I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Bloodthirsty Gu’s Second Reverse-Feeding!

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Zhou Feng now had enough resources, so he did not have to worry about the Bloodthirsty Gu sucking him dry. Thus, he could finally cultivate with all his strength.

Zhou Feng directly swallowed a few Blood Pills, and his powerful stomach began to work.

The Blood Pills that had just entered his stomach were quickly digested, turning into large amounts of Blood Qi.

In fact, Zhou Feng had discovered something a long time ago.


Gluttony was a passive state, and apart from digesting food, it could digest pills faster as well. At the same time, it could draw more medicinal power.

The loss of medicinal power was a very normal phenomenon as it was impossible for everyone to absorb a pill’s medicinal power completely.

Given that everyone’s physique was fundamentally different, the utilization rate of the medicinal power would also be different.

Ever since Zhou Feng had acquired Gluttony, he felt that his stomach had turned into an incinerator. It could absorb almost all the medicinal efficacy without any damage.

Moreover, it would also return Blood Qi. This was a bit amazing.

In the beginning, when he had obtained Gluttony, he didn’t think much of it.

But now, it seemed that Gluttony’s passive state was a bit amazing!

A large amount of Blood Qi followed a fixed route, and Zhou Feng’s body was further refined. As he coordinated the Blood Qi to refine his body, he started to perform the Vajra Strength Fist on the spot.

This was also a method to help the Blood Qi circulate better.

Just like that, Zhou Feng focused on his cultivation in the deep mountains.

If he was thirsty, he would drink some mountain spring water.

If he was hungry, he would eat some jerky.

If he did not have enough Blood Qi, he would consume Blood Pills like crazy.

In any case, he had Gluttony, so he would not suffer from indigestion even if he consumed Blood Pills like crazy.

In the end, he consumed all the Blood Pills he had obtained from Zhao Jun.

“How many days has it been?”

Zhou Feng was a little surprised at how quickly the cultivation resources were consumed.

However, in contrast, his progress was also very fast.

At present, the Blood Qi had already begun to enter his lungs. The last three stages of the Body Tempering realm were the tempering of the internal organs, which was also the most challenging step. After all, a person’s internal organs were too fragile.

If one was not careful, it would be very easy to get injured.

In addition, Zhou Feng did not have any brilliant methods to train his internal organs. He could only cultivate according to the Vajra Strength Fist’s crude methods.

Naturally, his cultivation speed would slow down as long as the Blood Pills were not supplied.

Not to mention that whenever he consumed a Blood Pill, the Bloodthirsty Gu would get a share.

Moreover, ever since the Bloodthirsty Gu’s last transformation, it had not provided reverse-feeding at all.

It was simply a representation of eating without working for it.

He could not do anything about it, but didn’t he still have a few pills?

Although Zhou Feng didn’t understand much about the Primeval Blood Pill, its appearance and the Bloodthirsty Gu’s reaction made it apparent that it should also be a medicinal pill that increased Blood Qi.

Thus, he directly picked up a few Primeval Blood Pills and swallowed them.

If the inner disciples witnessed that scene, they would definitely shout, “Prodigal son!”

One had to know that this Primeval Blood Pill was not a Blood Pill that could be found everywhere.

This was a pill that could assist in the cultivation of the Qi Gathering realm. Usually, when some inner disciples were cultivating, they would at most take one pill at a time.

Moreover, it was not something that could be taken every day. Although this was only a pill that could temper the body and increase Blood Qi, it was not something that every inner disciple could afford.

If Zhou Feng were to consume a few of these pills in one go, who knew how much medicinal power would be wasted!?

It was simply a reckless waste of heaven’s gifts!

After a few Primeval Blood Pills were consumed, Zhou Feng’s stomach instantly emitted a thunderous sound, as if a machine was operating at full power.

Soon, a stream of violent Blood Qi began to spread wildly.

Zhou Feng’s skin seemed to be… squirming!?

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that numerous blood vessels under his skin were continuously expanding and contracting, constantly transporting the Blood Qi.

From afar, it looked like countless worms were moving under his skin.

The Blood Qi contained in the few Primeval Blood Pills was beyond Zhou Feng’s imagination.

This was the first time he felt like he was about to burst. Nevertheless, this feeling did not last for long.

The Bloodthirsty Gu was overjoyed when it sensed so much Blood Qi.

It jumped out and started to absorb it crazily, its absorption speed much faster than before.

No! It could even be said to be more than ten times faster!


The Bloodthirsty Gu’s terrifying suction force almost sucked Zhou Feng dry.

Large amounts of Blood Qi surged toward the Bloodthirsty Gu’s location, but traces of purer Blood Qi flowed out of its body not long after.

Compared to the vast and chaotic Blood Qi from before, the Blood Qi that flowed out of the Bloodthirsty Gu was purer.

The effect on tempering the body was even more obvious.

As the Blood Qi circulated throughout Zhou Feng’s body, he felt a numbing sensation.

Zhou Feng felt as if countless little bugs were gnawing his lungs.

“This is… tempering my lungs? What speed!”

He could feel that this pure Blood Qi was tempering his lungs, and the tempering speed was more than ten times faster than before.

Was this the effect of the Bloodthirsty Gu?

Although it had been devouring Zhou Feng’s Blood Qi previously, it played a crucial role at this time.

No wonder all the outer disciples were not worried about whether they could break through to the 9th Layer of Body Tempering. Instead, they were only concerned about whether they could obtain enough Blood Pills.

So that was the reason!

As long as they had enough Blood Pills to feed the Bloodthirsty Gu, they could persevere until the Bloodthirsty Gu provided reverse-feeding.

Then breaking through to the 9th Layer of Body Tempering was not a simple matter!

The Gu Dao was fascinating!

This was equivalent to pulling all the cultivators to the same starting line. No matter how talented one was, they could still cultivate to the 9th Layer of Body Tempering as long as they had enough resources.

Of course, this applied only to the Body Tempering realm.

Zhou Feng did not know much about the later cultivation realm.

But even so, it was still very powerful!

Just as Zhou Feng was lamenting, the Bloodthirsty Gu’s reverse-feeding strength began to weaken because it did not have a large amount of Blood Qi to absorb.

The Bloodthirsty Gu was naturally unwilling to part with its own Blood Qi.

Zhou Feng immediately swallowed the remaining Primeval Blood Pills upon sensing the Bloodthirsty Gu’s strength weakening!

He planned to use this opportunity to reach the 9th Layer of Body Tempering and then attempt to draw Spiritual Qi.

As long as he succeeded in drawing Spiritual Qi, he would be able to enter the inner sect. Entering the inner sect would be the time for his cultivation path to open officially!

Along with the rumbling sound of his stomach, a large amount of Blood Qi was replenished.

When the Bloodthirsty Gu in Zhou Feng’s body sensed this, it unceremoniously absorbed a large portion of the Blood Qi and then fed back a small portion of pure Blood Qi.

Naturally, Zhou Feng used this opportunity and circulated the pure Blood Qi throughout his body.

The refining effect of this pure Blood Qi was much better than the chaotic Blood Qi.

In an instant, Zhou Feng broke through three layers in a row, from the 6th Layer to the 9th Layer of Body Tempering!

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