I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1651 - 1651 When a Conflict Begins, They Killed as They Pleased!

Chapter 1651 - 1651 When a Conflict Begins, They Killed as They Pleased!

1651 When a Conflict Begins, They Killed as They Pleased!

The moment he entered the fledgling Abstract Stage, Chu Yunfan’s entire person was completely different. He could feel that the surrounding environment had undergone earth-shattering changes.

At this moment, he truly understood a principle. What did it mean to look at a mountain that was not a mountain, and look at water that was not water!

And he was currently at such a level.

Chu Yunfan could feel how wonderful the world had become. It was as if he had changed his outlook on the world. He could see things that he couldn’t see or sense before. It was all mysterious beyond words and wonderful beyond words. From seeing the surface of things to seeing the essence.

He could feel that his strength had undergone an earth-shattering change. The power he could control was even stronger, and his strength had increased several times from his original foundation, and his battle prowess charged into the Abstract Observance Stage.

Chu Yunfan finally came out of seclusion. He realized it had taken him more than half a month to complete the breakthrough. Of course, to be able to achieve such an effect in only half a month was shocking. The Flying Celestial Pill was indeed amazing. Unfortunately, with his current status, he could only get one.

After the breakthrough, Chu Yunfan immediately came out of seclusion and checked that the arrays he had set up for security around the courtyard had not been broken. Only then did he feel relieved.

Dressed in a moon-white robe, Chu Yunfan headed out. He wanted to visit Yi Yunyao. He was able to enter the Flying Celestials because of her recommendation, after all. Otherwise, a person with an unknown background like him would not be able to become a seed disciple. He would definitely be excluded from the selection. That was why Chu Yunfan wanted to personally thank her.

Chu Yunfan quickly passed through the West District and arrived at the East District. Different from the houses in the West District, there were mountain peaks in the East District. The base of these mountains was wrapped in endless spirit energy. It looked like an immortal fog was lingering around them as if they were the living quarters of gods.

Compared to the spirit-gathering formation in Chu Yunfan’s courtyard, these mountains used the entire mountain peak as an array to gather spirit energy. The effect was at least a dozen times better. It was not on the same level at all.

Suddenly, a shout came from afar. In the distance, a group of people sitting atop of warhorses flew over. Each of these horses they rode was extraordinary. They were more than three meters tall and looked like dragons and tigers. They were extraordinary, like dragon horses.

The horse’s four hooves rose into the air and stepped on air as if they were stepping on solid ground. Their speed was extremely fast, as fast as lightning.

If it was before this, Chu Yunfan might not have known, but after reading The World book, he knew about these horses. These horses were called drakehorses. It was said that it was the offspring of a flood dragon and a horse. After countless years of domestication, these drakehorses now littered in the thousands. Even the standard warhorses in the Grand Xia Army were these drakehorses.

On top of this group of drakehorses was a group of youths. They were also dressed in moon-white robes and were Flying Celestial disciples.

“Move aside!”

These people charged forward without slowing down as if they wanted to kill Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan immediately flashed past them, his figure not the slightest bit flustered. However, after these knights passed by, they turned around.

“Where did you come from? How dare you charge around in the East District. Do you want to die?” the leader of the group said arrogantly.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. These people were lawless. They were clearly the ones who were charging around, but now they were blaming Chu Yunfan.

“I’m Chu Yunfan. I just joined the Flying Celestials a few days ago. I’m here today to pay a visit to Senior Sister Yi Yunyao,” Chu Yunfan said patiently.

“Yi Yunyao?”

Hearing this name, these people did not have the intention of letting this matter go. On the contrary, a hint of sternness flashed across their faces.

“So you’re Senior Yi’s man. No wonder you don’t know the rules. Since she didn’t teach you the rules of the sect, let us teach you!” the leader said as he sneered.

“Teach me the rules? Trash like you?”

How could Chu Yunfan not understand that these people did not have good intentions? They probably had a grudge against Yi Yunyao. He scoffed at them.

Hearing Chu Yunfan’s words, anger flashed across their faces. The leader shouted, “Kill him. If anything happens, Senior Wang will take care of it.”

These people immediately shouted and charged their horses toward Chu Yunfan.

As they charged, the drakehorses under their command took on the illusion of flood dragons. With more than ten people charging, they carried the terrifying aura of an army.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes flashed sharply. These people were more domineering than the last. They were used to treating human lives like grass. They killed people without hesitation. Although he himself was decisive and merciless, he had never looked down on human lives like this.

“You’re courting death!”

Although Chu Yunfan didn’t want to be too high-profile for the time being, he wasn’t going to swallow his anger and back down.

Behind him, a streak of sword light flew out. The sword was wrapped in violet lightning and instantly shot out.




The sword light swept through the sky. In an instant, these people screamed in pain. Their bodies and horses were pierced by Chu Yunfan’s sword light and fell from the sky. Their eyes were wide open. They couldn’t believe that Chu Yunfan, this new disciple, was so unyielding.

Just as Chu Yunfan was about to kill these people, an angry voice suddenly sounded.

“How dare you!”

It was an incomparably loud roar. An overwhelming might swept over. This terrifying power was like a storm, making Chu Yunfan feel as if the world was rejecting him from all directions. He was about to be crushed by this terrifying power.

Then, a figure landed before Chu Yunfan. It was a man in a moon-white robe. However, the edges of his robe were painted with golden edges. It looked extremely ancient and mysterious.

The man was in his thirties. His face was cold, and his thin lips and sharp eyes looked extremely terrifying.

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