I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Mount Gu’s Rules

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After a few days of traveling, Zhou Feng finally arrived at Mount Gu.

During the past few days, he had learned a lot of information that he did not know before.

It turned out that he was currently in a region called Southern Border.

In this region, there were no countries nor a unified government. This region basically consisted of villages and tribes, as well as various sects.


It was said that if one walked east, they would reach an area called the Eastern Lands.

There were many countries there, as well as various cultivation clans.

The information above was all summarized by Zhou Feng through his exchanges with the new disciples of the same batch.

It was worth mentioning that this batch’s new disciples had already formed a group, and its leader was a fellow named Lin Ming.

After his body recovered, he looked delicate and pretty, and his face could be considered handsome. He had the temperament of a nobleman as he originated from a large tribe, so he knew a lot of things.

Thus, he naturally became the leader of this group.

Of course, he was only the leader in name. After all, no one wanted to suddenly have a leader above them.

At present, they were only forming a group to deal with life after entering the sect.

As for Zhou Feng, he knew nothing about the life of the sect, so they could just form a group!

Finally, Yin Ling had also gotten rid of her haggard appearance.

Yin Ling, who had returned to normal, was unexpectedly beautiful. She had willow-like eyebrows, a cherry-like mouth, and pale red skin.

When she was full of vigor, Yin Ling displayed the charm of a 17-year-old girl. Usually, many people would try to court her.

Among this group of people, Zhou Feng tried his best to downplay himself because he was preoccupied with something else.

When he saw that the progress bar on the skill panel was already halfway through, he already had a clear direction for his future.

Given his previous experiences, he speculated that this skill panel only needed a full progress bar, and he would then obtain a passive skill.

After all, this did not require him to pay any price, nor did it require any specific conditions. The only thing he needed was to wait.

If that was really the case, then he only needed to live long enough.

Think about it! There were thousands of passive skills; even if they were not very powerful, the more he accumulated, the more he would be able to surpass most people in an instant.

Moreover, he did not have the ambition of becoming the Son of Destiny.

In this world, he had no family, no good friends, and nothing to miss.

Now Zhou Feng’s mindset was very pure—that was to live the way he wanted!

That was his most realistic thought at the moment.

Thus, he planned to cultivate the Gu Dao. Everything was based on the premise of staying alive.

Zhou Feng had completely implemented the Gu Dao.

He mingled with the crowd and officially entered Mount Gu, handling all sorts of matters.

At the same time, he was assigned to the same courtyard as Lin Ming and Yin Ling.

In any case, only one word came to his mind: F*ck!

“New disciples can receive 10 Blood Pills every month. Remember to collect them all later!

“And every new disciple can receive a body-tempering cultivation technique once.

“In the end, you have to complete the sect’s mission every day before one can cultivate!”


A senior disciple brought them to Courtyard No. 7 and left in a hurry after giving them some instructions.

Zhou Feng realized that there didn’t seem to be any lazy people in the sect. Everyone he had seen seemed to be in a hurry as if someone was urging them from behind.

“Good! Let’s start dividing the rooms!”

After the senior disciple left, Lin Ming, as the leader of the group, spoke first.

Everyone also started to move one after another.

The entire Mount Gu was directly divided into three parts: the foot of the mountain, the mountainside, and the peak.

These new disciples lived at the foot of the mountain, while the elite disciples stayed at the mountainside.

The peak was naturally where the Elders and the Sect Leader lived.

The layout at the foot of the mountain was also very interesting. It was directly divided into more than ten courtyards, and each courtyard could accommodate about 10 to 20 people.

Then, there were all kinds of unique buildings built at the foot of the mountain.

The Merit Gathering Hall, the Merit Transmitting Hall, and the Scripture Pavilion were all at the foot of the mountain.

The way the Tri-Gu Sect taught the new disciples was also very evil.

In the first year after entering the sect, all the new disciples would receive 10 Blood Pills every month.

Zhou Feng had also eaten this kind of Blood Pill before. Its main function was to recover a large amount of Blood Qi so that the Bloodthirsty Gu would not devour the host.

This was the most important resource for these new disciples because only with sufficient Blood Pills could they ensure that they would not be sucked dry and simultaneously have the spare energy to cultivate.

Then there was the lack of an entry-level instructor.

Want to cultivate? Learn it yourself!

Or spend money to go to the Strength Imparting Hall and ask some senior disciples or Elders to teach you.

And the most extreme thing was that the sect would not be worried about wasting resources, nor would they be afraid of you wasting your time.

After all, every new disciple had a Gu planted in their bodies.

Every day wasted meant that they were getting closer to death.

Under the threat of death, no one would slack off.

Even the new disciples who had joined the Penta-Poison Gu faction were the same.

Actually, they were even more miserable than the Bloodthirsty Gu faction’s disciples because they had to obtain Detoxification Pills every once in a while to remove the Penta-Poison Gu’s poison.

Otherwise, they would be tortured to death.

Raising Gu—these two words could roughly describe the Tri-Gu Sect’s style of cultivating its disciples.

It directly gave them an extremely harsh environment to struggle in.

No matter how good one’s talent was or how smart one was, everything would be empty talk

as long as they couldn’t survive.

The law of the jungle was fully displayed in the Tri-Gu Sect.

And the law of the jungle started from the moment they received the Blood Pill.

Outside the Merit Gathering Hall…

When Zhou Feng and the others appeared, many people surrounded them, and countless wolf-like gazes were fixed on them.

Although the new disciples felt a little uncomfortable, they did not think too much and walked into the Merit Gathering Hall. Most of them were being modest, so they let Yin Ling take her Blood Pills first.

“Wait! Hand over your Blood Pills!”

Just as Yin Ling took the Blood Pill and walked to the Merit Gathering Hall’s entrance, a burly bare-chested man stopped Yin Ling.

The bare-chested man’s body had all kinds of scars, big and small, and a sense of oppression came from it.

“Senior Brother… I—”

A pitiful expression appeared on Yin Ling’s face, and just as she was about to speak, the bear-chested man swung his steel-like fist.


It was as if a heavy hammer had struck Yin Ling, and her entire body fell backward.

“Take them out!”

Her beautiful face did not have any effect at all, and the bear-chested man stepped on Yin Ling’s body.

The onlookers also looked like they were watching a good show. They had no intention of helping at all.

On the contrary, they kept looking at the Merit Gathering Hall’s entrance to see which unlucky fellow would come out.

After all, this was one of the few relaxing times of the year.

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