I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1650 - 1650 Break Through to the Abstract Stage!

Chapter 1650 - 1650 Break Through to the Abstract Stage!

1650 Break Through to the Abstract Stage!

Chu Yunfan put on the Flying Celestial Robe and immediately felt the divine power in his body circulating much more smoothly. Just this function alone made the robe very impressive.

If it were in the Violet Thunder Prefecture, this Flying Celestial Robe would cause countless people to kill each other, especially the Cores. At their level of cultivation, their progress could be said to be slow. For these treasures that could increase the speed of cultivation, they would go crazy fighting for them.

From this, it could be seen that the Flying Celestials’s foundation was indeed powerful.

Chu Yunfan flipped through the books. He merely glanced at the secret manuals and was not interested in learning them. Although these cultivation methods were rare in the eyes of the outside world, compared to Chu Yunfan’s methods, it was like heaven and earth.

Fortunately, the higher-ups of the Flying Celestials had already considered that many of the Flying Celestial disciples were bringing skills from their masters, especially the geniuses. Each of them had their own fortuitous encounters and were not simple. Forcing them to cultivate these crude cultivation techniques of the Flying Celestials was not worth it. Therefore, they did not enforce it.

Chu Yunfan casually flipped through the books. In these books, there were little people sitting cross-legged or standing up while practicing martial arts. Although there were no written records, a large amount of information surged into his mind with just a glance. These secret manuals were all magic treasures and were extraordinary.

There was no need to record anything in words. It was directly transmitted to the person’s brain through the mind. Even Chu Yunfan could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

These martial arts were too easy for Chu Yunfan. He only glanced at them and everything entered his mind. In minutes, he had already learned them all. The godhead inside him was constantly emitting light. In an instant, he had already learned all these martial arts. As long as he was willing, he could cultivate them to the realm of perfection anytime and anywhere.

Soon, Chu Yunfan put down these secret manuals and flipped through the book that recorded astronomy, geography, human feelings, legends, myths, and other things pertaining to Grand Xia. The title of the book, which only had two words, was “The World.”

Although Chu Yunfan had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, the memories were from a very, very long time ago. Chu Yunfan thus didn’t know much about the current situation. This book solved his pressing problem.

The Flying Celestials’ heritage was reflected in all aspects, especially in this book. This book was as thick as an ordinary book, but the contents recorded were as vast as the stars. They were sealed within with a special technique. Even with Chu Yunfan’s photographic memory and his ability to understand everything he saw, it took him a full day and night to finish reading the entire book, gaining a general understanding of the situation in Grand Xia.

After putting down the book, Chu Yunfan immediately decided to go into seclusion. He had a Flying Celestial Pill with him, which was enough for him to enter the Abstract Stage. Though he had set up a formation for cultivation, he still entered the Mountain and River Diagram. Only here did he feel truly safe.

Sitting cross-legged in the air, Chu Yunfan swallowed the Flying Celestial Pill. He felt a powerful force rushing out, constantly washing his limbs and bones. An even stronger force rushed directly into his brain. This was the biggest difference between the Abstract Stage and the Golden Core Stage.

Cores cultivated golden cores while Abstract cultivated natural laws. Cultivators below the Abstract Stage tempered their bodies to accommodate more mana. It was different when one reached the Abstract Stage. One had already faintly touched upon the comprehension of the natural laws. In this process, one’s brain was constantly developed, producing incredible abilities. Only then could one perceive these laws that were originally impossible for humans to perceive.

There was a hidden latch within the brain, the aperture opening. This was the last key that held the door to the natural laws for humans. Therefore, people would often call flipping this latch “enlightenment.”

In Chu Yunfan’s body, the aperture opening was much stronger than in ordinary people. The stronger the person, the more difficult it was to break through. He could easily defeat a Peak Abstract while in the Golden Core Stage. How could he be ordinary?

He was walking on a path that no one had ever walked before.

Chu Yunfan’s divine power was breaking through the aperture opening layer by layer. However, he was extremely careful. He was many times more careful than when he broke through to the Golden Core Stage. This was because most of his Golden Core Stage was cultivating his limbs and bones. Even if he was crippled, he could recover with time.

However, the brain was different. Even at Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level, this was still a forbidden world. He had never cultivated the brain before. Whether it was Grand Xia, which had an incomparably strong cultivation path, or the Federation, which had advanced technology, their research in the field of the brain was very shallow.

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan didn’t need to fumble around on his own. He could rely on the experience of his predecessors to cultivate. There were records within the Emperor Method. As his cultivation continued to increase, the memories kept coming out for him to use. He only needed to cultivate step by step.

During this process, Chu Yunfan was covered in sweat. The intense pain made his entire body twitch. For ordinary Golden Cores, this round was simply a narrow escape. This was why the Flying Celestials differentiated its inner and fringe disciples by the Abstract Stage. It was because the Golden Core Stages who showed great talent might never reach the Abstract Stage.

This was an extremely tragic ratio.

Fortunately, at this moment, the godhead in Chu Yunfan’s mind continuously emitted waves of light, which suppressed Chu Yunfan’s entire body. Waves of cool air flowed through his entire body. It suppressed Chu Yunfan’s trembling body. If he moved, all his efforts would go to waste. When the terrifying energy was released, Chu Yunfan’s brain might explode. Then he would be dead.

After an unknown period of time, Chu Yunfan’s entire body seemed to have been soaked in cold water. Sweat kept dripping down like rain. However, his expression did not change.

This state was very strange. His body was clearly in unbearable pain, but his expression was as if he was not suffering at all. It was as if he was in a split state.

This was a very strange state.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan opened his eyes. Two golden lights shot out from his eyes and rushed into the sky. After suppressing his aura for a long time, it suddenly exploded.

Chu Yunfan had finally stepped into the Abstract Stage!

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