I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Meeting Acquaintances

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Given the experience of transforming Spiritual Qi, Zhou Feng was much more comfortable with it.

In the end, he didn’t even need to rely on the Blood Cicada Jade Pendant. He could directly absorb the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

The thin Spiritual Qi around him couldn’t even keep up with the efficiency of his absorption.

“Is this the Qi Gathering realm?”


Zhou Feng condensed Spiritual Qi into his hand, casually punched out, and shattered the stone beside him in an instant.

After adding Spiritual Qi, the power was simply terrifying.

If it were before, it would be impossible to completely shatter a stone with just his physical body.

It wouldn’t be as easy as it was now.

With or without the addition of Spiritual Qi, this was a zero-to-one change.

No wonder outer disciples were not worth nurturing at all.

An inner disciple was enough to take on dozens of outer disciples alone. The difference between having and not having Spiritual Qi was a little too big.

Now, Zhou Feng only needed to return to the outer sect’s training hall and inform the Elders that he had successfully broken through to the Qi Gathering realm.

Then he could directly enter the inner sect and automatically become an inner disciple.

Thinking of this, Zhou Feng immediately stored everything in his storage bag.

He was about to grow out fungi after living in the wild for so long!

At the outer sect…

Courtyard No.7, where Zhou Feng used to live, was now empty.

No! It should be said that the few people were all dead.

“An outer disciple offended an inner disciple! Someone from the inner sect is seeking revenge!”

“What? Someone from the inner sect has come?”

“What’s going on?”


When they heard that someone from the inner sect had come, many numb outer disciples immediately rushed over to join in the fun. After all, it was a rare occasion for someone from the inner sect to visit.

Moreover, an outer disciple had offended someone from the inner sect, which was even rarer.

Naturally, such a rare occurrence could not be missed.

One had to know that the outer disciples’ daily life was dull. There were no entertainment activities on weekdays.

Only the newcomers had some fun when they entered the sect.

Now that an outer disciple antagonized an inner disciple naturally attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Many people who had rushed to Courtyard No.7 saw this scene: a skinny man was standing in the middle of the courtyard, surrounded by many corpses.

Moreover, these corpses were very fresh, which was enough to prove that these people had just died.

“Is he on a killing spree?”

“That’s normal! After all, he is from the inner sect! It would be abnormal if he didn’t kill a few people!”

“That’s true!”


Facing such a terrifying scene, none of the surrounding people were afraid at all. Those who had come to watch were mostly old foxes, and they had seen many such scenes.

Some people who had just entered the outer sect did not come to watch at all because they still had a glimmer of hope that they could successfully enter the inner sect.

But those old foxes no longer had any hope.

To these people, if they could live one more day, so be it.

After all, not everyone had the spirit of perseverance.

In such a desperate and cruel environment like the outer sect, there were those who worked hard in cultivation, and naturally, there were also those who lay on the ground and died.

“What’s going on? So many people?”

At that moment, Zhou Feng walked outside the courtyard and found that many people were gathered there.

This was truly a miracle!

One had to know that other than the time he had received the Blood Pills, Zhou Feng had never seen so many people gathered together.

Normally, everyone was silent, quietly minding their business.

It was rare to see such a scene where everyone gathered together.

Then, Zhou Feng saw a person standing in the courtyard.

“Eh? There is movement?”

Xiong Dan had no idea what to do, but he suddenly noticed that there was a reaction from the Scent-Locking Gu.

It turned out that after Zhao Wu had realized there was no news from Zhao Jun, he had immediately sent people to investigate the reason. After all, besides bringing a lot of resources, Zhao Jun also had a storage bag.

Everything else could be ignored for now, but the storage bag had to be retrieved.

Coincidentally, the person that Zhao Wu had sent over was Xiong Dan, who had a conflict with Zhou Feng previously.

Xiong Dan, who was originally arrogant, had left the outer sect and entered the inner sect after successfully taunting Zhou Feng.

Furthermore, he had immediately become an Elder’s disciple.

Originally, according to Xiong Dan’s expectations, he should have been able to enjoy boundless glory.

However, on the second day after entering the inner sect, he had received a severe beating.

When he had been in the outer sect, Xiong Dan thought that being the disciple of an Elder was something worth being happy about.

However, it wasn’t the case because all inner disciples had to become the disciple of an Elder.

Although Xiong Dan had become said Elder’s disciple, he hadn’t even met that Elder.

Soon after, he took part in a terrifying competition.

One had to know that the inner sect’s environment was many times more terrifying than the outer sect.

Xiong Dan had tempered his body to the 9th Layer and had successfully absorbed Qi when he was 25 years old.

In the inner sect, this could be described as being at the bottom.

In terms of battle prowess, he could not compare to those geniuses.

This had caused Xiong Dan to not be able to get many resources. In the end, he had even been forced to sell himself to Zhao Wu; only then was he able to barely obtain the resources to maintain his cultivation.

One had to know that Xiong Dan had been a muscular man before.

Now that he looked like a very thin bamboo pole, the reason was that he could no longer afford to raise his Bloodthirsty Gu.

Thus, when Xiong Dan had received the mission to investigate Zhao Jun’s disappearance, he was very happy.

As long as he successfully completed the mission, he would be able to obtain many resources.

At the same time, he would be able to go to the outer sect to collect some resources.

And this was the direct cause Courtyard No.7’s people had died—Xiong Dan wanted to collect cultivation resources.

Even if it was just a few Blood Pills, Xiong Dan did not want to let them go.

Once one entered the Qi Gathering realm, the Bloodthirsty Gu’s demand was too great. Not only did it need Blood Qi but also Spiritual Qi.

Originally, Xiong Dan had been a little irritated, but this Scent-Locking Gu had had no reaction at all.

This Scent-Locking Gu was something Zhao Wu had given to Xiong Dan.

This Gu had the ability to distinguish and record scents, and they would react as long as one encountered a recorded scent within ten meters.

Before Zhao Wu gave the storage bag to Zhao Jun, he had used the Scent-Locking Gu to record the storage bag’s scent.

The main task of Xiong Dan going to the outer gate was to rely on the Scent-Locking Gu to find the storage bag.

Next was to find the person who had murdered Zhao Jun.

Xiong Dan fixed his gaze at Zhou Feng’s location according to the Scent-Locking Gu’s direction.

“It’s him! ? It’s really this kid!”

Although Zhou Feng’s hair was disheveled and his clothes were tattered, Xiong Dan recognized him immediately.

That had been the first time he had encountered such a thorn, going against him as soon as he entered the sect.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had been busy trying to absorb Qi and hadn’t been allowed to do so, he would definitely have twisted Zhou Feng’s head off.

“Was it you who killed that trash, Zhao Jun? Hand over the storage bag!”

Xiong Dan’s face revealed a trace of viciousness, and the corners of his mouth curled up as if he had Zhou Feng in his pocket.

This time was different from before. Xiong Dan had already broken through to the Qi Gathering realm, so he would definitely be able to defeat Zhou Feng, who was supposedly in the Body Tempering realm!

Moreover, this kid was really bold. He had actually dared to touch Young Master Zhao Wu’s people and even brought the storage bag with him.

Was there anything missing from the storage bag?

What Zhou Feng didn’t know was that Xiong Dan had already set his sights on the items in the storage bag!

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