I Cultivate Passively

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Not Handing Them!

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“So fragrant! What is this smell?”

Zhou Feng had just walked into the Merit Gathering Hall when a fragrant odor assaulted his nostrils.

This smell was like a mixture of many things.

At that moment, the Bloodthirsty Gu in his body moved slightly, but it quieted down in an instant. It was as if it was lying on the ground, not daring to move.


Upon sensing that the Bloodthirsty Gu was playing dead, Zhou Feng also realized that there seemed to be experts here.

Ever since he had transmigrated to this world, he had never seen a cultivator make a move.

He wondered if the cultivators in this world could move mountains and fill seas, burning the sky and boiling the sea.

And how did cultivators cultivate?

Speaking of which, he was really confused about how to cultivate.

What exactly was cultivation? How did one deal with Gu? How did cultivators even fight?

He was not clear about any of this.

To be honest, his heart was in extreme need of this knowledge. He was eager to understand everything.

However, his reason told him that he had to remain calm and not act rashly.

Therefore, even though Zhou Feng’s heart was already in turmoil, he still had a wooden expression on his face.

In fact, after a long time, he even suspected that he would end up with facial paralysis.


“10 Blood Pills! Next!”

Zhou Feng approached the counter and showed the sect token that he had obtained previously.

10 Blood Pills!

The whole process was very short, so short that only two sentences were spoken.

Under such circumstances, even if Zhou Feng wanted to continue observing the Merit Gathering Hall’s internal environment, he had no choice but to leave quickly.

This was because he felt that two gazes were already fixed on him.

These two gazes caused his entire body to feel as if a prehistoric beast was targeting him.

Under such pressure, Zhou Feng did not dare to stay any longer.

Unexpectedly, when he reached the door, he heard Lin Ming’s scream.

Zhou Feng had deliberately downplayed his existence, so it was only natural that he was the last person to receive the Blood Pills. He was also the last person to walk out of the Merit Gathering Hall.

“Is this… a robbery?”

Zhou Feng could not help but squint his eyes upon noticing the others’ precarious situation. He saw Lin Ming directly fall into a pool of blood, but he still held the Blood Pills in his hand.

Meanwhile, many people from the same courtyard as Zhou Feng had also collapsed on the ground.

The senior disciples were robbing the new disciples’ Blood Pills!

This should be considered a regular practice of the Tri-Gu Sect.

Due to the way the higher-ups nurtured their disciples, the senior disciples robbing the new disciples’ resources was a natural occurrence.

Some higher-ups even tacitly approved of this method.

After all, this was also a way to quickly select good seedlings.

If the environment wasn’t harsh, how could one stimulate their potential?

Nevertheless, there were rules when it came to robbing Blood Pills.

In order to prevent some special situations, such as a senior disciple relying on their strength to rob all the new disciples of their resources, some unspoken rules had been established.

That was, a senior disciple could only snatch 10 new disciples’ Blood Pills at most. At the same time, the new disciples had to hand them over personally.

If the new disciples were unwilling, then one couldn’t forcefully snatch them.

How was it? Did this sound like the higher-ups still had a trace of humanity?

Unfortunately, in reality, there were too many things that could be manipulated.

For example, Lin Ming had been severely injured. As long as he didn’t hand them over, he would be crippled.

That’s right! As long as no one died, no one would care about crippling the other party.

The other people in Zhou Feng’s courtyard had already handed over half of their Blood Pills. At present, only Lin Ming hadn’t handed over his pills.

Yin Ling, who had been the first to leave, covered her red and swollen face. Looking at the stubborn Lin Ming, she was anxious.

“Are you going to hand them over or not?” Xiong Dan kept crushing the fingers on Lin Ming’s left hand with one foot, and his tone gradually became impatient.

However, Lin Ming made his attitude clear with his actions.

His right hand tightly grasped the Blood Pills that he had just received.

This scene surprised Zhou Feng. He didn’t expect Lin Ming to be so stubborn. After all, in his eyes, Lin Ming was just a naive young master.

Lin Ming, who was born in a village, was a little childish in his usual behavior. He looked like he hadn’t experienced the baptism of society.

“Tsk! How can this person be so stubborn? His luck is so bad that he even encountered Xiong Dan!”

“Yeah! Xiong Dan seems to be about to break through and is in urgent need of resources. Thus, he directly lowered himself to snatch the new disciples’ Blood Pills!”

“The gains don’t make up for the losses! It’s just a few Blood Pills. It would be terrible if they were crippled!”


Some of the senior disciples beside them were discussing excitedly.

This was because it had been a long time since such a stubborn newcomer had appeared.

In the past, as long as they threatened a newcomer, they would basically obediently submit. They did not expect to encounter a tough opponent this time. Even if he was crippled, he would not hand them over.

In reality, Xiong Dan was completely capable of snatching other people’s Blood Pills. There was no need to waste time here.

After all, Xiong Dan’s strength was about to break through to the Body Refining realm. There was no one among the new disciples who could resist him.

However, Xiong Dan did not like Lin Ming at all.

Everyone had handed over their pills obediently, even when Xiong Dan had just entered the sect.

‘Why do you have to be such a thorn? Why do you want to be different from the others? Then I will grant you your wish!’

“Someone is coming out!”

At that moment, someone noticed Zhou Feng, who had walked out of the Merit Gathering Hall.

Xiong Dan seemed to have heard something and slowly turned his head.

“Hand over half of your Blood Pills!”

Xiong Dan’s calm tone carried a hint of extreme impatience. He had already wasted a lot of time thanks to Lin Ming, so he did not want to continue wasting it.

One had to know that the Bloodthirsty Gu in his heart was devouring his Blood Qi at all times.

In another month, three years would be up.

He could not afford to delay any longer.

In the Tri-Gu Sect, all the disciples who entered the sect only had three years to cultivate.

During these three years, one had to break through to the Body Tempering realm and reach the Qi Gathering realm to become an inner disciple.

Otherwise, they could only be ‘recycled’.

The sect would not waste resources on them for nothing.

If a person could not break through to the Body Refining realm in three years, the sect would directly recycle the waste.

It was precisely because of this that Xiong Dan was so irritable.

At that moment, Zhou Feng had to make a decision.

Should he hand them over or not?

Xiong Dan believed that Zhou Feng would be tactful when he saw what a miserable ending awaited him.

After all, it was already very rare for a thorn like Lin Ming to appear.

How could there be a second thorn like this idiot?

This was simply impossible!

‘Hand them over? Not hand them over? Only an idiot would hand them over!’

Whether to hand them over or not, this question only lingered in Zhou Feng’s mind for half a second.

He had made up his mind. It was impossible to hand over half of the Blood Pills!

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