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Chapter 666 - 666 Start of the Live Stream

Chapter 666 - 666 Start of the Live Stream

666 Start of the Live Stream

“Aiya, don’t spout nonsense. Yesterday, that tycoon brother was only admiring my talent and didn’t have any other improper thoughts,” Zhang Xiaoyu said very funny.

“In truth, Big Brother Tycoon had ulterior motives toward you at first, but after seeing your proportions, he must have changed his mind.”

“Your words are a little insulting.” Zhang Xiaoyu puffed out her chest. “Every dog has its day. Don’t bully a young girl!”

“Wait, Xiaoyu, whose car are you in? The interior looks pretty good.”



Zhang Xiaoyu smiled slyly. “You guys always say that none of the things I review are worth anything. Now, I’ll show you the real good stuff!”

“Deng, deng, deng. Let me make a grand introduction. The person sitting beside me is the host of this live stream, Brother Mask!”

“F*ck! It’s a Bentley!”

Seeing the steering wheel and the car logo, the people in the live stream could not remain calm.

“Did you find a sugar daddy?”

“No wonder she ignored that tycoon. It turns out she has a new lover.”

“As expected, a fair-skinned girl is worthy of love.”

“Where did you get that car? Did you rent it?”

“How can it be rented? Couldn’t the masked man have bought it himself?” Zhang Xiaoyu retorted.

“If he’s so rich, why would he host a live stream?”

“This is a hobby. It’s a game, do you understand?” Zhang Xiaoyu said.

“Sorry, we don’t understand.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. Everyone, you have to support Brother Mask the same way you support me in the future. He will bring more exciting live streams to everyone.”

“It doesn’t matter who streams it. When will the live stream of the test drive start? I’m been preparing to buy a car recently. I’m wondering what this new car is live.”

Other than a few people who had joined in out of curiosity, the viewers who watched Zhang Xiaoyu’s live broadcast all had clear goals.

After all, Zhang Xiaoyu’s fierce personality was not very sexy.

“Everyone, don’t be anxious. We’ll be there in about ten minutes. Today’s live broadcast will definitely not disappoint anyone.”

At the entrance of the Honda 4S shop on Vanguard Road, a middle-aged man and a young woman were looking around.

The middle-aged man’s name was Zhang Yelei, and he was the manager of this 4S shop.

He was a loyal fan of live streams. When he was watching a live broadcast, he suddenly saw Zhang Xiaoyu. He felt that her streaming style was very interesting, so he invited her to do this live stream.

As for the profit from this stream, it would be evenly split.

If he sold any cars as a result of this stream, she would get a commission of 600 yuan.

600 yuan was not a lot, but to Zhang Xiaoyu, it was like picking up free money.

This was because she could use this event to improve the content and quality of her live stream.

Therefore, she did not really care if she could earn any money at all.

“Brother Zhang, I’ve taken a look at the streamer you found. Although she’s a little popular, she’s not very famous. We’ve prepared so much for her. Isn’t it a little too much?”

The woman’s name was Sun Qian. She was the sales lead of this 4S shop. Thus, she had the right to voice out and participate in all the activities involving the shop.

“I can tell that you don’t watch live streams often. You don’t understand what’s going on here.”

“What’s so special about this? If you want to find a female streamer to do an event, don’t you have to find someone with high popularity?”

“That is only one of the reasons. We also have to choose streamers with more loyal users to maximize our effectiveness,” Zhang Yelei said.

“Don’t look at those top female streamers. All of them are quite popular, but they use their figures in exchange for views. Users only like to look at them and nothing else. Even if they get them, you probably won’t be able to profit much.”

“This streamer named Zhang Xiaoyu is different. She’s one of the few reviewers on Douyu. Her live stream style is quite interesting, and her user base is very stable. It’ll be more effective to get this kind of streamer.”

“Alright then. You’re the leader, so you have the final say.”

Just as the two of them were talking, Lin Yi drove the Bentley and stopped at the entrance of the 4s shop.

This shocked the two of them. This was a Bentley worth more than four million yuan.

You did not come across this car every day.

After the car stopped, Lin Yi and Zhang Xiaoyu got out.

Because they had seen Zhang Xiaoyu’s information before, the two of them recognized her at a glance.

However, the fully clothed Lin Yi made the two of them a little puzzled and curious.

This disguise was too tight, and it made him look like a criminal suspect.

“Hello, Manager Zhang. I’m Zhang Xiaoyu.”

Sun Xiaoyu greeted Zhang Yelei with a smile.

“Hello, hello.” Zhang Yelei said politely, “And who is this?”

“He’s another streamer from our platform. He’s doing this event with me today.”

“Then why is he dressed like that?”

The two of them were a little puzzled. They felt that Lin Yi’s outfit was a little strange.

Did he cover his face so tightly because he was too ashamed to face anyone?

Zhang Yelei was a little puzzled. He had watched live streams for so many years, but this was the first time he had seen someone hide their face so obsessively.

“This is one of the unique aspects of his live stream. We rely on our abilities to speak, unlike those superficial streamers.”

“You’re right. In this day and age, no matter which industry it is, if one doesn’t have some ability, they will be eliminated sooner or later.”

The two of them didn’t take Lin Yi’s situation to heart. After all, he was just an accessory.

As long as Zhang Xiaoyu broadcasted normally, things would be fine.

However, Sun Qian had a negative impression of her because Zhang Xiaoyu’s reputation was genuinely not very impressive.

“Miss Zhang, we’ve already set up the venue. The event can start at any time.”

“Then let’s start now. The fans in the live stream can’t wait anymore.”

“Alright, please come in.”

The two of them were welcomed into the 4S shop.

A brand-new Honda Civic was parked in the middle of the shop.

Although the price was not expensive, the Civic’s looks and reputation were unquestionable.

Almost no other car was its match at this price range.

Looking at the new Civic model in front of him, Lin Yi was unmoved.

Although they looked the same, it was a world apart compared to Li Chuhan’s Civic Type-R.

Zhang Xiaoyu took a selfie stick and pointed the camera at Lin Yi.

“Brother Mask, let’s start now. You must show your professional side.”


Seeing that the person broadcasting was Lin Yi, Zhang Yelei and Sun Qian’s expressions changed slightly.

“Miss Zhang, didn’t we agree that you would do the live stream? Why is this person taking over?”

“Manager Zhang, don’t worry. He knows cars better than me. I chose him to be the main star of this live stream to make sure the live stream is more successful.”

Zhang Yelei looked troubled.

“Miss Zhang, what you’re doing is a little inappropriate. The person I was looking for was clearly you, but you changed host halfway. This is not in accordance with our contract.”

“Don’t worry, I guarantee that I’ll sell ten of these cars. If I can’t sell them, I’ll buy them myself,” Lin Yi said faintly.

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