I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Successfully Absorbing Qi!

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Sensing, taming, and transforming Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi—these were the three problems that one had to face when entering the Qi Gathering realm.

Now, the first problem was solved by relying on the Blood Cicada Jade Pendant.

The second problem was a little tricky.

“It hurts!”


After feeling the tearing pain, Zhou Feng didn’t dare to continue to absorb Spiritual Qi into his body.

If this continued, it would be very easy for problems to occur.

Therefore, he could only temporarily slow down. In any case, he had his Self-Healing Constitution, so this minor injury should heal faster.

At this time, the passive value of a Self-Healing Constitution was also reflected.

Taming Spiritual Qi was a stage where the body continuously adapted to the Spiritual Qi. A moment of carelessness could easily cause the meridians to shatter and even cause internal injuries.

Once someone suffered internal injuries, it would be challenging for them to recover. It would take at least ten days for them to recover naturally.

This was because internal injuries were too troublesome unless they were treated with special medicine.

This also meant that once a normal outer disciple failed to draw Spiritual Qi, it would take them at least half a month to heal their bodies if they wanted to continue trying.

Although half a month was not long, one had to know that if a normal outer disciple wanted to successfully draw Spiritual Qi, they had to try at least a dozen times.

This was still the minimum. A normal person had to try at least 20–30 times.

In addition to the cruel environment of the outer sect, it was difficult to obtain resources once they were injured. Only those with outstanding talent or a large number of resources could cross this threshold.

However, these restrictions had no effect on Zhou Feng.

Firstly, he possessed Gluttony, which directly saved a large number of resources.

Secondly, his Self-Healing Constitution allowed him to continuously break through to the Qi Gathering realm in an extremely short period.

Third;y, Zhao Jun had delivered all kinds of resources to his door!

At that moment, Zhou Feng seemed to be cheating.

Qi Gathering! Failed!

Again! It failed again!

It didn’t matter, he would do it again later!

Relying on his Self-Healing Constitution, he began to crazily draw Spiritual Qi, continuously trying.

In the end, he controlled a trace of Spiritual Qi and began to circulate it through his meridians.

After this trace of Spiritual Qi mixed with Blood Qi, it was still converted into Spiritual Qi.

The moment the Spiritual Qi was born, Zhou Feng once again felt that his body was being tempered. It was as if a piece of scrap metal was being continuously forged.

It was another transformation of his body, and the strength of his body increased once again.

“Eh? Old Skin can be triggered even when my meridians are injured!?”

Zhou Feng suddenly realized that the damaged meridians could also trigger Old Skin.

Compared to the strength of his meridians from before, the strength of his meridians had directly increased by a level.

Who would have thought that his support-type passive skills would all be effective as he tried to achieve a breakthrough?

However, Zhou Feng also discovered a crucial point; be it Gluttony or Old Skin, these passive skills seemed to have a limit.

The most evident one was Old Skin. After recovering from an injury, his defense would increase.

After reaching a certain level, even if you were recovering from an injury, your defense would not increase.

However, this was normal. If it could increase infinitely, then it would be too heaven-defying.

There was also Gluttony, Self-Healing Constitution, and Bone Coating. These passive attributes were clearly marked as Level 1.

As for the Gold Battle Instinct, it did not have a level.

‘Does this mean that Gluttony and the other passive skills’ levels can be increased? If so, then how can I increase their level?’

This was a question that was worth pondering over.

‘Forget it! I shouldn’t worry about this for now! I should be considered to have stepped into the Qi Gathering realm now!;

Zhou Feng was somewhat excited as he circulated the converted Spiritual Qi.

Entering the Qi Gathering realm also meant that he could leave his outer sect days behind.

‘Being in contact with the true path of cultivation… The mere thought of this excites me!’

Unfortunately, just when he was in a rare good mood, the Bloodthirsty Gu pulled a fast one on him, ruining his good mood. It actually devoured more than half of the thread of Spiritual Qi he had just transformed!

“This… This… This… You can also devour Spiritual Qi!?”

Zhou Feng was somewhat shocked. He had never thought that the Bloodthirsty Gu would devour even Spiritual Qi, not to mention Blood Qi.

The Spiritual Qi he had painstakingly converted was gone in an instant!

This was really hard to accept!

That’s right! As a symbiotic Gu, the Bloodthirsty Gu would naturally grow together with its host.

When it was at the Body Tempering realm, the Bloodthirsty Gu would absorb Blood Qi.

But when it reached the Qi Gathering realm, the Bloodthirsty Gu would absorb Blood Qi and Spiritual Qi.

If the Bloodthirsty Gu wanted to continue transforming, it would also need to consume Spiritual Qi.

Only Spiritual Qi could allow the Bloodthirsty Gu to transcend from the mortal to the sacred realm and transform from an ordinary mortal into a spirit-like being.

Of course, it was the same as when it was in the Body Tempering realm.

Although the Bloodthirsty Gu would continuously devour Spiritual Qi, it would reverse-feed extremely pure Spiritual Qi after absorbing to a certain extent.

Furthermore, as the Bloodthirsty Gu slowly grew, the host’s future would become more and more dangerous.

Once the Spiritual Qi in his body was insufficient, and it was time for the Bloodthirsty Gu to feed, it would ‘help’ the host absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, forcibly allowing them to transform Spiritual Qi.

At that time, 99% of the people would be torn to death by the tyrannical Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

The terrifying aspect was that even if one didn’t want to break through to the Qi Gathering realm, the Bloodthirsty Gu would ‘help’ them absorb the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi when it needed Spiritual Qi to transform.

The Bloodthirsty Gu didn’t care if the host was willing or not. When the time came, the host would end up being torn to death by the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

This was also the reason it was written on the last page of the Vajra Strength Fist that the Gu would help the host sense the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

The Tri-Gu Sect’s cultivation path was completely at the top of the Demonic Path.

It did not require much talent, and anyone could cultivate it and advance swiftly.

It could be said to be far beyond ordinary people, but the higher one reached, the more dangerous it would become.

A sudden death by accident was also no strange thing.

As for the Righteous Path cultivators, they valued one’s foundation, talent, and so on. At the same time, one’s progress was slow in the early stages, but the later stages were very smooth.

“Damn it!”

Zhou Feng was out of ideas when facing the Bloodthirsty Gu. He could only continue transforming his Spiritual Qi and return to the outer sect once his cultivation stabilized.

While Zhou Feng was transforming his Spiritual Qi, Zhao Wu, in the inner sect, finally felt something was wrong.

“That dog Zhao Jun did not dare not to contact me for so long! Something must have happened!”

After not receiving any news from Zhao Jun, Zhao Wu’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

Something must have happened to Zhao Jun in the outer sect, and it must have been because of Zhao Jun’s arrogant and despotic style!

Zhao Wu was very clear about Zhao Jun’s style, but as long as he could bring enough resources, who would care about those outer disciples?

The death of a few outer disciples could speed up his cultivation speed—this deal was worth it!

“Looks like I’ll have to send someone to investigate!”

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