I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1654 - 1654 Lone Star

Chapter 1654 - 1654 Lone Star

1654 Lone Star

“Hey, Brother Huang.”

Chu Yunfan glanced at Huang Feng and found that his cultivation had improved again. Huang Feng had reached the late Abstract Stage. He had probably just finished digesting the benefits offered by the Flying Celestials after entering the sect.

Dressed in a moon-white robe, Huang Feng looked elegant and graceful. He sized up Chu Yunfan and felt that Chu Yunfan was completely unfathomable. Chu Yunfan felt like an endless sea.

“Brother Chu, your cultivation has become stronger. Congratulations,” Huang Feng said.

“You’re too polite, Brother Huang.” Chu Yunfan waved at him.

“Brother Chu, are you also here to take on a mission?” Huang Feng asked.

“That’s right. I’m here to see if there’s a suitable mission for me,” Chu Yunfan said.

“What a coincidence. Some of us are about to take on a mission. Would you like to join with us?” Huang Feng said.

“Oh? What kind of mission it is?” Chu Yunfan asked as his eyebrows went up.

“It’s a mission issued by the Imperial Court. A true disciple of the Astral Demonites, Lone Star, is being very bold. To cultivate his demonic arts, he sneaked into Grand Xia and started a massacre, killing and injuring thousands of citizens. The infuriated Imperial Court issued this mission,” Huang Feng explained.

“And it’s not just to the Flying Celestials. The other sects and aristocratic families have also received this mission. I reckon a large number of experts are currently on their way to hunt the Lone Star down.

“The Imperial Court is offering a reward of an Evolution Pill. Whoever can capture him or kill him will be able to obtain this pill!”

Chu Yunfan frowned. Of course, he knew about the Astral Demonites. The Flying Celestials had written about this sect in the “The World.” In truth, the world was far from just Grand Xia, which was the Central Plains. Beyond the Central Plains, there was a vast territory. There were countless berserkers, sea tribes, demons, and other foreign races living out there. They were eyeing the Central Plains like tigers eyeing their prey and were Grand Xia’s greatest enemies. Among them, there were countless sects that were denounced by Grand Xia as evil, demonic, and heretical sects.

The Astral Demonites was known as the leader of the five great demonic sects. Its strength was stronger than the Flying Celestials, and the status of its true disciples was comparable to the Flying Celestials’ true disciples, experts above the Abstract Stage. Just Wang Yifan alone was enough to force Chu Yunfan to use all his trump cards. This Lone Star was probably even more difficult to deal with.

Chu Yunfan was not planning on taking on too much risk. Being brave didn’t mean that he was brainless. But when he heard about the Evolution Pill, he couldn’t remain calm.

With the memory of the Alchemy Emperor, how could he not know about the Evolution Pill? This was an extremely precious pill. Its greatest effect was to help a person undergo a complete transformation and greatly increase their strength. If a peak Interpreter consumed it, it would increase the chances of them successfully breaking through by at least 50%.

Even for existences above the Abstract Stage, the Evolution Pill could help them break through. It was an extremely precious material. Chu Yunfan knew the recipe, but it would take forever to collect all the herbs.

Chu Yunfan’s biggest shortcoming was his lack of foundation. Ordinary accumulation methods were not suitable for him. Only by making a fortune overnight could he make up for his lack of foundation to the greatest extent.

His cultivation was too strong, so it was more difficult for him to transcendent the Abstract Stage than ordinary people. Even he was not completely confident he could do it, but if he had the help of the Evolution Pill, everything would be different.

“If he’s a true disciple of the Astral Demonites, wouldn’t we be courting death?” Chu Yunfan questioned.

With the help of the Sword Light Talisman, the Mountain River Cauldron, and the hou transformation, Chu Yunfan could protect himself. But if Huang Feng went, he would surely die.

“Lone Star was met with misfortune. He crossed paths with Meng Tianren of the Virtuous Academy. It’s really unlucky. Virtuous Academy is the nemesis of these devils and heretics. Moreover, Meng Tianren is known as the strongest true disciple of Virtuous Academy. It’s said that Lone Star was severely injured by Meng Tianren and that his cultivation broke. It’s because of this that we have the chance to attack. Otherwise, how could we beat Lone Star?” Huang Feng said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Are you interested, Brother Chu?”

Chu Yunfan was stunned. He didn’t expect someone else to make the first move. It was an expert from Virtuous Academy. There were records of Virtuous Academy in “The World.” It was a powerful sect ranked second among the ten great sects of Grand Xia. Its strength was much stronger than the Flying Celestials.

Due to their close relationship with Grand Xia’s Imperial Court, Virtuous Academy’s disciples monopolized the vast majority of the civil servants in the empire. As a result, this sect’s network throughout the empire was vast. Even the dukes and ministers of Grand Xia, as well as the majority of the local officials, came from the Virtuous Academy. One could imagine how terrifying this sect was.

The local officials of Grand Xia were not completely powerless. They were all top-notch martial arts experts. The stronger Grand Xia was, the more effective their cultivation would be. And the virtues they cultivated were the nemesis of evil.

Chu Yunfan wouldn’t be confident if he had to face Lone Star head-on, but if it was a Lone Star whose cultivation had been broken, that would be easy.

“Who else is on your team, Brother Huang?” Chu Yunfan was considering whether he should go with Huang Feng.

“I won’t be the one heading this mission. We’ll be going with my cousin, Huang Ling’er, and a few other seniors. If you’re interested, we can go together,” Huang Feng said.

“All right, I’ll have to trouble you to introduce me then,” Chu Yunfan said.

He didn’t know much about Grand Xia. If he didn’t have a familiar person to lead him, it would be too late by the time he arrived. Right now, there were probably people all over the world who wanted to kill Lone Star. Who knew how many people would rush over? Once they were done, there would be nothing left.

“That’s great. With you joining us, we’ll be like a tiger with wings. Follow me, Brother Chu,” Huang Feng said.

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