I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: New Passive Skill

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“He joined Bitter Bamboo Peak?”

When Zhao Wu learned that Zhou Feng had entered Bitter Bamboo Peak, his tightly furrowed brows immediately relaxed.

Bitter Bamboo Peak was a group of starving ghosts, and no one would listen to him there.

Originally, Zhao Wu thought that someone would crawl out of the Gu Refinement Cave. He could easily crush anyone who came out of that place with a finger.


However, he didn’t expect that this person named Zhou Feng would kill Zhao Jun first.

Moreover, he had broken through to the Qi Gathering realm within a few short months.

In the end, he had even killed the Xiong Dan that Zhao Wu had sent down.

According to this trend, he might even be able to make this person jump around a little.

However, since he was arranged to join Bitter Bamboo Peak, it was unnecessary to pay attention to it.

Zhao Wu was very clear about who the people on Bitter Bamboo Peak were.

Zhou Feng couldn’t survive in that kind of place. It was just a pity that the storage bag and those resources were gone.

“Forget it! I’ll just treat it as feeding a dog!”

Zhao Wu really didn’t want to find trouble with those madmen from Bitter Bamboo Peak for a storage bag and some Blood Pills and Primeval Blood Pills.

Once he was entangled with them, it would be difficult to get rid of them.

What Zhou Feng did not know was that Zhao Wu, who had been investigating and wanted to cause trouble for him, had stopped.

After he found out that he had joined Bitter Bamboo Peak, he also stopped.

This was because this Bitter Bamboo Peak was really not a place that ordinary people could stay.

At least 100 disciples joined Bitter Bamboo Peak every year, but now, the remaining disciples on Bitter Bamboo Peak were probably not even 20.

Time passed quickly. It was already the tenth day after Zhou Feng had become a member of Bitter Bamboo Peak.

During that period, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body had already transformed into the Demon-Devouring Gu.

At the same time, his cultivation had also reached the 3rd Level of Qi Gathering; his advancement speed was simply terrifying!

In ten days, he had gone from the 1st Level to the 3rd Level of Qi Gathering. This speed was already breakneck compared to other inner sect disciples.

In fact, during that period, he had even gone to the sect’s Scripture Pavillion and learned a footwork art for free.

This footwork art was called Ghost Shadow Steps. One could move like a ghost and even create many afterimages. It was an excellent escaping footwork art.

And all of this was thanks to the support of his other Senior Brothers, especially his Eldest Senior Brother, Wang Ming, who had brought him to Bitter Bamboo Peak.

During that period, he had been continuously sending all sorts of cultivation resources to support Zhou Feng’s cultivation.

Just the bottles of Primeval Blood Pill alone were already an unknown number. Other than that, there was also the Qi Replenishing Pill, which was especially used to replenish Spiritual Qi.

“My Spiritual Qi has completely turned black!”

Zhou Feng slowly let out a breath and ended his cultivation session this morning.

During that period, along with the Bloodthirsty Gu being transformed into Demon-Devouring Gu, the color of his spiritual power had also changed, from red to black.

This meant that he had completely mastered the Demon-Devouring Technique.

That endless appetite started to appear, and his stomach seemed to have turned into a black hole.

He wanted to eat all the time.

However, because of the Level-2 Gluttony, he was passive.

Thus, this endless appetite could not shake his mind.

“Wang Ming looks like he can’t hold on any longer! But he won’t make a move on me in a short time!”

Zhou Feng’s face was expressionless, but he was already thinking about how to deal with Wang Ming in his heart.

After this period of contact, Zhou Feng had already understood many things.

The first was the problem of the realm. The three realms of Qi Gathering, Qi Induction, and Qi Condensation were actually all stages of absorbing Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

Everything was just to prepare for the creation of the Soul Altar.

The Soul Altar was the first realm on the path of cultivation that allowed a cultivator to undergo a transformation.

The creation of the Soul Altar was also a crucial moment for condensing one’s mind and forming one’s soul.

As long as one successfully created the Soul Altar, the embryonic form of the soul would be there. With the embryonic form of the soul, one would be able to control the power of Heaven and Earth.

All kinds of powerful dao arts could also be used.

One could even use a spiritual treasure to nourish one’s Soul Altar and control a spiritual treasure.

If the Qi Gathering realm was the starting point on the path of cultivation, then only those who reached the Soul Altar realm could be considered to have combat strength.

Battles below the Soul Altar realm were all fights between children.

Therefore, Qi Gathering, Qi Induction, and Qi Condensation were all very simple things to do in these three realms.

That was to try their best to devour Spiritual Qi and convert it into spiritual energy. This was because casting a Soul Altar consumed a lot of spiritual energy.

Once the Soul Altar was cast, the depletion of spiritual energy would be equal to failure.

After failure, there would be serious injuries, and in serious cases, sudden death.

It was precisely because of this that after Zhou Feng consumed many resources, his realm also soared.

This was because there was really no bottleneck.

At the same time, this also meant that the fluctuation of battle strength between the Qi Gathering, Qi Induction, and Qi Condensation realms wasn’t too big.

Battle strength wouldn’t form a huge difference.

And this gave Zhou Feng a chance, a chance to kill Wang Ming.

Wang Ming simply treated him as a personal item, feeding him regularly every day, just like feeding a pig.

Perhaps when he broke through to the Qi Induction realm, Wang Ming would make a move. Therefore, Zhou Feng was already planning how to counter-kill Wang Ming.

The specific counter-killing plan was actually to draw a large number of passive skills. He would rely on the passive skills to create an unexpected effect, counter-killing him in one fell swoop.

“The progress bar is finally full!”

Zhou Feng looked at the skill panel and found that the progress bar was full, and he could draw passive skills again.


With his command, another passive skill appeared on the skill panel.

Aura Blade (Level 1): Your first attack will consume accumulated aura. For every consumed aura, the damage will be increased by 1%. You can accumulate 20 aurae every day. The maximum accumulation is five days.

‘Huh? This passive skill seemed pretty good!’

To explain it simply, he could accumulate aura as long as he did not make a move.

If this aura were fully accumulated, the power of the first attack would be doubled!

If this were used together with the Bone Coating, the effect would be pretty good.

Once every seven days, Bone Coating could directly reduce the damage received for the first time. And if this Aura Blade were fully accumulated, the power of the first attack would be doubled.

Didn’t that mean that when he encountered an enemy, he could directly rush up and exchange his life with the enemy?

It was also because of these two passive existences Zhou Feng himself would at most be slightly injured, while the enemy was very likely to die instantly when using this life exchange method,

At the same time, if he was injured, he could slowly recover through his Self-Healing Constitution.

Wasn’t this a perfect match?

Wang Ming probably wouldn’t have thought that he would suddenly erupt and directly use a life-changing fighting style to sneak-attack him!

“It would be great if I could get some lethal poison!”

Actually, poison was a handy method for cultivators below the Soul Altar realm.

But where could he get lethal poison?

Zhou Feng’s original plan was to get a lethal poison, directly poisoning eldest Wang Ming along with him.

In any case, even if he died, he would definitely not die on his knees.

Now, if he could poison Wang Ming along with him, both sides would exchange their lives.

Relying on his passive skills, his chances of winning did not seem low!

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