I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Level Up

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First Elder Liu asked, “Sect Master, should we find that disciple and keep him by our side to take care of him?”

Xuan Guangzi stroked his beard and shook his head in deep thought before he continued, “No, don’t mobilize too many people. Tomorrow, send a trusted disciple to hide in the outer court and investigate who has a weak physique. That person is very likely that disciple.”

First Elder Liu immediately nodded and said, “Yes! I’ll give the instructions now!”

The four elders felt that what Xuan Guangzi said made sense.


When a high-grade Divine Body failed to awaken, the body would be very weak. There would be a serious illness accompanying it. They could only find out who was sick and check. That person was most likely the one they were looking for.

“Alright, let’s disperse. Let’s call it a night.”

Xuan Guangzi turned around, stroked his beard, and walked into the house.

“Yes! Sect Master, rest early. We’ll take our leave first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the four elders stretched out their legs and kicked, disappearing from the courtyard. Four afterimages spread out in all directions.

Leaving Xuan Guangzi alone, he slowly turned around and looked at the peak of the outer courtyard’s back mountain. He said indifferently, “Kid, not bad!”

[Ding! Level up failed. Body Tempering cannot surpass the level of the character. Please quickly level up!]

[Ding! The system suggests purchasing the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag. You can obtain five low-level Experience Pills to consume and level up. There is also a levelless weapon, allowing you to do whatever you want in the early stages. Remember, you can deal 999 damage with a single slash!]

When Gong Ziliang heard the pleasant female voice of the Legendary System in his mind again, he was reminded to charge more money.

Could it be that charging money could really make him stronger?

‘Everything depends on money!’

‘I spent three months working hard and continuously completing sect missions in exchange for a spirit stone.’

‘If I had spirit stones, I would have charged them long ago!’

When he thought of this, the more Gong Ziliang felt that this Legendary System was obviously that kind of game from his previous life.

However, when bound together with him, the skills became martial techniques, and the levels were equivalent to the realms…

However, speaking of which, when he raised Iron Bones to Level 5 just now, Gong Ziliang had experienced the pain in his bones five times. Each time, it was worse than the last.

But in the end, it brought about actual physical strengthening.

Now, he could completely feel that his body was very light and his fist was very strong. This feeling…

“This… this is! Sixth-stage Martial Body Realm!”

Gong Ziliang was shocked. He had been stuck at the bottleneck for two months. He did not expect that he would directly break through to the sixth-stage Martial Body Realm after strengthening the Iron Bones in his body to level five.

He glanced at his character experience. Level 6, 12%!

He had finally broken through. The Iron Bones had strengthened every bone in his body. Once he broke through the bottleneck, he directly advanced.

Since his cultivation level had advanced, it meant that he could increase his martial techniques and the Iron Bones in his body by one level.

Without any delay, Gong Ziliang immediately opened his skill column and raised the [Profound Heaven Sword Technique], [Dragon Roar Fist Technique], and [Body Protection Cultivation Technique] to Level 6. He spent a total of 300,000 copper coins.

Similarly, the Iron Bones in his body increased by another level after spending another 100,000 copper coins.

Balance: 100,000 Copper Coins, 1 Ingot.

“In an instant… I feel so poor again…”

Gong Ziliang paused for a moment. Although the copper coins were gone, he had already raised the Dragon Roar Fist Technique to Level 6. If a cultivator at the eighth-stage Martial Body Realm stood in front of him and suffered a Dragon Roar Fist from Gong Ziliang, even if he did not die, he would be badly injured!

“Is this what it means by fighting above my realm that I often see in novels? It’s indeed absurd… Eh? What are these?”

When Gong Ziliang lowered his head to look at his fist, he surprisingly discovered that his body was covered in layers of black unknown matter. The smell was extremely unpleasant, and his expression immediately became ugly.

This feeling was like staying in a pigsty’s feces pit. If an ordinary person smelled it, they would definitely faint on the spot.

However, Gong Ziliang quickly understood that these black substances should have been produced when he strengthened the body by upgrading his Iron Bones. It was meant to remove the negative substances and create a perfect body.

However, the most important thing now was to wash this dirty body clean. If this stench continued to spread, his life would end on the spot…

Gong Ziliang raised his head and looked around. He chose a waterfall near the peak of the back mountain, but it was a short distance from here.

Why did Gong Ziliang not return to the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect to bathe?

Of course, at this moment, his body was completely covered in black matter. If he returned with this black appearance and was seen by his fellow disciples, they would probably think that an external enemy had invaded…

Just as Gong Ziliang stood up and jumped onto the tree branch, he leaped a large distance one after another and quickly rushed to the peak.


Without removing his clothes, he jumped into the water and suddenly washed his body.

The black substance that covered his entire body was immediately washed away when it touched water. However, if one smelled carefully, they could still smell a stench.

Gong Ziliang raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky and sighed softly. “If only I had my cherry blossom shower gel. No matter how smelly it is, I will instantly be fragrant.”

[Ding! Daily gold farming activity will begin in a minute. Please be prepared!]

Gong Ziliang washed away the black matter on his body from the waterfall. As he walked ashore, the pleasant female voice of the Legendary System sounded in his mind.

“Gold farming?”

Gong Ziliang was stunned. He naturally knew what gold farming was.

It was nothing more than participating in an activity and entering a certain map to kill wild monsters like the designated boss. The items dropped could be exchanged for game currency.

It was just like the advertising slogan that celebrities often used: “This game is so exciting and fun. One slash is worth $999, and the equipment will be bought at a high price if you don’t want it. If you’re my brother, come and slash me…”

[Introduction to the daily gold farming activity: Starts at 20:00 every night. Duration: 30 minutes.]

[Player will enter the designated map. A total of 20 Gold Bosses will be spawned. Among them, four are real and sixteen are fake. If you kill a Gold Boss, it can drop a voucher. If you kill a real Gold Boss, it can drop a large number of vouchers.]

When he saw this introduction, Gong Ziliang was overjoyed on the spot. He, who had just climbed out of the river, almost fell back in.

As long as he killed the Gold Farming Bosses and obtained the vouchers, he could obtain the $3 Divine Paralysis Ring Gift Bag and the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag.

Not to mention anything else, Gong Ziliang had completely taken a fancy to the Divine Paralysis Ring and the First Purchase Levelless Red Weapon.

With these two things, killing those at a higher level was a trivial matter.

However, Gong Ziliang sat on the shore and thought: How should I go in to fight the boss?

Just as Gong Ziliang was deep in thought, the scene of the game appeared in front of him. Then, a white light flashed past.

When he came to his senses, he was in a small mountain village.

The village was simple and crude. The most valuable things in the village were the chickens and pigs not far away.

Chicken? Pig?


Gong Ziliang was shocked!

Good lord!

It turned out that anyone participating in the gold farming event would be sent into the game map. He initially thought that he would have to fight the Gold Farming Bosses in real time.

Gong Ziliang counted. There were ten Mutated Chicken Kings (Level 10), ten Mutated Pig Kings (Level 10).

According to the Legendary System, there were four real Gold Bosses, so there were two on each side.

Since killing them could drop the vouchers… Come on, my little babies!

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up slightly. He immediately ran towards the Mutated Pig King. His right hand formed a fist and he punched the Mutated Pig King’s butt!



Looking at the number that popped out of the Mutated Pig King’s body, Gong Ziliang realized that this was the damage caused by his punch.

However… wasn’t this 1 HP damage too ridiculous?

“I don’t believe this!”

Gong Ziliang hurriedly rolled up his sleeves and threw a Dragon Roar Fist Technique at the Mutated Pig King.

In the end…

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