I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: A Handful of Sand! A Rock!

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“Very good! It’s almost time!”

Zhao Jun finally stored a token in a small bag.

This token was the key to his return to the inner sect, and this small bag was actually a storage bag.

This was something that Zhao Wu had specially bought for Zhao Jun..


After one became an inner disciple, even though the competition had become more intense, they could still enjoy some of the sect’s benefits.

First of all, there were channels to purchase things like pills and artifacts.

For example, the space in the small storage bag in Zhao Jun’s hand was only about 1 cubic meter in size.

However, it was extremely difficult to obtain such an artifact. Only a few sects that specialized in supporting Artifact Refiners had the goods.

Zhao Jun finished packing and silently walked out of the room, planning to return to the inner sect under the cover of the night.

As for Zhou Feng, he had already started scouting. After a round of exploration, he discovered that there was only one way to the mountainside. The other places were basically filled with dense forests.

And from Meat Gu Cave #23 to the mountainside, there was bound to be a road.

Moreover, that road was right in the middle, and the patrolling disciples rarely went there.

This was definitely an excellent ambush spot.

‘Why don’t I head back and sleep for a while?’

Zhou Feng slapped the mosquito on his arm to death and then considered whether he should return and sleep for a while.

He had severely injured Zhao Jun, so he should not be able to move for a while.

If Zhou Feng continued to stay there, he would only feed the mosquitoes.

While he was thinking about this, a figure appeared from far away. This figure was particularly obvious under the moonlight.

Zhou Feng immediately hid behind the trees upon seeing this and took a closer look.

‘It’s actually Zhao Jun? He recovered from his injuries so quickly?’

Zhao Jun did not seem to be injured at all. He was walking forward with his head lowered.

“Don’t hesitate!”

Because Zhao Jun had his head lowered, he walked hastily.

He was about to slip away from Zhou Feng, so the latter could not continue to hesitate at this time.

After saying that, Zhou Feng grabbed a fist-sized rock with his right hand while his left hand grabbed a handful of fine and dry sand.

Sand attack!

The fine sand once again blinded Zhao Jun’s eyes.

Naturally, this familiar move astonished Zhao Jun.

“What’s going on!?” That question had just risen in Zhao Jun’s mind.

A stone hit the back of his head—a fatal blow!

Zhou Feng did not dare to hold back at all, afraid that if his opponent did not faint, he would attract the attention of others.

To be honest, Zhao Jun had never thought that someone would attack him. He had been under the impression that all his actions were flawless.

After the conflict with Zhou Feng, he had immediately sold all his resources and did not go looking for trouble with Zhou Feng alone.

Zhao Jun was very clear that the outer disciples were only the lowest level of slaves. As long as Young Master Zhao Wu made a move, Zhou Feng would not be able to escape.

At the same time, Zhao Jun could survive in the Tri-Gu Sect because his boss had become stronger.

Zhao Jun was well aware that this was a relationship of interest.

After collecting all the resources from the outer sect and turning them into Blood Pills and Primeval Blood Pills, Zhao Jun had even run away at night.

However, he never expected that he would fall for it!

It was mainly because he had been caught off guard. Who would have thought that Zhou Feng would not sleep in the middle of the night!?

To ambush him here, was there something wrong with his brain!?

However, even though Zhao Jun was extremely unwilling, it was already too late.

“It went so smoothly!”

To be honest, Zhou Feng could not believe it either. The whole process had been too smooth. He had been prepared for some setbacks, yet the entire process was very short.

It could be said that Zhou Feng had succeeded in his surprise attack in less than 10 seconds.

The use of a handful of sand and the subsequent stone attack instantly stupefied Zhao Ju.

Although Zhou Feng’s method was a little low-class, it was really effective.

After being stunned for a second, he immediately dragged Zhao Jun into the forest. This was to avoid being discovered by the patrolling disciples.

Zhou Feng brought Zhao Jun all the way to a small cave he had found by chance when he was looking for an escape route.

It was deep inside the dense forest, and many weeds were blocking the cave entrance.

Zhou Feng had also transported some food here, planning to seclude himself here for eight to ten days.

Zhou Feng had been a little too nervous along the way, so he didn’t have time to check on Zhao Jun’s condition.


Upon a closer look, Zhou Feng realized that he seemed to have used too much force.

The back of Zhao Jun’s head had already sunk in.

Previously, he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to make him faint, but now it was no longer a question of whether this fellow had fainted or not.

He had been instantly knocked to death!

Facing the corpse in front of him, Zhou Feng didn’t know why he didn’t feel much discomfort.

It was probably because he had adapted!

Zhou Feng had suffered quite a bit during the three months he had been in the outer sect.

It was a mere corpse.

One had to admit that a person’s ability to adapt was really strong.

‘Didn’t bring anything? Impossible!’

Zhou Feng began to collect the things on Zhao Jun’s body. The strange thing was that he had actually not collected anything!?

Impossible! It was impossible that Zhao Jun had not brought anything!

He had run away in the middle of the night without bringing anything with him? This didn’t make sense!

Soon, Zhou Feng found an exquisite little cloth bag.

“Could it be the legendary storage bag!?”

Given his previous experience of reading fantasy novels, Zhou Feng directly made a reasonable guess.

As expected, it was just as he thought.

This was really a storage bag. He easily learned how to use this storage bag and found many pills and items in it.

First, there were more than 10 bottles of Blood Pills, each bottle containing more than 10 Blood Pills.

There were more than 100 Blood Pills alone, enough for him to use for a while.

Next, there was a special medicine bottle that contained pills very similar to Blood Pills.

When he took a whiff of their fragrance, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body started to move.

Other than that, there was only food and clothing left.

This was simply perfect! Cultivation resources, food, and clothing!

Zhou Feng felt that he could stay in this cave for a long time.

“I’m sorry! This world is like this!”

Zhou Feng tied the storage bag to his waist and bowed to Zhao Jun’s corpse. Then, he dug a hole and buried Zhao Jun.

This was the way of the world, forcing him to make such a choice.

After burying Zhao Jun, Zhou Feng felt a little hungry and casually put a piece of jerky into his mouth.

As soon as the jerky entered his stomach, his stomach began to work, digesting everything like an incinerator.

This was the passive trigger of Gluttony.

Soon, traces of extra Blood Qi started to spread throughout his body from his tailbone.

The Bloodthirsty Gu also moved when it sensed that and started absorbing large amounts of Blood Qi in his body.

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