I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Popular Alchemist

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Chu Yunfan walked to the side as well. Gao Hongzhi brought the healing spray over immediately and sprayed it directly on his arms. The burning pain was immediately replaced with a cooling sensation and the wounds recovered at lightning speed.

“You’re really something. That was amazing. Hahaha! I’ve never seen him surrender like that before!” Gao Hongzhi said with a wink as he patted Chu Yunfan’s shoulder.

At that moment, the rest of their classmates seemed to have just snapped back to their senses. They appeared to be in a state of disbelief.

Even Vice-monitor Tang Siyu’s eyes widened as she looked at Chu Yunfan in surprise.

“Everyone, you guys have just seen a real battle. The Devilish Tiger Punch’s power is great, especially for all of you. So please be careful!” Qin Wu said. He did not have much of a reaction to the duo’s injuries. He was a retired soldier and had seen much worse, so he had long since been desensitized.

“You guys can ask me if you have any questions about cultivation. Now, I’ll explain the important points of cultivation!”

Qin Wu began explaining the common issues that came up when cultivating the Devilish Tiger Punch and the ways to solve them.

Those were the most precious experiences. If this happened in previous eras, it would have remained a secret, but in modern times, many people would make their knowledge public. Some martial arts cultivating information would be uploaded online, available to download for a fee. They could make money from that while also spreading martial arts knowledge.


It had only taken humans a few centuries to reach their current achievements after discovering the Ancient Zenith civilization. A new out-of-the-box perspective played an important role.

Chu Yunfan sat with his legs crossed while circulating his energy using the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method. While recalling his earlier battle, he gathered True Energy onto both arms to accelerate the healing process.

Although it was just a battle, it had been highly beneficial for him because Feng Deying’s understanding of the Devilish Tiger Punch was similar to his.

He could sense Feng Deying’s fierce eyes on him at the other side of the classroom. He was staring at him.

He knew he had offended Feng Deying this time, but he did not care about that. The battle had boosted his confidence significantly. What did it matter if he had offended the class genius? As long as he was given enough time, he could step on everyone beneath his feet.

The lesson passed by quickly. By the time the students were dismissed, the wounds on Chu Yunfan’s body were almost healed. The medical standards developed by modern technology were beyond imagination compared to the Common Era.

“Alright, that’s all for today’s lesson. Class dismissed! It will be a long holiday tomorrow and the day after. You guys can practice the Devilish Tiger Punch at home!” Qin Wu said, “Oh, yeah. Chu Yunfan, please come to my office!”

Chu Yunfan felt rather strange, as Qin Wu had never spoken to him alone before. He was just too ordinary back then, so Qin Wu had no interest in talking to him.

Chu Yunfan followed Qin Wu to his office.

“Sir, why did you ask me to come here?” Chu Yunfan asked in a straightforward manner.

Qin Wu glanced at Chu Yunfan and said, “Everyone, including myself, underestimated you before. I thought you had average abilities. However, though your talent does appear to be average, you learn martial skills very fast. I suppose this talent of yours wasn’t discovered as you had never come into contact with martial skills before!

“Everyone talks about talents. In reality, there are many types of talents. Martial Dao has many categories of natural gifts. Some are born with an amazing ability to comprehend. Some have a knack for inferring martial skill cultivation, while some have a magnificent physique. They’re born with immense strength, whereby they are more powerful than people who cultivate even when they don’t do so themselves. And you must have a talent for martial skill cultivation!”

Qin Wu went behind his desk and sat on his office chair as he continued, “Forget that you were average in the past. You shouldn’t bother since you have a talent for this. How did we humans flourish to the point that we even have immigrants occupying massive areas in the Kunlun Realm? It’s because we changed the narrow-minded method of recruiting talents in the past. We recruit every kind of talent now!”

Qin Wu looked at Chu Yunfan and asked, “You’re average when it comes to Internal Energy cultivation. Given that you were born an ordinary man and your family can’t provide you with sufficient cultivation resources, your talent might be wasted. Have you considered joining the military?”

“Joining the military?” Chu Yunfan was stunned for a moment. He had never expected Qin Wu to raise such a suggestion.

“That’s right. Although humans occupy a huge area in the Kunlun Realm, the truth is, we’re always at risk. Even on Earth, we are left with a few base cities, while the rest of the world has become the territory of the monsters. That’s not even counting the monsters in the Kunlun Realm which are even more fearsome than the ones on Earth. The military is the main line of defense for humanity. Naturally, the military must recruit the best of humankind from numerous fields!” Qin Wu said slowly, “Personally, I feel, with your family background, you definitely can’t be like Feng Deying and Gao Hongzhi. Your family can’t provide you with a large amount of resources, but the military can. As long as you’re talented, the military can provide you with whatever need. Your prospects would be no worse than the graduates from normal universities. In fact, they’d be even better. Moreover, you have a talent for martial skill cultivation. Genuine combat will only develop you even further. Where else but the battlefield can you get the taste of real combat again?

“Although I’ve retired, I still have some connections in the military. If you’re willing, even if you don’t get into the martial arts stream, I can recommend that they accept you! And if you perform exceptionally in the military, they might request a place for you at Federation University!”

Hearing that, Chu Yunfan fell silent. He knew Qin Wu had said all this out of kindness. In modern society, apart from the graduates of the top ten schools, the soldiers from the military were the most sought-after prospects.

