I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Defeating Feng Deying

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After Chu Yunfan and Feng Deying arrived at the sparring zone, Feng Deying stepped forth and charged as soon as they got into their starting positions.

“Luring the Tiger!”

He was like a savage with both fists spread wide. His fists were like a ferocious tiger’s upper and lower jaw, charging at Chu Yunfan’s head and chest.

He was too fast. Many girls in the class even screamed. They could see that Feng Deying did not plan on holding back at all. The two punches were clearly at his Tier-9 level. If one was to get hit by those, the consequences would be terrible.

At that moment, Chu Yunfan lifted both his arms and blocked them right in front of his face.


Surprisingly, he had managed to defend himself from both of Feng Deying’s fists.

Chu Yunfan merely smiled slightly. “Class monitor, what’s the rush?!”


He was fearless when fighting the rather unfair battle. Indeed, he was quite excited.

“I can’t believe you can block my attack. You’ve recently improved, but you made a mistake by daring to show off before me!”

Feng Deying smirked and took another step forward. He was like a sharp arrow let loose, and he swung his fist like a spear. He understood the strategy of being swift, accurate, and ruthless.

“Feng Deying, you’re petty. I merely contradicted you this morning and you’re taking a shot at me. Didn’t you call yourself a genius?” Chu Yunfan roared, “You cultivated for so many months, but you’ve only reached the Competent Stage. How dare you say that you’re a genius? I think you’re just a good-for-nothing!”

As he spoke, Chu Yunfan charged with both fists well. It was also the Devilish Tiger Punch.

He was using the same technique as Feng Deying.




Both of them started an intense battle. Feng Deying’s attacks were cruel, quick, and precise. He was familiar with the essence of the Devilish Tiger Punch. Everyone knew that his family was wealthy, so this was nothing to him. It made perfect sense given that he had hired a private coach to teach him martial arts.

What astounded them was that Chu Yunfan was defending all of his attacks. He did not suffer from any disadvantage.

Moreover, he was very familiar with the use of the Devilish Tiger Punch. He was no weaker than Feng Deying. That was what shocked them most.

This was Chu Yunfan’s first time learning the Devilish Tiger Punch. He merely watched Qin Wu demonstrate it a few times before picking it up. Even if his memory and ability to comprehend were outstanding, he should have only been at the Elemental Stage.

The reason being, one could not just memorize martial skills. They would have to practice repeatedly to make it instinctive for their body so it would be smooth when they performed it.

Whatever the reason, Chu Yunfan was displaying exactly that.

In the beginning, he was clearly unfamiliar with it, and his body had yet to get used to using the Devilish Tiger Punch. However, his performance was quickly getting smoother and smoother, as if he had practiced for a few months.

Chu Yunfan and Feng Deying were moving increasingly faster, and the match was intensifying. Within a few short breaths, they had collided head-on many times.

Very soon, many could tell that Chu Yunfan was definitely taking shots at Feng Deying. No matter which technique Feng Deying used, Chu Yunfan would use the same technique on him. He attacked instead of defending and was pretty good at it, surprisingly.

They were both attacking quickly, accurately, and savagely. Whenever the pair of them paused, the crowd could clearly see that both of their arms were covered in bruises and had even started bleeding.

That was the risk of real combat. Even if it was not a battle of life and death, it was easy for one to be injured all over.

Neither of them had the upper hand!

“They’re so powerful!”

“Chu Yunfan is the crazy one. I can’t believe he’s on par with the class monitor!”

“I get it now. No wonder Mu Zhenfei lost. They’re on a completely different level!”

“I must be hallucinating. Chu Yunfan’s understanding of the Devilish Tiger Punch is on par with Feng Deying. Did he learn it before as well?”

“That’s impossible. His family is so poor. How could he afford to learn it?!”

At the side of the sparring zone, Mu Zhenfei was turning pale as he watched Chu Yunfan battle. Initially, he had refused to admit anything. He had thought Chu Yunfan defeated him by catching him off guard. However, he realized how mistaken he was when he saw Chu Yunfan fighting Feng Deying.

Indeed, there was a huge gap in their ability. Though they were both at Joint Popping, the disparity was there. There was nothing he could do to pretend otherwise.

Standing aside, Qin Wu’s eyes were beaming brighter and brighter as he watched the duo spar. He was not looking at Feng Deying but Chu Yunfan as he leaped continuously.

He did not expect to have such a genius among the students he taught.

Feng Deying had learned the Devilish Tiger Punch before, so it made sense that he had entered the Competent Stage. On the other hand, Chu Yunfan had just learned it.

His eyes were so sharp that he could tell that Chu Yunfan was unfamiliar with the Devilish Tiger Punch at first but was now able perform it at the Competent Stage. The time he needed to get used to it was incredibly short.

He had seen countless geniuses. There were many that could memorize a technique just by looking at it once, as well as those who had photographic memories. Nevertheless, memorizing a technique from a glance did not mean that one could perform it. That was not the idea.

