I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Lin Xiaojiao

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After cultivating for a while, Zhou Feng got up and prepared to head to a nearby market the sect had opened, and all nearby cultivators would visit it to trade.

At the same time, this market was a place where many inner disciples competed because there were too many benefits involved.

In order to feed the Demon-Devouring Gu, Zhou Feng naturally found a job in the market. After all, the Demon-Devouring Gu consumed too many resources.

At present, he needed to consume Primeval Blood Pills and rely on Spirit Stones to absorb Spiritual Qi.


Even if Eldest Senior Brother kept sending things over, they were still not enough.

To be honest, Zhou Feng wanted to create a side business, such as alchemy, refining weapons, and so on.

Unfortunately, this side business was not something that ordinary people could create.

These sideline jobs were basically all about inheritance. It was impossible for ordinary people to come into contact with this knowledge. Therefore, he could only guard the market city’s gate.

And he continued to wait for the martial arts competition once a month.

In the inner sect, the martial arts competition would be held as long as every month passed.

This martial arts competition was mainly used to distribute various benefits, such as the Meat Gu Cave, the market shops, and other benefits.

As long as you could get a good ranking in the martial arts competition, you would be able to obtain the corresponding resources.

Thus, there were two kinds of people in the inner sect.

One was naturally those who fought and worked hard, and they would do their best during

every martial arts competition in order to get a good ranking.

The other was those who chose to lie flat, meaning they would not compete as long as they could barely feed the Gu in their bodies.

When their strength stagnated, they stopped and did not fight too much.

There were many such disciples in the inner sect, and most of them chose to rely on other inner disciples. Or they could go to various places to guard.

For example, the Meat Gu Cave’s guarding disciples were such inner disciples who did not have the heart to compete.

For them, waiting for death was the best choice.

And the sect just happened to need some people to guard different places.

Thus, these people who didn’t participate in the martial arts competition were stationed in many places.

They were garrisoned in many resource points at the foot of the mountain. They also didn’t need to participate in the martial arts competition, and the fierce competition of the inner sect wouldn’t affect them.

However, the price they had to pay was that their cultivation would stagnate or even regress.

In this regard, Zhou Feng naturally wouldn’t choose to lie down.

On the contrary, he urgently needed a large number of Spirit Stones. He had just discovered that the existence of Spirit Stones seemed to be able to speed up the progress bar on the skill panel.

“It seems to be a little more?”

Zhou Feng was a little uncertain. After all, the progress bar had increased too little.

After thinking for a moment, he took out a Spirit Stone and placed it in his palm. Then, while absorbing the Spiritual Qi contained in the Spirit Stone, he carefully observed the progress bar on the skill panel.

Indeed! Absorbing the Spiritual Qi contained in the Spirit Stone actually increased the progress bar of the skill.

Although the progress was very slow, it was still better than not increasing at all.

In this way, he had an additional goal.

There were several goals that he urgently needed to accomplish.

The first was to earn Spirit Stones and obtain more passive skills.

This was the first task to be completed. More Spirit Stones meant more passive skills, which translated as mightier battle prowess.

The mightier his battle prowess, the more resources he could obtain.

“Next is the method of raising Gu with Spirit Stones!”

Besides Spirit Stones, what Zhou Feng wanted to know the most right now was the method of raising Gu.

After becoming an inner disciple, he would have the opportunity to learn the method of raising Gu.

However, if he wanted to learn the method of raising Gu, he would need to pay a large amount of sect merit points, which could only be obtained by completing some special missions.


Zhou Feng sighed in his heart and prepared to head to the market to be on duty.

The Tri-Gu Sect specially established the mountainside market on the outside world.

Usually, numerous itinerant cultivators and cultivators from other places gathered there.

Therefore, this was also the largest resource exchange place within a few hundred kilometers.

The Tri-Gu Sect stationed many disciples here, and even one of the nine Elders presided over this territory.

At present, Zhou Feng was guarding a gate in the north as a gatekeeper disciple. He was dressed in sect attire and held a standard long spear in his hand.

He looked very much like a gatekeeper of a mortal dynasty.

There was also an inner disciple guarding the gate with him, but they were not familiar with each other, so they did not chat.

There were not many people at the north gate. It had been a long time since someone entered the market.

“This person…”

Suddenly, Zhou Feng saw a familiar figure.

A group of people had arrived, and the most eye-catching one was the person sitting in the middle of the group.

It was a woman, but her figure was gargantuan. From afar, she looked like a mountain of meat, weighing at least 300kg, and her breathing was like thunder.

The most eye-catching thing was that the people who carried the palanquin under this woman were mostly handsome boys and men.

And the one who followed behind was actually Lin Ming, who had been with Zhou Feng for some period.

“That person is Lin Ming, right?”

Although Lin Ming’s face was a little pale at this time, and his footsteps were a little unsteady, as if he had been sucked dry, he still recognized him at a glance.

Back then, when Zhou Feng had heard that Lin Ming had become the lackey of an inner disciple, he was still a little surprised.

Zhou Feng did not expect to meet him here today.

Regarding this, he had nothing to comment on. He could only say that he was lucky that he had a skill panel.

As the group got closer and closer, Lin Ming also noticed Zhou Feng, who was guarding the gate. It seemed that he did not expect the two of them to meet again under such circumstances.

Lin Ming was a little flustered. He immediately lowered his head and did not dare to look at Zhou Feng.

This was simply a large-scale social death. His former courtyard neighbor had seen him like this.

“Oh? This young man is so energetic! Are you interested in being my subordinate?”

Originally, Zhou Feng meeting Lin Ming was just a small episode today.

Unexpectedly, when the group reached the gate, the woman on the palanquin actually opened her mouth.

Lin Xiaojiao squirmed her fat body and looked at Zhou Feng, who was guarding the gate.

What followed was a heavy pressure.

“I really didn’t expect that a mere Qi Gathering cultivator would have such thick Blood Qi! If I use it for dual cultivation, I should be able to break through to the Qi Condensation realm very soon!”

Lin Xiaojiao was at the point of breaking through, and she had almost sucked dry all the lackeys under her.

Therefore, it was imperative to find a new nutrition source, and coincidentally, Zhou Feng appeared in front of her.

Wasn’t this a coincidence?

A Qi Gathering disciple guarding the gate probably wouldn’t dare to reject her, Lin Xiaojiao.

 Zhou Feng’s face froze when he felt the heavy pressure.

This was something he had never expected.

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