On the other hand, the death rate was high too. Nevertheless, those that survived would stand out in society. If they managed to become a retired sergeant, they could be like Qin Wu and coach at a school. Although it was not considered exceptional, it was much better than office workers at regular companies.

Therefore, those who were unwilling to live a regular life were eager to get into the military. Nonetheless, not just anyone could enlist. Standards for recruitment were not as strict as those for the top ten schools, but they were still beyond the capabilities of ordinary human beings.

If this happened in the past, he would definitely have said yes to such an opportunity right away. He was ready to sacrifice himself, no matter how hard it was, just to stand out.

That being said, things were different now. He inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories and his abilities had been augmented. The geniuses could not compare to him now. He could fight for an even brighter future. Naturally, his desire to get into the military had dropped significantly.

Almost immediately, Chu Yunfan responded with determination, “Sir, I want to get into university!”

Looking at Chu Yunfan, Qin Wu could not help sighing as he said, “Sure, I won’t force you to do something you don’t want to. However, if you change your mind, you can always come to me. The military needs talent like you!”

“Thank you, sir!” Chu Yunfan thanked him sincerely. He could tell that Qin Wu was doing this for his own good.

“Why are you thanking me? I’m your teacher. It’s only natural that I want the best for you guys. You’re on Tier-6 Physical Stage now. Since you want to get into a university, I’m sure you’re not interested in studying liberal arts. You have less than a month, so you must seize whatever time you have left!” Qin Wu said, “I suppose you did not have the money to buy better supplements. From now on, if you want to break through, you can only depend on consuming Body Refining Pills. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Body Refining Pill!”

“I know it’s a medicinal pill that martial artists in the Ancient Zenith civilization used to refine their bodies!” Chu Yunfan nodded. He knew it very well because he had the Alchemy Emperor’s inherited memories in his head, and those memories had records of the Body Refining Pill.

It was one of the pills that the Alchemy Emperor learned to refine when he had just started working with medicinal pills.

The function of the Body Refining Pill, as the name suggested, was to refine and strengthen one’s body while improving one’s physical qualities.

Although it was not a high-grade medicinal pill, one was required to eat it in large quantities. In modern times, one such pill cost more than 100,000 coins, which was equivalent to Chu Yunfan’s parents’ annual salary including their extra income.

His family could not afford to spend money on this, so he had only heard of it but had never seen it.

During the Alchemy Emperor’s time, the Body Refining Pill was expensive, but it was not as costly as it had become. It was equivalent to about 10,000 coins in the current currency.

In modern times, apart from the materials that had to be transported all the way from the Kunlun Realm, one of the major reasons for this was the small number of alchemists that could manufacture the Body Refinement Pill.

In the Alchemy Emperor’s days, there were already very few alchemists. Not everyone had the talent for alchemy, but at least they had the entire inherited wisdom of their alchemists. However, the alchemists’ knowledge that had been excavated was incomplete. Some of the common medicinal formulas from back then had been lost.

Certain divine pills become legendary. Without the complete knowledge, the number of alchemists in modern times was less than one-tenth what it had been in the Alchemy Emperor’s memory.

This had caused a further surge in the price of these pills. Although the Federation government had been trying their best to mass-produce such basic medicinal pills, they still could not do it at the moment.

“I know that your family won’t be able to afford the expenses of cultivation. You’ve rapidly cultivated the Devilish Tiger Punch, so I’d like to recommend you for a job. I think it’s highly suitable for you. Are you interested?” Qin Wu asked.

“What job do you mean, sir?”?Chu Yunfan asked.

“Well, it’s my comrade. He has a daughter who is also in Year 3 now. She’s currently practicing the Devilish Tiger Punch. She needs a sparring partner. You’ll be paid by the hour, 500 coins per hour. How is that? Are you interested?” Qin Wu said with a smile.

Chu Yunfan was over the moon. A job that paid 500 coins per hour was higher than his parents’ salary. He immediately replied, “Of course I’m interested. Thank you, sir! May I know when I can start working?!”

“Hahaha, look at you, so eager. I’ll give my comrade a call now. You can start right away if everything goes well!”

Saying this, Qin Wu immediately picked up his phone and made a call. Soon, a man was projected before him. The man had a burly body and looked like he was middle-aged. He wore a suit, but even through the projection, he radiated the aura of a formidable soldier.

“Old Qin?” The middle-aged man smiled slightly. “You usually never reach out except to ask for a favor. What is it?”

“Hey, Old Liu, didn’t you tell me that your precious daughter, Yushu, is lacking a sparring partner with whom to practice the Devilish Tiger Punch? I happen to have a student who is rather talented in martial skill cultivation. He can be Yushu’s sparring partner. What do you think?” Qin Wu said with a smirk.

“I’m okay with that. Bring him here, but whether he’s hired or not depends on Yushu. Anyway, I’m confident in whoever you recommend!” the middle-aged man replied.

“Sure, I’m hanging up. Go ahead with your day!”

Qin Wu hung up and turned to Chu Yunfan, saying, “You can go to his place after class today. I’ll send you his address!”

“Thank you, sir!” Chu Yunfan said in all sincerity.

“Don’t worry about it. Do your best and you’ll be alright!”

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