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Chapter 805 - 805 We Will Also Have Such a Day

Chapter 805 - 805 We Will Also Have Such a Day

805 We Will Also Have Such a Day

“It’s nothing.”

Lin Yi smiled and comforted her. “Stocks can rise and fall in an instant. Don’t worry too much about it.”

“Are we not going to deal with it?”

“Longxin is different from Jaewon Television. It’s a local company and doesn’t have the support of international capital. Therefore, the negative news in the country will have a huge influence on the commoners. If we leave it alone, it will definitely fall to the limit down.”


“It’s okay. It’s a good thing.”

“Good thing? Are you thinking of something else?”

“Longxin’s research and development funds are all our own money, so the stocks’ rise and fall won’t have a decisive impact on us.” Lin Yi said.

“Secondly, the motive of the person behind this is definitely not so simple. I think the other party will call me at a special time. No matter what, I have to know who the person behind this is before I take the next step.”

Lin Yi had many unorthodox approaches, and Ji Qingyan had no idea what he was thinking.

However, if he wasn’t worried, then it wouldn’t be a big problem.

After chatting with Ji Qingyan, Lin Yi called He Yuanyuan.

Tell them to handle this matter calmly and not post any public relations materials addressing this. Let the matter slowly ferment.

He Yuanyuan’s thoughts were the same as Ji Qingyan’s.

What was the boss up to?

Although the tech and financial circles were paying close attention to this matter and waiting for Longxin’s boss, Lin Yi, to respond to this matter, after waiting for a day, no one came forward to explain what was going on.

Vaguely, many people subtly started to believe that it was the truth.

They felt that Longxin had really done something wrong in this matter.

As the saying went, the emperor was not anxious, but the eunuch was. At this moment, the biggest victim, Lin Yi, was the calmest.

Of course, other than Lin Yi, there was someone else who was unaffected.

He Yuanyuan’s thoughts were very simple. After all, it wasn’t her wallet that was suffering.

In the afternoon, other than working and teasing Ji Qingyan, Lin Yi also received a call from Liang Ruoxu.

She wanted to ask him what was going on.

However, from Liang Ruoxu’s tone, it did not seem like she cared much about this matter.

With her status and position, it was too easy for her to handle this matter. It just depended on whether she wanted to do it or not.

Lin Yi explained briefly, but didn’t state the main point of this matter.

However, Liang Ruoxu could vaguely guess that this matter might be related to the television station.

Otherwise, with Lingyun Group’s status in Zhonghai and Huaxia, no one would do such a thankless task.

Now, it was up to Lin Yi to counterattack.

That night, before she got off work, Ji Qingyan’s secretary bought everything that needed to be prepared.

Lin Yi also checked on Gao Zongyuan’s grandmother. She was staying in Ward 1801 of Zhonghai’s First Oncology Hospital. He was going to bring someone over to take a look tomorrow.

That night, when they returned home, Ji Qingyan told He Yuanyuan about it.

The latter hesitated for a few seconds before agreeing.

It didn’t feel like a big deal, and there was no need to be coy.

Moreover, with the Gao family’s financial resources, they might even be able to give her a big red packet.

No matter how one looked at it, it was a sure-win deal.

She could easily take on this job.

The next morning, at nine o’clock, Lin Yi and the others gathered at the entrance of the hospital, but Gao Zongyuan wasn’t there.

“This must be your sister-in-law.”

When he saw He Yuanyuan, Qin Han smiled and greeted her.

“Maybe in the future, but not yet,” He Yuanyuan said generously.

“Actually, Old Gao is a good person. Although he’s not as handsome as Brother Lin, he’s not ugly. Moreover, his family has money. You can register your marriage with him first. If you don’t feel anything, you can get a divorce in a year and a half. Half of the Gao family’s assets will be yours by then. Sounds good, no?” Liang Jinming said.

“If Old Gao hears this, he’ll probably kill you.” Lin Yi said.

“I really think it’s a good move. I’ll study it when I get back.”


After a simple chat at the entrance of the hospital, Lin Yi distributed the things in the car to Qin Han and Liang Jinming before walking into the hospital.

“Brother Lin, when did you find out? Why didn’t Old Gao tell us before?”

“We just happened to talk about this a few days ago.”

This was because Gao Zongyuan had secretly told him about this when he was on Yawan Island.

However, Ji Qingyan and He Yuanyuan were present now. He could not let them know about this trip, so Lin Yi found an excuse to fool them.

“Old Gao is really something. If he has something to say, he should just say it openly,” Liang Jinming complained.

“Don’t you know him? He’s a typical artsy young man who keeps everything to himself. He only talks about good things and never reports bad things,” Qin Han said.

Liang Jinming nodded and looked at Lin Yi.

“Brother Lin, weren’t you a cardiovascular surgeon before this? You must be very skilled. Can you think of a solution to this? It’s good enough if you can help her live a few more years.”

“At this point, it’s already impossible.” Lin Yi said.

“With Old Gao’s family’s standards, they must have found the best doctor in the world and used the best medicine in the world, so there’s nothing I can do.”

“The last place I want to come to in my life is the hospital. It’s so depressing,” Qin Han said.

“Be content. You have money, so there’s hope.” Lin Yi said, “The ones who are depressed should be those who don’t have money.”

“Let’s go. No one can control birth, aging, illness, and death,” Liang Jinming said. “This day will come for us too.”

Ji Qingyan’s hand suddenly trembled, and Lin Yi glanced at her.

He understood the panic in her heart.

She could accept her elegant old age, but she could not accept her cold death.

Lin Yi wrapped his arm around Ji Qingyan’s waist, imperceptibly transmitting his strength to her.

As long as there was his company, she would never be alone.

After entering the inpatient department, the group took the elevator and prepared to go to the 18th floor.

However, after pressing the button for the 18th floor, there was no reaction.

“What’s going on?” Liang Jinming muttered.

“It can’t be broken, right?” Qin Han pressed a few more times and said.

“Try the other floors. Maybe there’s something wrong with the elevator,” Lin Yi said.

“The 17th floor works.”

“Then go up to the 17th floor. Walk up the remaining floor.”

Although they were all rich, they were not pretentious people. It was just one floor, so they would just walk up.

The elevator went up to the 17th floor. The group walked to the stairwell and was surprised to see that the door to the stairwell was locked.

“What’s going on? The elevator can’t go up, and the stairwell is locked. Is the 18th floor a forbidden area?”

He Yuanyuan shivered. “I read a horror novel before. It’s about this story. Every hospital on the 18th floor seems to be hiding an unknown secret.”

“Stop talking nonsense,” Lin Yi said, “Find someone to ask what happened.”

“What’s wrong with you guys? What are you doing there?” A middle-aged nurse asked.

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