I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Sign-In Unlocked, Voucher Obtained

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The next day, as soon as the morning sun rose, Gong Ziliang had already walked out of his residence in the outer courtyard. He had only one target this morning.

As usual, in the Profound Heaven Sect’s Mission Pavilion.

However, the moment he stepped out, the female voice of the Legendary System immediately sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Daily Sign-In Function has been unlocked!]


[Ding! Today is another happy day. Sign in now!]

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.

Originally, he was still thinking about why there was a Sign-In Function that he could not use. It turned out that it would not be unlocked until the next day.

This was truly an amazing design.

When the game screen appeared, Gong Ziliang surprisingly discovered that his level had changed after sleeping.

Gong Ziliang: Level 6, 15%

Copper Coins: 200,000

Ingots: 3

Last night, he was Level 6, 12% before sleeping, but now, he was Level 6, 15%!

After taking a closer look, he realized that this was really like the game where the character would automatically undergo AFK grinding and fight monsters.

In the center of the entire scene, there was a person who looked exactly like Gong Ziliang. He was wearing the outer sect disciple uniform of the Profound Heaven Sect and was holding a wooden sword as he killed the monsters.

Beside the character level, it wrote: 150 EXP per day, 100,000 Copper Coins per day, and 2 Ingots per day.

He looked at his copper coins and ingots.

Coupled with the remaining money from yesterday, there was a total of 200,000 copper coins and 3 ingots!

In that case, if he was not in a hurry to increase his cultivation realm, he could level up by idling around all day.

Damn, this was the umpteenth time he felt that White Fox’s system was awesome!

“Sign in!”

Gong Ziliang said as he walked up the mountain towards the Profound Heaven Sect’s Mission Pavilion.

He did not know what he could obtain by signing in, but it felt so good to get stuff for free!

[Ding! Signed in successfully. Reward: $0.5 Voucher!]


Gong Ziliang was stunned. He opened his bag in disbelief and took a look. It was really a $0.5 voucher that was emitting a dazzling light in his bag.

If he could obtain a voucher by signing it, coupled with the gold farming activity every night, wouldn’t he be earning money every day?

As long as he had money, he could buy those impressive gift bags. With the enhancement of the gift bags, would it be difficult for him to reach the Heaven Deity Realm in a single step?

Moreover, this was only the first day. Although he could not see what he could obtain in the next few days, as long as he signed every day, he would definitely obtain a higher amount of vouchers or other impressive items.

When he thought of this, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth unconsciously revealed a trace of saliva.

Without saying anything, he immediately used this $0.5 voucher.

He clicked on the Charge Function and checked. There were already 5.5 charge points. He was only 0.5 points away from getting the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag.


What he had to do now was to go to the sect’s Mission Pavilion to accept simple missions with high rewards.

For example, helping Widow Li at the foot of the mountain chop wood and boil water, helping to take care of the 18 to 23-year-old little sister, or pretending to be her boyfriend and doing anything she wanted…

Cough cough…

Of course, this was all Gong Ziliang’s wishful thinking. The dignified Profound Heaven Sect was a righteous sect, so how could they issue such weird missions?


In next to no time, Gong Ziliang had arrived at the sect’s Mission Pavilion.

When the little junior sister at the front desk saw Gong Ziliang, she revealed a silly and cute smile and greeted with a smile, “Senior Brother Ziliang, you’re late today.”

This was Liu Yingying, an inner sect disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect. Besides cultivating every day, she would come to the front desk of the sect’s Mission Pavilion to work part-time and be in charge of issuing missions. She was 1.6 meters tall, had a sweet voice that sounded like a proper loli. Her figure was also extremely good!

Her voice was sweet and her body was gentle…

Her background was also extremely incredible!

Cough cough!

“Morning, Junior Sister Yingying. I should be first today… Eh?”

Halfway through his sentence, Gong Ziliang was stunned. When he recovered from his shock, he directly pressed his hands on the cabinet at the front desk and asked in a daze, “Junior Sister Yingying, you… what did you say just now? I’m late today?”


Liu Yingying smiled at Gong Ziliang. Her charming eyes narrowed slightly. When she opened them, they were like the curved moon, bright and charming.

“No way, isn’t it only seven in the morning? It’s not late…”

Gong Ziliang did not understand why Liu Yingying said that. Could it be that the mission had been taken away?



It was so early and everyone was still sleeping. It was impossible for them to come to the sect’s Mission Pavilion to accept missions so early.

If there was, Gong Ziliang would drink coke while doing a handstand in a live-stream!

“I don’t know why either. Many senior brothers and junior brothers today don’t know why. Early in the morning, as soon as I opened the door, they had already lined up to receive the sect mission. Perhaps they all want to contribute to our Profound Heaven Sect.”

Liu Yingying raised her chin with her right hand. When she recalled the scene in the morning, she still felt that it was unbelievable.

She had never seen so many senior brothers and sisters come to take the sect mission early in the morning.

Usually, Gong Ziliang was the first. Everyone was cultivating, and only he was focused on contributing to the Profound Heaven Sect.

He was really a good disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect!

(Gong Ziliang’s internal thought: Bullsh*t, do you think I want to do this? If not for the sake of earning a spirit stone to see if I could activate the system, would I have bothered?)

“What? So abnormal?” Gong Ziliang said in shock.

This was really unbelievable. There were usually so many sect missions that he could choose freely. Today, he wanted to earn more copper coins to increase his cultivation level in the future so that he could strengthen his skills and Body Tempering.

However, everything was so sudden and abnormal.

Why were his senior brothers and sisters here so early to receive a mission?

It was really too strange!

Could it be that they had also obtained the Legendary System? They all needed copper coins to strengthen themselves?

What a joke!

Gong Ziliang dispelled this impossible guess. He raised his head to look at Liu Yingying’s clear eyes and asked, “Then, Junior Sister Yingying, do you still have a mission?”

“Yes, there’s only one third-grade mission left.”

Liu Yingying immediately took a bamboo slip and opened it in front of Gong Ziliang to show him the content of this third-grade mission.

“That’s great!”

Gong Ziliang immediately reignited his fighting spirit.

The sect mission pavilion issued a total of ten grades.

The first and second grades were basically dealing with some chores in the sect. The danger was almost zero.

Higher-grade missions were often life-threatening.

Third and fourth-grade could be said to be low-risk, and the income was stable. As long as one’s realm was high, it was basically not a problem to accept third and fourth-grade missions and wait for death.

It was nothing more than going down the mountain to help eliminate demons and ghosts. He could easily be a bodyguard.

Therefore, it was not too late.

Gong Ziliang could not help but smile. He picked up the bamboo slip and took a look.


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