I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Going Down the Mountain! A Third-Grade Sect Mission

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Third-grade mission: Head to the White Cloud Kingdom’s Cloud Glow City and guard the Hua Clan’s escort agency to reach the Green Cloud City. Please head to the Hua Clan’s escort agency to inquire about the details.

Mission Reward: 500 sect contribution points.

Additional reward from the Hua Clan’s escort agency: 1 Million Copper Coins!

“1… 1 million copper coins!”


Seeing this, Gong Ziliang’s eyes widened. Didn’t he need copper coins the most now?

This was simply a free lunch.

Eh? No!

“Junior Sister Yingying, this third-grade mission is very easy to complete. The rewards are so rich, why doesn’t everyone accept this?”

That’s right, Gong Ziliang could not understand this. There was a trap!

First of all, 500 sect contribution points could be exchanged for five spirit stones directly. If Gong Ziliang had encountered such a mission previously, would he have had to wait so long to activate the Legendary System?

Could there be an unspeakable and dirty deal?


“I don’t know either. Perhaps everyone feels that it’s a little demeaning to be someone’s bodyguard, or they feel that being a bodyguard hasn’t improved much and won’t be of much help to their training. That’s my guess.”

Liu Yingying shook her head. She could not understand why either.

This batch of senior brothers and junior brothers were really not easy to manage. She could not understand them.

However, when she saw Gong Ziliang come here to accept the mission as usual, she dared to conclude that he would definitely accept this third-grade mission.

Even if it was Liu Yingying herself, if not for her high status and money, she would have accepted this mission.

“That’s it? That’s really strange. What’s wrong with being a bodyguard? As long as we can contribute to our Profound Heaven Sect, it’s our honor. While doing missions, we can look at the outside world and increase our knowledge and experience. Isn’t that nice?”


“Since none of them accepted this third-grade mission, let me endure this pressure alone.” Gong Ziliang said seriously and immediately accepted this third-grade mission.

“Alright! Registration completed. This third-grade mission is Senior Brother Ziliang’s. Please set off for Cloud Glow City now!”

Liu Yingying immediately got Gong Ziliang to sign his name on the bamboo slip.

As expected, Gong Ziliang would definitely accept it. Hehe~

“Alright, let’s go, Junior Sister Yingying. I’ll bring you something delicious when I return.”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand and turned around to leave the sect’s Mission Pavilion. He did not stay any longer and directly left the Profound Heaven Sect to descend the mountain and head to the White Cloud Kingdom’s Cloud Glow City.

White Cloud Kingdom, Cloud Glow City, in the meeting hall of the Hua Clan’s escort agency.

“Big Brother, the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect have already accepted the mission we entrusted them with.”

As soon as a man with short hair and black hair entered the office of the Hua Clan’s escort agency, he quickly walked into the meeting hall.

He was the second-in-charge of the Hua Clan’s escort agency. His name was Hua Li.

At this moment, the boss of the Hua Clan’s escort agency, Hua Sheng, was sitting on the main seat of the discussion hall and drinking the Phoenix Tea that he had just bought.

Hua Sheng took a small sip and spat out a small tea root. He asked, “Someone accepted it so quickly. How many people did the Profound Heaven Sect send out?”

Yesterday night, they had just entrusted the Profound Heaven Sect to issue this mission. It was not that their Hua Clan’s escort agency did not have experts guarding it, but the thing they were escorting today was very important!

Moreover, there was also news that the thieves from the Heavenly Path would rob them at the Fire Cat Mountain.

The Heavenly Path was not a single person, but a gang. It was said that it was formed by bandits. They committed crimes, burned, and pillaged everything. This was everyone’s impression of the Heavenly Path.

Today, the escort route of the Hua Clan’s escort agency had to pass through the Fire Cat Mountain. Hua Sheng felt that he had to be careful.

Therefore, he entrusted the Profound Heaven Sect closest to him overnight, hoping that some disciples of the sect would help protect them.

If the Heavenly Path gang saw that there were more people protecting them today and that they were from the medium-grade sect, the Profound Heaven Sect, they definitely would not dare to act rashly.

Once they injured the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect, the five old men of the Profound Heaven Sect would definitely not let the Heavenly Path off.

This was wonderful!

As soon as he heard his younger brother Hua Li say that the mission had been accepted, even though he looked extremely calm on the surface, he was extremely excited in his heart.

“Big Brother, I think… there’s only one person. It’s said that he’s at the sixth-stage Martial Body Realm.” Hua Li scratched his face awkwardly as he said.

“What? Alone?” Hua Sheng slapped the table in surprise and suddenly stood up. He said in shock, “He is only at the sixth-stage Martial Body Realm?”

Although he did not mind that the other party was only a sixth-stage Martial Body Realm disciple, Hua Sheng did not expect that only one person would come to this mission. This seemed to be different from the mission he had entrusted.

Hua Sheng hurriedly asked Hua Li, “Didn’t the letter I asked you to establish last night clearly say that we need ten disciples close to the Qi Refinement Realm? Now, he’s actually coming alone!”

“Brother, I remember very clearly. You didn’t say how many people we needed last night.” Hua Li said innocently.


“You really didn’t say…”

When he recalled it, Hua Sheng nodded slightly. He seemed to have let it slip. He had thought of it but had forgotten to say it.

He was really… careless!

Hua Sheng looked at the sky outside and said, “We’ll be leaving in four hours. It’ll definitely be too late to get more disciples to come over now. In this case, we’ll proceed according to the original plan and send ten more people from the surrounding guards to protect us. We’ll be fine after we pass the Fire Cat Mountain. As for the disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect who’s at the sixth-stage Martial Body Realm, he should be arriving soon.”

When he heard that it was the sixth-stage Martial Body Realm, Hua Sheng felt that this was quite good. Most of the brothers of their Hua Clan’s escort agency did not have a higher realm than this disciple.

There were only a few senior escorts whose cultivation levels were above the sixth-stage. Take his younger brother, Hua Li, for example. His cultivation level was only at the fifth-stage Martial Body Realm.

However, this was probably enough. Once they really encountered the thieves from the Heavenly Path, he could more or less help to kill a few more people.

“Understood! Big Brother, I’ll arrange it now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Hua Li and Hua Sheng looked at each other. The corners of their mouths curled up slightly, as if they were hiding daggers in their smiles.

Then, Hua Li cupped his fists and bade farewell to Hua Sheng before quickly leaving.

At this moment, an outsider arrived in Cloud Glow City.

“Oh! So this is Cloud Glow City. It looks quite prosperous.”

Gong Ziliang walked on the streets of Cloud Glow City and leisurely admired the things along the way.

Although he had been in this Martial Spirit Continent for five years and had taken on many sect missions, he had basically taken only first and second grade sect missions. He rarely left the mountain for missions. Similarly, this was the first time he had come to the Cloud Glow City.

On both sides of the streets of Cloud Glow City were tea shops, taverns, pawn shops, and workshops.

There were many small peddlers with large umbrellas. The street stretched to both sides of the street, and at the same time, there were also continuous pedestrians on the street: some carried poles to travel, some drove ox carts to deliver goods, some drove donkeys to pull trucks, and some stopped to admire the scenery of the river.

Gong Ziliang had only seen such a scene in history books and television dramas in the past, but now, being a ghost… Cough, he never imagined that he would be in this situation now and witness all of this with his own eyes, and he was extremely shocked in his heart.

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