As it was, Chu Yunfan had shattered the old idea.

That being said, he shook his head and thought to himself, ‘It’s a pity. No matter how fast he can learn a martial skill, Internal Energy is the root. Indeed, that he only reached Joint Popping at this age made him quite ordinary.

‘Maybe he can be specially trained in the future!’

In any case, he soon realized one thing. The entire time Chu Yunfan battled Feng Deying, he did not show any signs of fatigue at all.

In reality, If one was to perform the Devilish Tiger Punch seriously instead of just swinging one’s arms, it would exhaust one’s physical strength. Despite this, Chu Yunfan’s breathing had remained stable throughout the battle. Clearly, he still had the strength to go on fighting.

Ordinary martial artists who were at Tier-6 would have exhausted their physical strength after performing the Devilish Tiger Punch a few times. That was the disadvantage Gao Hongzhi had mentioned. Even if Feng Deying could suppress his power to Tier-6, his physical strength was several times more powerful than someone at Tier-6.

It was surprising that Chu Yunfan was not at a disadvantage in that aspect at all. That was what shocked Qin Wu the most.

‘This student is something else!’

It was his first time really observing this ordinary student that he usually would not notice at all.

The battle had set Chu Yunfan’s passion ablaze. A killer instinct filled his head as he threw one punch after another at Feng Deying. The knuckles on both his fists were bleeding, and blood dripped whenever he threw a punch.

Whatever else, he felt incredible, as if the blood in his body was boiling.

The more he fought, the clearer his head became. He had displayed the advantage of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method. True Energy was flowing endlessly in his body. He did not feel physically exhausted at all and yelled, “Hey, hey, hey. Let’s fight more, mighty class monitor. Is this all you’ve got?”

Meanwhile, Feng Deying, who was across from him, felt extremely irritated. This was wholly different from the scenario he had expected. He assumed he could completely overwhelm Chu Yunfan and did not expect that he would not have the upper hand. Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was getting more and more excited as they fought. He could not believe that Chu Yunfan was pressuring him and dared to challenge him over and over again.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he was. A flaw appeared out of nowhere. Actually, it was not considered a flaw, but to Chu Yunfan, it was an opening.

Almost immediately, Chu Yunfan, seemingly in a battle frenzy, seized the opportunity and threw out a punch.

“Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!”

The punch landed straight on Feng Deying’s chest. Subsequently, Feng Deying released a devastating scream and was sent flying.

It sounded as if it took a long time, but in reality, it happened in just a moment. The battle that seemed so intense that it would last until the next day had come to its conclusion in the blink of an eye.

It was faster than anyone had expected.

The victory was decided when they snapped back to their senses.

“T-This has got to be a joke. That’s not Mu Zhenfei but the class monitor!”

“I must be hallucinating!”

“This is impossible!”

At that moment, all of the students were stunned. They could not accept what had happened before them. Although all Chu Yunfan had done was overwhelm and defeat Feng Deying, it had completely turned the way they viewed him upside down.

It would have made sense if Gao Hongzhi or the vice-monitor, Tang Siyu, had defeated Feng Deying. Instead, it was Chu Yunfan, a student whose name they might not have even remembered before.

Chu Yunfan looked calm. He was not excited just because he had just defeated Feng Deying. The burning passion he felt earlier had passed. At the moment, he really felt the pain in his arms which were both wounded all over. Most of them were bruises, but some parts of his flesh had been torn open.

Although he was several times more powerful than anyone at the same stage, Feng Deying’s stage was far beyond his. Therefore, it was inevitable that he would be hurt.

It was the price to pay for these battles. It was also the reason why he tried his best to avoid being in a real battle before. As soon as he injured himself, he would need to pay a great price for treatment.

However, he could not hold back this time. Feng Deying had humiliated his parents, and he could never allow that.


Though he was lying on the ground after being defeated, Feng Deying suddenly roared and did a kip-up as Chu Yunfan was turning around. He stood straight and charged directly at Chu Yunfan’s back.




Feng Deying was more than twice as fast as he was before. His face was ferocious and his eyes were bloodshot. He was not suppressing his power at all. The only thing he wanted was revenge.


As Feng Deying was going to hit Chu Yunfan, a hand grabbed his fist. It was Qin Wu, countering at the critical moment.


Qin Wu threw Feng Deying forcefully, tossing him hard on the ground.

“Why are you being such a scumbag? Are you a sore loser?” Qin Wu asked with an icy expression. “Did I teach you guys martial arts or did I ask you to attack your classmates sneakily from behind?”

At that moment, Feng Deying finally came to his senses. He snapped out of his rage from earlier and got up to say, “I’m sorry, Coach. I made a mistake!”

He dared not argue with Qin Wu.. He merely stared fiercely at Chu Yunfan and walked aside to get treatment for his injury.

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