazy to move for such a small matter.

That was why the management style of the Tri-Gu Sect was extremely crude.

It could be said that they could directly suppress everything with force, no matter what happened below.

As long as he completed the higher-ups’ mission, then any fight would be a small matter.

Perhaps this was also part of raising Gu!

‘Eh? Where’s Old Wan?’

Zhou Feng had originally planned to help Old Wan collect his salary.

But he suddenly realized that Old Wan, who had been watching from afar, had long disappeared.

Obviously, an old fox like Old Wan had realized that something was wrong, so he immediately left.

Unlike Zhou Feng, who was alone, Old Wan had many things to worry about.

He didn’t want to die yet. Offending an inner disciple was too difficult for Old Wan.

Therefore, he had already left early to avoid being targeted.

“Okay! Then I won’t bother you anymore!”

Looking at the handful of Blood Pills, it was obvious that it was more than one day’s salary.

Zhou Feng did not pretend to be aloof and only took what belonged to him. Instead, he took them all. In such an environment, pretending to be aloof would only get him killed.

After saying that, Zhou Feng took the things and left.

‘This is troublesome! I can’t stay in the courtyard anymore!’

As Zhou Feng walked, he started to analyze.

He had offended the steward to death.

Under normal circumstances, Zhao Jun would definitely go back and ask for help from the inner disciple.

Furthermore, although Zhao Jun’s killing intent had been well hidden, Zhou Feng was able to detect it through his Battle Instinct.

If he did not do anything now… then he would be simply waiting for death!

Would he wait for death? It was obvious that it was impossible!

‘I might as well not give up!’

After thinking about it, his killing intent gradually rose.

Zhao Jun actually wanted to take his life, so why not strike first and gain the upper hand?

Also, the best way to go against an inner disciple was to become an inner disciple as well.

Anything below the Qi Gathering realm was purely a waste of time.

As long as there were enough resources, Zhou Feng would be able to make a breakthrough very quickly.

Then, how could he obtain more resources?

Wasn’t this obvious? Zhao Jun was collecting resources for Zhao Wu, an inner disciple. In the end, he would definitely bring the resources back to the inner sect.

At that time, Zhou Feng would directly intercept and kill Zhao Jun!

Firstly, he would earn some time, and Zhao Wu, who was in the inner sect, would be in the dark as to what had transpired.

Secondly, the resources that Zhao Jun had collected would become his.

As long as Zhou Feng broke through to the Qi Gathering realm before he was discovered, he would naturally have the ability to resist.

Thinking of this, Zhou Feng planned to return to the courtyard first and pack up a few things. He was prepared to enter the forest and live for a period there after his plan succeeded.

As mentioned earlier, the management of the Tri-Gu Sect’s outer disciples was very lax.

In the outer sect, you could do anything. You only needed to complete a roll call once a month.

This was because, in the outer sect, almost all the living resources were monopolized by the sect.

You want to enter the forest? No problem, how long can you stay without food and clothes?

Secondly, you want to escape? That was even more impossible because as long as you were far away from this territory, the Gu in your body would become restless.

It was precisely because of this that the sect would use such crude methods to manage the outer disciples.

Hence, Zhou Feng wasn’t worried at all.

He went back to take out all the meat jerky that he had accumulated.

The meat jerky and the resources he had snatched from Zhao Jun should be enough for him to live in the mountain forest for more than ten days.

And he planned to break through to the Qi Gathering realm within these ten days.

Although this plan was a little difficult to implement, it was also the best plan that he could come up with at the moment.

Anyway, if he continued to stay like this, he would die a slow death, so why not give it a try?

After holding it in for three months, Zhou Feng felt like he was going crazy.

The environment in the outer sect was too cruel.

‘That new steward is injured, and even if he wants to leave, he won’t do so at night! Just in time!’

Zhou Feng had grievously injured Zhao Jun, so even if the latter wanted to leave immediately, he wouldn’t choose to leave tonight because Mount Gu was very dangerous at night.

Once the patrolling disciples saw you, they would instantly capture you.

Thus, Zhao Jun was most likely to leave in the morning.

This gave Zhou Feng sufficient time to prepare. He could choose a path that led to the mountainside and ambush Zhao Jun.

While Zhou Feng was secretly preparing for all this, Zhao Jun had just finished treating his injuries.

“Damn it! I actually wasted one of my Primeval Blood Pills! Damned b*stard!”

Zhao Jun was cursing through gritted teeth in one of the Meat Gu cave’s rooms.

In order to quickly recover from his injuries, he had directly consumed a Primeval Blood Pill.

The Primeval Blood Pill was an advanced version of the Blood Pill.

In other words, the so-called Blood Pill was only a defective product produced when refining the Primeval Blood Pill.

Compared to the Blood Pill, the Primeval Blood Pill not only contained more than ten times the Blood Qi, but it was also purer.

While it could assist in cultivation, it could also nourish the whole body.

When one was injured, it could also replace the Healing Pill and heal the injury.

It could be said that the Primeval Blood Pill was the hard currency in the sect.

Unfortunately, the Primeval Blood Pill was only circulated between inner disciples and above.

It was almost impossible to find it in the outer sect.

If Zhao Jun didn’t want to quickly heal his injuries, he wouldn’t be willing to use a Primeval Blood Pill.

“That person has already shown his killing intent toward me. It’s too unsafe to continue staying here!”

At this moment, Zhao Jun showed no trace of flattery when thinking of Zhou Feng.

Obviously, to be able to become an inner disciple’s lackey, no matter how stupid Zhao Jun was, he wasn’t a mediocre person.

After realizing that the situation was unfavorable, Zhao Jun planned to recover and sell all the resources he had collected.

In fact, the outer sect could also get Primeval Blood Pills. After all, there were so many Meat Gu in the outer sect.

And the Meat Gu was the raw material to refine Primeval Blood Pills. At the same time, there were many inner disciples stationed in the outer sect.

There were even some high-level Meat Gu caves with Elders stationed outside them.

These people also needed the assistance of the Primeval Blood Pill. Hence, if someone from the outer sect wanted to obtain Primeval Blood Pills, they could only obtain them through these people.

Zhao Jun’s current idea was to exchange the resources he had plundered at a low price, then bring the Blood Pills and Primeval Blood Pills back to the inner sect overnight.

As long as he reached the inner sect, he could directly ask Young Master Zhao to take care of that b*stard!

‘Wait to be turned into a human Gu!’

Zhao Jun’s face gradually twisted as he was already imagining Zhou Feng being turned into a human Gu!

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