I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: A Little Short of Resources

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Lin Xiaojiao could be considered an influential figure in the inner sect.

This wasn’t to say that her body size didn’t match her name at all. It was because of her strength. If one wanted to make a name for themselves in the inner sect, the most basic thing was strength.

As long as one was strong enough, many external factors could be ignored.

It was rumored that Lin Xiaojiao cultivated a very special technique that allowed her to forcefully plunder the other half of her Essence Qi through dual cultivation.


Moreover, as long as she was able to grasp this level properly, she would be able to plunder it repeatedly.

Lin Xiaojiao had not looked like this at the beginning.

Instead, she had been a genuine beauty with a very slim body.

However, because she had cultivated this technique, her body had accumulated a large amount of Essence Qi and Blood Qi.

This Essence Qi could not be digested in a short period, so Lin Xiaojiao had become like this.

‘It seems that I can only remain silent!’

Zhou Feng could only remain silent in the face of such a situation.

At the same time, he was ready to fight.

There was silence.

Because Zhou Feng did not say a word, the scene immediately quieted down, and the atmosphere was a little strange.

“A mute? How can you be like this? If you are willing to be my subordinate, nod your head! I will not mistreat you!”

Lin Xiaojiao took out a box.

“Inside is a 1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng. As long as you agree, this is yours!”

To be able to maintain so many playthings for her to play and cultivate, Lin Xiaojiao was naturally a rich woman.

This was a 1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng. It was definitely a good thing.

As the saying went, “As long as one obtains a long-lived pig, it can become a spirit.”

Not to mention something like a Mountain Ginseng. By absorbing the sun and moon every day, one only needed to extract a portion of it. The Spiritual Qi contained within would be enough to support Zhou Feng’s cultivation for a long time.

Still silent, Zhou Feng just stood there in a daze and did not answer.

“Interesting! It’s not many who can reject a 1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng! You should have just joined the inner sect not long ago, right?”

Seeing this scene, Lin Xiaojiao suddenly laughed, and her body began to tremble.

A gatekeeper was actually able to resist the temptation of a1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng!? He definitely hadn’t suffered much!

They would have lost half their lives to obtain this 1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng if it were anyone else.

For example, the gatekeeper with Zhou Feng. When he saw Lin Xiaojiao take out the 1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng, his eyes popped open.

He wished he could just mention that he agreed to it.

So what if she was fat? She would be no different than a regular woman if the lights were turned off. At most, he would lose some Essence Qi. With this 1,000-year-old Mountain Ginseng, he would be able to make up for everything.


Just as Lin Xiaojiao was laughing out loud, Zhou Feng’s Battle Instinct was suddenly triggered.

The Spiritual Qi in his body gushed out, and its dark color gave people a sense of brutality.

His appetite also started to affect Zhou Feng, and his stomach suddenly became hungry.

He stomped his right foot, trampling a huge centipede to death.

It was a huge, dark red centipede. If his Battle Instinct had not been triggered, Zhou Feng would not have noticed that such a centipede had already crawled to his feet and was ready to take a big bite.

‘Bad luck! It’s actually one of Bitter Bamboo Peak’s starving ghosts!’

After seeing the Spiritual Qi that he released, Lin Xiaojiao instantly cursed in her heart.

These evil ghosts were all food for the Grand Elder. Although her Master was also an Elder, he probably could not protect her against the Grand Elder.

“Hurry up and leave! It’s a waste of time!” Lin Xiaojiao immediately urged the people carrying the palanquin to leave this place.

She really didn’t expect a Bitter Bamboo Peak disciple to come to the market city as a gatekeeper.

What a weirdo!

Zhou Feng’s action was simply weird in regard to being a Bitter Bamboo Peak disciple.

After all, the Bitter Bamboo Peak disciples would directly search for people to fight and collect protection fees once they ran out of resources.

The monthly martial arts competition was also the main means for Bitter Bamboo Peak disciples to earn money for cultivation resources.

To guard the main gate like this, this person must be mentally ill!

For Tri-Gu disciples, taking advantage of the side door was always the first choice.

Completing a mission peacefully? That was the reflection of not having enough strength.

Why not just wait for others to complete the mission and directly split the loot in half?

This was actually one of the reasons Xiong Dan couldn’t survive in the inner sect.

As long as you weren’t strong enough, you wouldn’t be able to complete more than half of the sect’s missions.

For example, the inner sect’s Wind and Cloud disciples usually only cultivated and fought.

And there were many things to do in the sect, such as feeding the Meat Gu, refining pills, mining, collecting taxes, and so on, which were distributed to the other inner disciples.

The inner sect had already formed a deformed ecosystem.

“So hungry!”

Lin Xiaojiao wanted to leave quickly, but Zhou Feng blocked her way.

The Demon-Devouring Gu in Zhou Feng’s body suddenly seemed to wake up, urging him to devour Lin Xiaojiao in front of him.

Even though he had the Level-2 Gluttony and was not affected by his appetite, he could not get rid of the Demon-Devouring Gu’s influence.

“Bad luck! Bad luck! Bad luck!”

Feeling Zhou Feng’s strong Spiritual Qi, Lin Xiaojiao said bad luck three times. Then, she threw a bottle of Blood Pills at him.


His voice was a little hoarse, but his expression was still very calm.

Zhou Feng was trying his best to control the Demon-Devouring Gu in his body right now.

‘This Demon-Devouring Gu is too strange.’

Just by using Spiritual Qi, it had such a huge reaction.

He needed large amounts of Blood Pills or high-grade items to feed the Demon-Devouring Gu.

Thus, he directly said the word ‘insufficient’.

“You’re courting death! Don’t think that I’m afraid of you and Bitter Bamboo Peak!”

After hearing Zhou Feng say the word ‘insufficient’, Lin Xiaojiao almost thought she had misheard.

Why did all these random people dare to threaten her?

So what if he was from Bitter Bamboo Peak?

As she spoke, Lin Xiaojiao’s body began to expand again, and a wave of heat slowly spread out from her body.

The person who was still carrying the palanquin couldn’t hold it in any longer and directly half-knelt on the ground.

“I was wondering why there was someone blocking the gate. So it was Sister Xiaojiao!”

It immediately looked like they were about to start a fight.

However, a slightly playful voice slowly entered everyone’s ears.

In the blink of an eye, a woman slowly walked between the two parties.

The woman attracted everyone’s gazes instantly. Her long black hair fluttered in the wind like willow catkins, and her pure white flowing celestial dress also swayed slightly.

The most eye-catching thing was that the flowing celestial dress had very little fabric, and most of her fair and tender skin was exposed to the sunlight.

The mountain peaks in front of her chest were also extremely perky, and all the men present suddenly felt a wave of heat.

She was bewitchingly beautiful. Her face clearly looked quite pure, but it gave people a sense of seduction.

Compared to Lin Xiaojiao, this woman completely killed Lin Xiaojiao.

To be honest, this was the first time Zhou Feng had seen such a top-notch beauty.

At that moment, his heart beat a little faster.

But in just a second, Zhou Feng regained his calm. His Battle Instinct kept warning him that the woman in front of him was very dangerous.


Looking at the dazed faces of her men, Lin Xiaojiao was furious.

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