I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Killing a Chicken! $5 Voucher!

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“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

“Is this Dragon Roar Fist Technique fake?”

Gong Ziliang was stunned. A Dragon Roar Fist Technique that he thought he could show off hit the Mutated Pig King, but it only dealt 2 damage?


Looking at the attributes of the Mutated Pig King, Gong Ziliang wanted to curse…

A Level 10 Mutated Pig King had 50,000 health points!

According to his Dragon Roar Fist Technique, he had only dealt 2 points of damage. How long would it take?

Another important thing was that the daily gold farming activity only lasted for half an hour. This was completely insufficient for Gong Ziliang to kill one.

This damned Mutated Pig King was really thick-skinned…

Originally, he had wanted to use this gold farming event to earn some vouchers. Even if he could not get the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag, just the $3 Divine Paralysis Ring Gift Bag would do.

However, he did not expect that it would be like this!

F*ck you!

With Gong Ziliang’s current realm, he could not take down the Mutated Pig King. Therefore, he could only shift his target to the Mutated Chicken King.

A Mutated Pig King had 50,000 health points, but what about a Mutated Chicken King?

Gong Ziliang did not stay any longer. He immediately went to the left side of the village and entered.

A Level 10 Mutated Chicken King had 10,000 health points.


Comparing the two, it was obvious which one he should go after.

“Dragon Roar Fist Technique!”


A golden dragon phantom struck the Mutated Chicken King with a muffled sound.


Gong Ziliang became speechless.


The Mutated Chicken King glanced at Gong Ziliang in disdain before turning around and leaving as if nothing had happened. It did not forget to peck at the rice on the ground.


It seemed that this gold farming activity was indeed something. Even the attributes of the Chicken King and Pig King were adjusted too abnormally.

Although they did not know how to attack Gong Ziliang, this abnormally high defense made him very annoyed.

But soon, Gong Ziliang regained his confidence.

This was because he had an idea.

The Dragon Roar Fist Technique dealt 4 damage to the Mutated Chicken King, and its total health was 10,000.

As long as Gong Ziliang could guarantee that he could execute three Dragon Roar Fist Techniques every 2 seconds, he would be able to kill a Mutated Chicken King in 30 minutes.

(Author: Every 2 seconds, three punches are thrown. The damage of one punch is 4, so one minute is 90 punches, which is 360 points of damage. Therefore, the damage of 30 minutes is 10,800 points.)

Therefore, he did exactly this. Gong Ziliang continuously attacked the disdainful Mutated Chicken King from before.



Gong Ziliang did not have to worry about insufficient spiritual qi in his body because of overusing the Dragon Roar Fist Technique.

Tonight, the Body Tempering Iron Bones had been strengthened to Level 6, and the spiritual qi in his body had long surpassed cultivators of the same level.

Similarly, the Level 6 Dragon Roar Fist Technique’s control over each punch was just right. It did not waste any spiritual qi.

As a matter of fact, according to Gong Ziliang’s plan, the high output of three punches in two seconds was really stable. In the last three minutes before the countdown ended, the last drop of health of the level 10 Mutated Chicken King was depleted.

[Ding! You have successfully killed the real Mutated Chicken King!]

Immediately, several golden lights exploded from the Mutated Chicken King’s body and scattered in all directions. It was as gorgeous as a shooting star that streaked across the night sky.

The next moment, golden pillars of light shot out from the falling items. They looked like pieces of paper.

Presumably, these were the vouchers mentioned by the Legendary System before the event began. There were about ten of them.

“I’m rich!”

Gong Ziliang hurriedly walked towards one of them. Immediately, every voucher that had fallen earlier automatically flew into his body.

“Damn! I can pick up loot automatically!”

Gong Ziliang cried out in surprise. This function was not bad. It saved him a lot of time.

The Mutated Chicken King that he had spent half an hour painstakingly killing was actually a real boss. It was said that killing a real gold farming boss would result in a large amount of gold coupons!

He did a rough count just now. There seemed to be ten. How much would that cost?

Could it be $1 per piece?

No way, no way.

Wouldn’t it be easy for him to purchase the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag and $3 Divine Paralysis Ring Gift Bag?

One word, awesome!

[Ding! The daily gold farming activity has ended. Come back tomorrow.]

With a notification from the system, a blinding light flashed past. The moment Gong Ziliang opened his eyes, he discovered that he had already returned to the waterfall at the peak of the outer courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect.

The water of the river flowed noisily. The night breeze blew past his face. Looking at the moon hanging in the night sky, Gong Ziliang paused for a moment. Half an hour had really passed.

This was not important. What was important was that Gong Ziliang immediately opened his bag to check the vouchers that had fallen from the real Mutated Chicken King. There were a total of 10.

[$0.50 Voucher: It can be used directly and will automatically be converted to 0.50 charge points. Charge points can be used to exchange for in-game ingots or also to purchase gift bags. The charge point consumed will also be counted towards your VIP Privilege experience.]

(1 Charge Point = 10 VIP EXP Points)

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.

The vouchers dropped by a Level 10 true Mutated Chicken King was worth $5. Gong Ziliang did not hesitate at all and immediately used all ten $0.50 vouchers in his bag to obtain 5 charge points.

He glanced at the gift bag.

He realized that he could only purchase the $1 Special Limited Time Gift Bag and the $3 Divine Paralysis Ring Gift Bag.

[Divine Paralysis Ring: There is a 2% chance of paralyzing the target for 2 seconds when attacking, preventing them from attacking or moving.]

As soon as he saw the attributes of this $3 Divine Paralysis Ring, Gong Ziliang almost wanted to buy it. However, in the blink of an eye, he saw the item in the most dazzling $6 First Purchase Gift Bag.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang could only endure it and decided to accumulate $6 first.



Could it be that levelless red weapon, profound-rank skill book, and low-level Experience Pills were not attractive?

He only needed to wait until tomorrow night to kill a Mutated Chicken King and obtain everything inside.

There was no hurry at all. He could wait for a day.

The most important thing now was to increase his level. He still had to accumulate more copper coins to prepare to increase his skill and Iron Bones level.

After all, only 100,000 copper coins was left.

As soon as he thought of saving copper coins, a place immediately appeared in Gong Ziliang’s mind.

That was the sect mission!

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